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Zinc Mekaplug -

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Level 10
Jan 21, 2007
Zinc Mekaplug - Engineer

(Kk, I'm making a map that will (upon release) contain 12 heroes and be somewhat of a showcase/actually playable AoS map. As of right now I am working on a Goblin hero, as you may have guessed from the title of this thread.)
Here are the basics of the hero:

Name: Zinc Mekaplug

Title: Engineer (Any other suggestions hero =/ seems kinda bland.)

Model: Tinker hero (.50 scaling size)

Icon: Tinker Hero

Attack Range/Type: Melee

Main Attribute: Intelligence

Move Speed: 350 (which is quite above the norm but works to counteract his low hp, which I haven't decided on the exact value of yet.)

Current Ability Ideas
-Ability 1


-Ability 2

-Air Strike

Zinc calls one of his aviator buddies to come and aid him in combat; he flies his plane down and drags all nearby enemies damaging them.

I have this ability completed already and is very fun, I daresay a mini game waiting to happen. Upon casting a gyro-copter is created behind your hero wich lowers in altitude and flys towards the target point, any enemy unit within range of it gets a net thrust upon it and is dragged along for the ride, taking damage. (Though there are still some code bugs and and the triggers are slightly messy, nothing you would notice in-game while playing/testing)

-Ability 3

I was thinking of some sort of Remote activated bomb here; damaging for lets say, 250/325/400/475. /the cooldown would be around 20 seconds and have a around 200ish mana cost.

-Ability 4 Ult

I was thinking of using one of donut's epic Goblin models to allow our little friend Zinc transform into some fiendish contraption to reak havoc from.
So, I would be greatly appreciative if I could get some brainstorming/suggestion/comments on the current abilities, and the ones to fill the empty spaces. :infl_thumbs_up:
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