Zombie CooP Map

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Aug 27, 2008
Hello Warcraft 3 fans!

I am currently in early Alpha state and I want your apinions about what you want in a 4 player Coop Zombie-type of map. What spells, bosses, enemies or what ever you want should be in this map, just tell me, give me ideas.

I currently have 4 classes, they are picked depending on what colour you choose when starting the map. This is one aspect that I WILL change later on.
This is like a main tank class and can tank more beating than the other classes. This class has no spells yet, so I need ideas.
Paladin Number 2
This class does not have a proper name yet. It is a paladin, but it goes more at the damage way than the tanky. It will counlt as a offtank melee damagedealer. Need spells.
This is the ranged class. It is meant to deal heavy damage if not attacked but does easy die if positioned in the front. Need spells.
The priest is, unsuspected a healer. It will support allies mostly by healing and buffing allies but also may disable enemies or make them less of a threat. Need spells.
All zombies has a posion that deal a small amout of damage over time and slows, it stack so if your attack by a zombie mob you may get slow and get a heavy DoT of all your wounds. The zombie is a simple melee enemie that just attacks and is not hard to kill.
Ghouls does not take a lot of beating but they can deal one. They jump at you taking you to the ground, an allie have to help you free by killing the ghoul. If alone and jumped by a ghoul you can easy get surounded by zombies and die, so don't leave your friends behind.
Damage System
I have added damage text. When you deal damage to an enemy only you can see it, not your allies. When Enemies in there turn attack you I have made a function that brings the damage values up one after another you they not just bomp up and you can't read how much damage you are acually taking, even if they all hit you at ones. Just like your damage, the damage you take can only be seen by you, else the screen whould just be covered in numbers you don't realy care about, I will add a function to hide the numbers if wanted.
Here is a simple screenshot, I am sorry but that is all that I have to give you at the moment.

Thank you in advance for caring.


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