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Lady Liadrin 2

This model is based on: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/anduin-lothar.286783/

Lady Liadrin 2
Jaykan, Sep 28, 2016
    • Kyrbi0
      That's pretty. Cool.
    • Jaykan
      @Kyrbi0 Ty. ;) But as I said the main model is Tauer's "Anduin Lothar" model. I did just some simple edits and changed the textures. ^^ Anyway i'm still not satisfied with it yet so that i still have some things to do/repair.
    • sluk
      nice model
    • Stefan.K
      Simple changes that make the model different than the one you bassed it on. Face looks unique, but I'd suggest you modify boots a little, changing texture will do.
    • Jaykan
      @Stefan.K Yeah, maybe i will Change the textures of the boots or i add some additional geosets. But the main Problem at the Moment is that some animations don't look very well. Since i used Tauer's Model the animations are still the same - but while fighting the whole upper Body is way to far ahead of the legs and the whole back is really curved. Also the Portrait animations aren't perfect yet. But since i don't have any animating skills i can't repair that myself...
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