1. MSTVD

    [Solved] golden Human rifleman

    Hi, Hive! I have a request for a human rifleman similar to this one by Kitabatake with a footman body and bandit head but with the captain's golden armor and a "goldified" bandit head similar to Ujimasa's stormwind bandit look. I am asking because Legends of Arkain's Golden Guard feels very...
  2. Bangsgaard

    [HD/Modeling] Paladin rifleman hybrid model

    Hey all I am working on a custom tech-tree race for reforged, which is themed around Uther. I want his gameplay to be highly inspiried by the classic paladin rifleman composition from melee play, and i figured that Uther would need his own custom rifleman with paladin-like traits. The unit is...
  3. American Infantry

    American Infantry

    Coat/uniform is team coloured. Light blue for Union etc Could also pass for french national guard or a bulgarian/romanian circa 1877. Based off of herr daves models. If I get round to remapping and releasing these I want to make a gattling gun to go with them.
  4. Fez Infantry

    Fez Infantry

    An riflemen in a fez and curly shoes. Texture choices aren't great but I'm trying to keep it on the same texture sheet as the other infantry I'm working on. Might try and add some tassels or a dagger or something.
  5. Grenadier Wip

    Grenadier Wip

    1870s French Grenadier
  6. 1870s French Infantry

    1870s French Infantry

    Infantry for use in imperial risk type games, Crimean war stuff, Franco Prussian war stuff, ww1 stuff, Paris Commune stuff etc Based off of Herr Dave's Russian infantry models