Construction Boat

Construction Boat

beautiful work, from a distance you'd never notice the wrap issues, if you wanted, you could fix them by putting big 4 or 8 pointed wood rectangles overtop the wrap issues, hide them with ''support'' timber.

You could also pull out one of my old tricks I used on my structures and re use the same wrap over and over, folding the uv wrap over its self, the center of the windows would be where the ''folds'' would be, where the lines would be welded and you'd see no UV wrap lines at all.

I think the metals a bit bland, mix it up by throwing in some metal from the orc car, or the orc demolisher.

another good metal texture a lot of people like but over use is the tinker tank texture, but I think a better fit here would be the Gyrocopter metal textures, or the (non tank) goblin hero tinker, for some areas any way. an example being the tinkers silver wrench.

Overall has an HD feel to it and low poly feel to it as well, a rare combination. I like it.

The Emitters you give it will be interesting to see, water rings are a must of course, id say 7 or more emitters should cover it, you can check out my and minimage's shark models for references to doing complicated water rings on longer oblong shapes. one tip on water rings, put the emitters for walk ahead of it a bit so the rings appear properly in time, and are off during stand, the effect is very neat.
Thanks you for your help. As you seen, I had issues the wood textures and had a hard time to cover the whole hull.
However, a lot of credits must go to Fingolfin for the model. He did the original model.
I was trying to modify it without using imported textures and by adding a crane in ordre to do some kind of constuction boat.

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