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Chaos Arena 1.1b current bug fixed/

  • sonofjay


    Oct 28, 2011


    • 11/16/12
    • Updated the What was done with one new bug fix.
    • Removed Necromage and replaced it with Ice Sage with full coded spells.

    Chaos Arena 1.1b Current Bug Fix/Changelog

    Date of Release: I hate deadlines so don't ask.

    What was done?
    • {Major} Fixed Step Through bug that removes invisible platforms making units fall below the terrain.
    • {Major} Changed Living Statue's Shock Explosion with a new spell "Fiery Rock".

      Fiery Rock:

      Summons a fiery rock that deals fire damage to enemy unit close to it.
      Damage: 20/40/60/80
      Last: 3/6/9/12
      Cast Range: 100/200/300/400
      AoE: 150/300/450/600

    • {Major} Changed Flaming Arrow's special effect that causes dramatic lag.
    • {Minor} Adjusted Rock Slide's rock falling to remove heavy lag.
    • {Minor} Adjusted Hotkey and icon placement on Twin Brother's spells.
    • {Minor} Adjusted icon placement on The Unforgiving's spell.
    • {Major} Another bug that destroys IF, this time on Living Statue's RockSlide spell but its fix now.
    • {Major} Removed Necromage and replaced it with Ice Mage with full coded spells.

    Things to be done.
    • {Major} Fix crash upon death. This is rare but i'm putting this on the top list.
    • {Major} Change all of default blizzard spells of Necro Sage.
    • {Minor} Fix the special events.
    • {Minor} Find more minor bugs fix tooltips error(if there is some..
    • {Minor} Adjust item price.

    If things goes as I plan then we can proceed to version 1.2 with new contents without releasing version 1.1c etc.

    Chaos Arena 1.2 Plan

    • (FINALLY!) Finish the 3 new heroes.
      - the Shoveler (Actually this one is almost done) - Team 1 Hero
      - the Blind - Team 1 Hero
      - the Dark Lancer - Team 2 Hero
    • 12 new items
      - 4 new weapons
      - 3 new support weapons
      - 5 new advance items(advance weapons are items that needed recipes can also be upgraded.)
    • A shop to fix the AI system.
    • Bug fixing if there are some.