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-Zombie Survival 2-

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Level 4
Jun 18, 2008

You run as fast as you can. You inhale deeply for fear of each breath as being you last. 4 weeks ago a strange virus broke out in a rural area near the town of Loamsgrove,Oregon. The virus contaminated the town's water supply. After that it spread like fire. You, and a few others, were deployed in hopes of containing the virus. You came too late. The whole town was infected. You must try to survive in hopes of being rescued, or you will die like the rest.....

Hi! That was my introduction. I am making zombie survival 2. This game is gonna be big, but I can't do it alone. I am almost done with zombie survival 1,but I wanna start on zombie survival 2 as soon as possible. Zombie Survival 2 will be too big for 1 person, so if you want to help with anything, or are just interested, post here!


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