Grenadier Wip
@Oliver hmm...
@deepstrasz he seems like a really interesting dude Bud Spencer - Wikipedia, that is kinda what I was going for, big strong, healthy bearded guy. In my minds eye I imagined this grenadier guy living in a rural village, being naturally strong without weight training, eating a shit ton of meat, chopping wood, hunting game, drinking heavily but being able to handle it.
@deepstrasz It's funny actually since I've changed the skin tone from the English rifleman skin I based it off (and also used on the French line infantry), just changed the hair to be black and added a beard. Maybe I've changed his actual facial shape in someway?

I'm gonna keep the skin colour as it is (lets just say he's got a tan for all that wood cutting and hunting) but make his nose redder . The turkish/arabic skin I'm working on is more obviously darker than this so hopefully once they're viewed along side it might be more obvious?

Dya think I should change his eye colour?
@Oliver you could change the eye colour but it won't change the general idea.
Maybe look at some more French type mustache images.
@deepstrasz Oof so I looked it up and apparently only the Sappers had beards. Thats a bit of a blow. I'm gonna keep this guy around but I'll play around with some big moustache man as a possible replacement

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1870s french grenadier

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