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Brain Washing Program

  • TheLordOfChaos201


    Jul 2, 2011
    This is a neat little brainwashing program for a little self help, if you are feeling low and depressed then play this game for a few hours and find your happiness :D

    The objective of this game is to find the one happy picture in all the sadness, this trains your mind to spot out the good in everything ;)
    As you play the game a few brain washing phrases will be said and I suggest as you learn them that you say them out loud with your computer to enhance their effect:p
    Currently it has no background music, so I suggest you listen to some sweet jams while getting your therapy :)
    A program similar to this was created in a University by students, to test the power of mind over matter. They discovered that it did in fact increase optimistic thinking by 20% though they used real photos of people's faces rather than animated. Still I hope that the results are the same if not better and most of all


    This program needs java to run, if you don't have java install it can try again :D

    *Please check this file for malware personally before banning me for any false positives

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