Starshaped's Balance Patch ideas from 2022-06

Level 10
May 31, 2019
A map implementing Starshaped's recent balance ideas.

Some caveats:
1. Acolytes will get the 'harvesting' buff even if they are not harvesting from a gold mine, as long as they are 'close enough' to the gold mine to harvest if they wanted to. In typical gameplay this is unlikely to be noticeable. War3 is very hard-coded in this respect, but someone with better Lua knowledge could probably improve upon it.
2. Could not fix any of the AI/Creep bugs you mentioned, again due to hard-coded war3 issues.

These changes can be ported to other maps, with these steps:
1. Export this map's object and trigger data.
2. Make sure the new map is using the "Melee (Latest Patch)" Game Data set and the "Lua" Script Language.
3. Import the previously exported object & trigger data.


2022-06-23 - v0.1
  • Integrated W3Champions script.


  • w3c_ConcealedHill_Starshaped_2022-06 - v0.1.w3x
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  • war3map.lua
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