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WoW Arena Allstars 6.9k

General Description
WoW Arena Allstars is a map that brings World of Warcraft PVP and PVE to WC3. Featuring all 11 classes and 3 talent specs for each class, realistic Arenas and Battlegrounds (Alterac Valley, Warsong, Arathi), Black Temple PVE Raid, as well as balanced gameplay that has been worked on for more than 8 years now. Join our community at http://wowarena.forumotion.pro website.

WoW Arena is now being developed for Dota 2!
Steam link to the game: www.steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=514024521
My personal website: http://catze.eu/

We usually use hostbots to play (works for Bnet and w3arena). You can find the hostbot's current gamelist here: https://entgaming.net/forum/games.php

[You can also try contacting us by joining the Garena group with the id = 1088239.] This information might be outdated, countries can no longer use Garena without some proxy service tricks.





New Features:
- Power Word: Shield and Grounding Totem damage absorbtion now contribute to your Healing done on the Multiboard
- improved the loading time of the game
- reworked Shadow Priest
- replaced Druid Thorns Aura Buff with Leader of the Pack which gives a crit chance bonus to the party
- changed the description for all classes to a short text about important characteristics instead of showing the spell list
- Subtlety Rogue: Removed Backstab, added Preparation (resets Vanish, Blind and Shadowstep cooldowns), reduced the duration of Blind from 7 to 5 secs
- Combat Rogue: Removed Killing Spree, added Backstab, reduced Damage and Cooldown and Energy cost of Fan of Knives, reduced Energy cost of Kidney Shot
- All Hunters now use Focus instead of Mana and have been redesigned to work with the new Resource, also changed 2 Buffs, Set items adjusted

Balance and Bug Fixes:

- Mutilate, Jab, Heart Strike, Obliterate, and Scourge Strike no longer interrupt spellcasting
- nerfed Rupture damage by 25%
- using Vanish now automatically casts Stealth (before you had to click twice)
- many Items that give critical strike bonuses are stronger now but have diminishing returns to make them more viable
- improved the text and formatting for several items
- fixed a bug with Shiv's Healing Debuff lasting too short
- fixed the border of the Mortal Strike icon
- Necrotic Strike Healing Debuff can now be dispelled
- Crackling Jade Lightning now cancels when the target is 900 away (800 before) and then the Monk will also automatically stop channeling
- Expose Armor changed: now reduces the Armor of the target by 60% and costs 25 Energy, but cooldown lowered from 120 to 45 secs
- fixed a bug with red numbers appearing in Ring of Valor Arena
- Tranquility Healing lowered, now scales with Spelldamage, but is also affected by all Healing Debuffs
- Innervate has been normalized to a 90 sec cooldown and it now also levels up linearly (before, it was too good in early rounds), it also levels up for Moonkin now
- reduced the manacost of Mass Dispel and Purge
- fixed a bug with Statistics at the end of the game not showing properly
- you should now always see all your hero's abilities while in base
- Mark of the Wild now grants +2 Armor (instead of 1)
- Windwalker Monk: reduced the damage of Rising Sun Kick
- Grounding Totem now removes Shockwave stun and Freezing Trap
- fixed a bug with Penance PVE Set bonus for Horde Disc Priest
- fixed a bug with being able to purchase the HP item more often than intended, lowered max charges of the HP item to 5
- fixed a bug with Arena not ending if you pick a class the second the Arena begins


- fixed a bug which caused Rogues to start with Vanish in Arena
- fixed a bug with Preparation cooldown
- fixed a bug with Backstab not leveling up
- Damage of all 3 Hunters has been nerfed (mostly the Focus abilities)
- Horde statistics are now included in the Statistics Multiboard, colors should now show properly
- reduced the cooldown of Expose Armor to 30 secs
- Death Knight PVP Gloves now apply a slightly weaker version of Chains of Ice
- Chaos Bolt casttime reduced from 2.0 to 1.75 secs
- Demonology Warlock PVE Set now increases Metamorphosis duration by 7 secs (down from 12)
- Metamorphosis gives 15% crit chance now (down from 25%)
- Felguard Cleave damage reduced greatly
- Shadowbolt damage decreased by 10%
- Lacerate damage decreased by ~20%
- Bear Druid Healing Touch manacost increased greatly
- Curse of Tongues now affects Vampiric Touch and Hunter Focus generators


- removed Garrote from Combat Rogue (he has Backstab in Stealth instead)
- fixed a bug with Chains of Ice dealing too much damage in early rounds
- fixed a bug with Statistics
- Howling Blast damage decreased
- removed Talisman Shop cooldown
- Iron Soul has diminishing returns on crit and on Resource generation now
- fixed Piercing Howl Animation


- improved the following models so they are more easily clickable: Troll Arcane Mage, Gnome Subtlety Rogue, Nightelf Holy Priest and Druid Travelform
- fixed a tooltip bug for Vampiric Touch
- Mindflay / Devouring Plague now works correctly for Horde Priest
- reverted Expose Armor to reduce Armor by 4 (in wc3 armor % values dont affect armor from items, so it was often not giving a (great) benefit)
- improved the FX for Innervate and Shadowfiend mana restoration
- removed useless animations from some models to reduce map filesize, so there is now room again to add more Icons / Models / FX in future patches


- Penance Healing amount increased
- Devastate cooldown reduced so Protection Warrior can unload aggregated Rage, Shockwave stun duration lowered
- Valanyr Ancient Hammer item now gives much more Intellect, but armor bonus is reduced slightly
- Dragonwrath item now gives more Spelldamage
- Claws of Shekzeer item now triggers a root proc instead of a 50% slow, but proc chance got lowered
- Robes of Riven dreams (+int) now has 6 max charges (8 before)
- DK PVP item still applies Chains of Ice, but not the DoT of Frost Fever
- fixed a Plague Strike bug
- fixed two bugs with Metamorphosis duration (lasted too long for Alliance and too short for Horde)
- reduced the damage of PVE Bosses in "Arena + PVE" Mode, fixed a bug with 4th Boss not appearing for Alliance
- reduced Mana Regeneration of Omen of Clarity to 2% of Max Mana
- Shadowmourne proc is no longer % based but happens after 7 casts
- Sulfuras proc is no longer % based but happens after 4 casts


- Seal of Truth now restores 60 / 120 / 180 Mana per hit and is no longer based on max Mana
- Protection Paladin PVE Set now increases the damage of Consecration
- Holy Paladin / Arcane Mage PVE Set now grants 35% of Intellect as spelldamage (50% before)
- cooldowns now also reset at the end of a round so you can always resummon Pets
- 5th upgrade of the critical strike item now grants a 4% bonus


- Arcane Shot now applies Viper Sting to the target, but deals less damage and costs more Focus
- Explosive Shot damage reduced slightly
- Chimera Shot now applies Viper Sting to the target, but deals less damage and costs more Focus, drains extra Mana if the target is already afflicted by Viper Sting
- Aimed Shot costs now costs 55 Focus (up from 40)
- Shadowbolt damage increased but mana cost increased a lot
- Drain Mana cooldown lowered
- Metamorphosis cooldown lowered, decreases damage taken by 35%, increases Drain Mana effectiveness, increases Hand of Guldan Slow to 75%, but no longer resets Shadowbolt cooldown and no longer increases critical strike chance
- Hand of Guldan damage lowered but now always slows for 25%
- Bosses Najentus and Supremus stop casts when dead
- PVP Trinket now sells for 80% gold
- Protection Paladin Avenger's Shield damage reduced
- fixed a bug with Avenger's Shield's second and third hit receiving 100% spelldamage instead of 40%
- Consecration duration and damage decreased, spelldamage scaling decreased, manacost increased, cooldown increased, but also added Execution Sentence, Healing Allies in the area at the end of Consecration
- Moonkin Typhoon damage reduced slighty, Wrath and Roots manacost reduced slightly
- fixed Healing per Second on Multiboard for Shadow Priest


- single Target CCs that break on damage (Polymorph, Sap, Repentance, Gouge, Maim, Blind) now have their duration tripled against non-Heroes
- increased Destruction Warlock Howl of Terror duration slightly
- increased Rushing Jade Wind damage slightly
- Succubus and Felhunter now level up like other Pets and Pets now share more similar stats (standard Pets have ~20% weaker stats than Pets of Specs Demonology and Beastmastery)
- fixed a Castbar bug with Manburn and Drain mana on targets that could not be drained


- fixed a bug with Level 1 and Level 3 Felhunter spells
- fixed a bug in Alterac Valley that prevented Solder's Blood bonus Summon when a Player left the game
- for each Player that left during Alterac Valley one additional Knight / Frostwolf Raider is summoned each wave
- made the Alliance Bridge in Alterac Valley wider
- removed Sapphiron[Boss] from Alterac Valley
- increased the range where Crackling Jade Lightning stops channeling by 100


- greatly reduced the mana cost of the following Spells so that casters are able to play more mana efficient: Fireball, Frostbolt, Arcane Missiles, Mindflay, Shadowbolt, Wrath and Chain Lightning
- increased the Health of most Pets (especially level 2 and level 3)
- the following Crowd Control effects now only last twice as long on non-Heroes (three times as long before): Gouge, Repentance, Sap, Maim

All Hunters:
- Cobra Shot and Steady Shot now grant a 20% Critical Strike chance for 8 secs after casting

Marksmanship Hunter:
- Vipersting now also drains Rage, Energy, Focus and Runic Power
- Steady Shot damage increased by 10%

Holy Priest:
- Void Shift cooldown increased by 15 secs

Blood Deathknight:
- Mark of Blood: can now only proc once every 0.5 secs

- Soul Barrier damage reduction decreased
- Primal Gladiator's Plate Helm Strength decreased
- Blackhand's Plate Faceguard Strength decreased, Damage inreased
- Fangs of the Father proc bonus damage lowered from 40% to 25%
- Class Gloves can no longer be dropped

- Rushing Jade Wind vision reduced
- Kill Command autocast icon fixed
- Kiljaeden should no longer spawn in non-PVE Modes
- you should no longer be able to Blink outside the Nagrand Arena

- Rushing Jade Wind causes 75% less healing through Black Ox Statue
- fixed a bug with Rushing Jade Wind on Horde Brewmaster Monk causing too little damage


- fixed a bug with Dragon Wrath recipe
- Succubus casttime normalized to 2 secs
- Chaos Bolt damage reduced by ~25%
- Healing Dampening now occurs after 4 mins (50% reduction) and after 8 mins (95% reduction), occured at 5 and 10 mins before
- The game now shows a message when healing dampening is active
- Shadowfury casttime, damage and stun duration decreased
- Destruction Warlock PVP item now increases Shadowfury stun duration
- Polymorph duration decreased to 4.5 secs (6.5 secs with PVP Set)
- fixed a Wall bug in Nagrand Arena
- Frost DK Skeletons now last 30 secs max (instead of 180)
- Power Word: Shield buffed by ~15%, PVP Set bonus decreased to 20% (down from 50%)
- Frost Mage: Water Elemental now lasts 10 minutes, Water Bolt damage and cd halved, Frostnova cd doubled (only WE), all Frost Novas now last 4.5 secs on all levels (no longer increases in lategame), Ice Lance now scales with 50% of spelldamage (down from 100%)


- added a Training Dummy Mode to measure DPS and Healing, can be enabled with "-dummy", best paired with "-testmode" so you have infinite time to test
- reworked many Monk spells and improved the Chi system, so its more of a choice which abilities you spend your Chi on
- changed some Monk Set Boni to fit the new spells
- fixed a bug with the Multiboard
- Killing Spree cd lowered to 60 secs
- Force of Nature cooldown normalized to 60 secs
- the CC amount and cooldown of the following spells no longer scales with the level of the ability: Kidney Shot, Deadly Throw, Shadowstep, Feral Charge
- Regrowth is now less mana efficient
- Flash Heal heals more but has the same manacost/healing ratio
- Penance is now more mana efficient
- Surging Mist is now less mana efficient
- Storm Bolt now stuns for 4.5 secs and also deals damage, so Prot Warrior has a bit more burst potential
- Grounding Totem now dies with 1 auto attack, because it often already did its damage absorbtion and cc removal before you could kill the totem. But also lowered the cooldown to 25 secs.
- Grounding Totem now dies when all damage and both CCs have been absorbed
- Resto Shaman PVE Set now also increases the damage absorbtion of Grounding Totem
- Beastmastery Hunter has been nerfed: decreased damage slightly and lowered CC potential
- Shadow Priest Mind Blast damage has been reduced by ~10%
- Marksman Hunter Attack Speed Specialization bonus increased
- Explosive Shot damage increased slightly
- nerfed Frost DK: Obliterate, Skeleton and Howling Blast damage reduced
- lowered the damage of Hemorrhage slightly
- Frost Mage nerfed: Frostbolt and Frost Nova (Mage) now only scale with 70% of spelldamage
- Consecration Aoe increased slightly

- Alterac Valley reworked:
Heroes now level up in Alterac Valley, their Ability Levels also upgrade at level 10 and level 20 (level 20 is max hero level). Experience and Gold is now shared between all Heroes in a 1200 aoe.
A new Multiboard now displays the Quests for both Alliance and Horde.
The Armor Scrap mechanic has been improved (a NPC will try to transport Armor Scraps back to the base, the other team can try to intercept and kill him to prevent the bonus)


- redesigned Monk (Mistweaver)
- redesigned Warrior (Protection)
- redesigned Paladin (Protection)
- fixed "-ar" Allrandom Mode
- buffed "Claws" item proc frequency
- nerfed Ignite Spelldamage factor
- changed some Monk models
- Quick Starting an Arena match should now work even after a player left the game


- fixed a bug with "-ar" Mode
- Protection Paladin: decreased spelldamage scaling of Auto Attack and Avenger's Shield to 40% (from 100%) and decrease Seal of Truth damage
- Totems and Statues die to 2 auto attacks now
- increased cd's for Totem like spells and made minor adjustments to that compensate buff
- increased Necrotic Strike cooldown
- fixed Black Ox Statue size
- Penance with Priest PVE Set now restores mana only if channeled until the end
- Holy Paladin PVP Set changed to Lay on Hands
- Mistweaver Monk PVE Set changed to buff Jade Statue
- Ring of Peace now lasts 1 sec shorter but the cast penalty lasts 1 sec longer
- Protection Paladin PVP Set changed to silence on Avenger's Shield
- Resilience now also reduces the bonus damage taken from critical strikes
- Fangs of Father buff resets 1 sec quicker if not auto attacking
- PVP Trinket has 10 secs less cd on level 2
- Resto Shaman PVP Set changed to reduce Earth Shock cooldown
- increased Arcane Missiles damage slightly and spelldamage factor to 150%
- decreased Affliction Warlock PVE Set bonus to 20% (from 50%), decreased Corruption damage by 10%
- decreased Ice Lance damage slightly, decreased Frost Nova damage (Mage and Water Elemental), changed PVE set to only give a bonus on Frost Nova'd targets
- decreased Curse of Hubris bonus spelldamage by 25%, decreased duration, but lowered cd to 60 secs (down from 240)
- Player 1 can now change the game length with "-win X". the other team has to accept the offer with "-yes"
- improved the visuals for Beacon of Light and Damage Trinket, so you can see its duration
- buffed Talisman of Evasion by 5%


- fixed a bug with totems not taking 2 hits
- rebalanced Vampiric Embrace
- fix -randomhealer and -random duplicate
- Frost DK skeleton is no longer an undead unit
- skeleton damage now shows % in Multiboard
- Earthbind Totem cd increased slightly
- Raise Dead tooltip updated
- "-spell" now shows the correct spelldamage, and also display healing
- new Legendary item: Shadowmourne


- fixed a bug with Shadowmourne
- fixed a bug with Ring of Peace triggering on PVP Trinket and on Talisman
- if a player leaves during Alterac Valley, the corresponding team gets more troops summoned each wave
- nerfed the healing of Vampiric Embrace
- fixed a rare item bug that gave extra gold


- fixed a bug with critical strikes doing less damage than intended
- new Legendary item: Thorasus, the Stone Heart of Draenor
- changed the recipe of Shadowmourne
- reduced the cooldown of Felstriker by 50%
- new PVE Set Bonus for Monk Mistweaver
- new PVE Set Bonus for all Death Knight Specs
- fixed a bug with Skeleton damage not showing on Multiboard
- Rushing Jade Wind no longer blocks targeting and has reduced size
- buffed Resto Shaman PVP Set Bonus
- new item: Sigil of Rampage
- fixed a bug with -ar not giving a healer to a team in 3v3 or higher
- "-ar" will no longer give a healer in 2v2 or less
- reduced Slam casttime by 0.25
- Overhealing will no longer contribute to the Multiboard HPS display


- fixed a bug with -ar
- slightly reduced Resto Shaman PVE Bonus
- fixed a bug with Mage Set items combining incorrect


- Player 1 (red) can now track statistics when playing WAA: The game can save which heroes are picked and how often they win or lose arena rounds. You can save the results a game produced via save code and then you can load it at the beginning of a game to continuously track the stats. commands: -savestats -loadstats -viewstats
- fixed a bug with Prayer of Mending for Horde Priest
- BM Hunter rebalanced
- Demonology Warlock reworked
- Ironsoul rebalanced
- Dragonwrath now works for: Holy Shock, Earth Shoch (only Restoration Shaman) and Shadow Word: Death (Holy Priest)
- updated text for hybrid classes from "healer / supporter" to "damage dealer / supporter"
- updated Shadow Priest description
- Devouring Plague cooldown decreased to 5 secs
- reduced damage and spelldamage of all PVE items slightly
- Survival and Feral Cat PVE Set buffed slightly
- nerfed Rushung Jade Wind damage
- nerfed Enhancement Shaman PVP Set
- all Pet Summoning got its casttime normalized to 2 secs
- Unstable Affliction casttime and damage reduced, manacost increased slightly
- Life Tap cooldown reduced by 50%
- improved Legendary requirements text to be less confusing


- Destruction: Rain of Fire -> Chaos Bolt, Death Coil -> Howl of Terror / Ember Tap, Immolate rebalanced and now can be dispelled and can crit
- fixed PVP Trinket update tooltip
- Survival Hunter Scorpid Pet cooldowns have been normalized to 30 secs (also adjusted their values)
- Penance level 1 manacost reduced and level 3 manacost increased
- Lash of Pain damage reduced
- fixed a bug with Curse of Tongues
- Resto Shaman: Chain Heal casttime increased by 0.2 secs and Totem cooldowns increased by 5 secs
- Paladin Gloves cooldown reduced drastically and Mana restored reduced slightly
- Thorasus cooldown decreased to 17 secs
- nerfed Frost Mage PVP Set to 50% crit chance increase
- fixed a bug with critical strikes dealing too much damage if the target had magic resistance items
- fixed a bug with Frost Nova (Mage and Pet) dealing too much damage
- nerfed Multi Shot damage


- 5 new PVE Sets (DK, Paladin, Mage, Rogue and Warlock)
- 6 new PVP Sets (Warrior, Monk, Priest, Shaman, Druid, Hunter)
- PVE and PVP Sets now can drop in PVE Mode
- several classes got buffs in PVE Mode to make them viable (available buffs are: +25 spelldamage, +50 spelldamage, +25% critical strike chance, +4 Armor)
- Shade of Akama Boss: Healer Adds will now try to cast Tranquility twice (once before)
- the Questlog now contains detailed information about the PVE Mode
- if you beat Bosses in PVE Hardcore Mode without dying once, you can save your Boss progression with "-save" and load it with "-load"

- Dragonwrath item now also grants a small bonus to spelldamage
- Val'anyr item now also grants a small bonus to int
- Gar'tok item grants a small bonus to str
- Claws of Shek'zeer item gives a small bonus to str


- Implemented a new feature that equalizes the team size if there were leavers (can be disabled with "-leaver")
- Fixed a bug with pets benefitting from spelldamage
- Fixed a bug with Assassination Rogue's and Retribution Paladin's PVE item
- increased the casttime of Unstable Affliction by 0.5 secs
-decreased the Warlock PVE Set's Unstable Affliction bonus from 100% to 50%
- increased the duration of Rapid Fire from 8 to 10 secs


- fixed the Warrior PVP Set
- fixed a bug with the new Leaver System

- All classes now have one buff enabled by default (no more forgetting to enable it)

- Frost Mage: Water Elemental now gets 25% of your spelldamage and can crit
- Feral Cat: Autoattack speed bonus in Cat form increased from 20 to 30%
- Arcane Mage: Instant Pyroblast damage increased by 100 / 75 / 50
- Protection Paladin: Avenger's Shield and Shield of Righteous damage decreased by ~25%
- Resto Druid: Lifebloom's final healing has been decreased from 150 / 300 / 450 to 120 / 240 /360
- Druid: Caster PVP Set now also increases the damage of Entangling Roots
- Fury Warrior: Flurry lasts 2 secs longer and AS bonus now increases linearly
- Alterac Valley: several NPCs have been buffed (Towers, Tower Guards, Aerie Gryphon, War Rider, Lokholar, Ivus)
- Netherstrand Bow: This item allowed for too much burst and thus now has decreased effectiveness the more you stack it.

- fixed a bug with auto attacks getting +spelldamage
- fixed a bug with the DK PVP Set
- fixed a bug in Alterac Valley with Wolves spawning for the wrong side
- fixed a bug in Alterac Valley where tower models were too small


- changed Arms Warrior PVE Set to buff Whirlwind
- reworked Balance Druid PVP Set: Now increases the duration on Cyclone instead of increasing Entangling Roots damage
- nerfed Rupture and Lacerate PVP Set damage bonus to 33%
- fixed several bugs with LeaverMode
- reduced Shadowfury damage greatly
- reduced critical strike chance from Strength for Rogue and Paladin PVE Set from 50% to 30%
- Druids now also have a default buff enabled
- reduced the +HP item to 6 instead of 10 levels
- Combat Rogue PVE Set changed to armor reduction instead of bonus damage on Sinister Strike
- Brewmaster Monk PVP Set now increases Dizzying Haze slow factor to 75%
- Brewmaster Monk PVP Set healing bonus of Black Ox Statue has been decreased
- reworked Hunter PVE Set: New unique effects for all 3 specs now
- Frost DK:
buffed Anti Magic Shield slightly
skeletons now die at the end of a turn
- Unholy DK:
added Dark Transformation to Death Coil (5 casts = buff Ghoul), Runic Power cost increased by 10
replaced Pestilence with Dark Simulacrum
- Blood DK:
Plague Strike Runic power cost lowered slightly
replaced Unholy Blight with Soul Reaper
- Fury Warrior PVP Set now scales with level and applies a healing debuff
- Survival Hunter PVE Set bonus now increases crit chance with each auto attack
- Marksmanship Hunter PVE Set bonus now gives a chance on autoattack to fire an additional auto attack
- Scales of Life item now heals to 90%
- Paladin and Mage PVE Set now increases spelldamage by 50% of int
- decreased Thunderfury damage by ~25%


- fixed a bug in leavermode which occured in Ring of Valor Arena
- fixed a bug in PVE Mode
- increased resilience on items to better counter critical strike builds
- Frost Mage nerf: WE receives 15% spelldamage, down from 25% and PVE Set bonus reduced
- Priest PVE Set now also increases Prayer of Mending healing by 10%
- fixed Set item color to green
- Destruction Warlock: changed PVE Set bonus to 0.4 from 0.5, fixed a bug with the set (factor was too low before, it actually is better now). Increased casttime of Incinerate by 0.5 secs and Shadowfury by 1 sec
- decreased Felstriker item duration by 3 secs
- capped crit at 100% and resilience rating at 50 (equals 100% crit reduction)
- Hand of Ragnaros DoT ticks now scale with 20% of spelldamage (100% before)
- Ignite DoT ticks now scale with 50% of spelldamage (100% before)
- fixed Scales of Life item cost and decreased healing to 80%
- slightly buffed the magic damage reduction item
- made Stealth usable in base so you can read the abilities
- changed Assassination Rogue PVE Set to Slice and Dice on Eviscerate cast
- slightly nerfed Windwalker Monk PVE Set
- Rushing Jade Wind can no longer crit
- decreased the damage of Eviscerate by ~15%
- capped the Mana item at 8 charges

- Renewing Mist manacost increased
- Bear Druid PVP item fixed (shapeshift rage generation)
- druid pvp item color fixed
- fixed a bug with Arms Warrior PVP Hamstring proc (wrong set provided bonus)
- Arms Warrior nerfed: Bladestorm rage cost up by 10, cooldown up by 5 secs, Mortal Strike damage reduced by ~20%
- tried to fix ring of valor bug
- Feral Cat Druid: Added Predatory Swiftness passive and Ferocious Bite damage increased by ~8%.
- "-random" now is disabled later
- Fury Warrior: PVP item proc chance increased
-Fire Mage nerfed: Blast Wave duration down from 5 to 3 secs, Fireball stun down from 1 to 0.75 secs, Dragon Breath duration down from 4 to 3 secs, Fireblast damage down from 100 to 90 per level.
- Demonology Warlock healing decreased: Siphon Life heals for 33% of damage, down from 100%
- Ironsoul now gives s small bonus to crit
- Fangs of Father now gives 3% crit per stack
- Scales of Life healing down to 65%


- nerfed arms pvp item (12 secs inner cd)
- made hand of ragnaros damage less bursty and nerfed slightly
- Shadow Priest: Mindflay buffed, Devouring Plague cd lowered by 5 secs
- Grounding removes 2 CCs, cd up by 5 secs
- Demonology: Metamorphosis nerfed (25% crit increase, down from 100% and 10% damage reduction), Shadowbolt rank 1 manacost increased slightly
- Renewing Mist rank 1 slightly less manacost
- increased manacost on Killshot and Multishot to lower sustained damage
- Unholy DK: lowered Scourge Strike damage and Dark Transformation no longer resets Gnaw cooldown. Raise Dead cooldown increased greatly
- Blood DK: Soul Reaper nerfed slightly
- Fire Mage: Fireblast cd increased slightly and damage decreased slightly, manacost up slightly
- Cat Druid PVE Set buffed slightly

- Feral (Cat): Stampeding Roar also increases critcal strike chance by 33%
- Cleanse manacost reduced to 15

- 4 new basic Items (Set Helmets)
- 11 new Class Sets with 20 unique effects depending on your Class and Specialization which can be build by combining the Class Gloves with the new Set Helmets
- Light's Justice critical strike chance on low targets increased greatly

- new Items added to Loot Table
- Shade of Akama auto attack damage increased greatly
- Mother Shahraz auto attack damage increased greatly
- Resto Druid, Disc Priest and Holy Paladin only receive 15% bonus to healing in PVE now


Balance Changes:
-Fangs of the Father now also grants a 0.5x critical strike damage bonus multiplier at max stack count, to justify the high price of the item (and making the enemy team deny you getting the proc)
-When you play Arena + PVE all Boss HP is reduced by 35%.
-Enhancement Shamans Shock spells have their damage reduced by 40% (not affecting the Stormstrike Bonus) and Feral Spirit cooldown got increased by 60 seconds.
-Frost DK felt a bit stale and its Howling Blast spell is now combined with Army of the Dead: Whenever you cast Howlong Blast you summon 2/3/4 Skeletons to attack your current target automatically (you dont have direct control). These Skeletons deal high damage but have very low HP and the enemy team should kill them (they last until killed so the Frost DK could build a huge army).
-Hand of Ragnaros item got buffed from 15% to 25% proc chance and this is now shown in the tooltip.
-Demonology Warlock was overpowered: He has insane survivability but also high damage output due to its Felguard hitting hard (often 40-50% of damage output). Summon Felguard now has 3 minutes cooldown instead of 1 minute and Felguard HP has been reduced by 30% and armor by 2, so the enemy team can do something about it. Shadowbolt damage has been decreased by ~15%.
-With the new Items there are now more possibilities for burst builds, thats why Curse of Hubris and Felstriker have their cooldown increased from 120 secs to 240 secs. This will further be monitored.
-Skullflame Shield got its lifesteal increased from 15 to 24%.

-Fangs of the Father now shows that the stacks last 7 secs and that they refresh to full duration when you auto attack +critdmg bonus
-Fixed a bug with Medallion has been fixed (please tell me if you find further bugs)
-Shattering throw and Expose Armor no longer work on PVE Bosses (they caused a bug) but instead deal damage
-If your hero dies during PVE, your Pets get killed too.


-Brought back an item recipe system: There are now 8 legendary items that can be build via a recipe system (Thunderfury, Fangs of the Father, Felstriker, Sulfuras, Scales of Life, Everburning Candle, Skullflame Shield, Greathelm of the Holy Warrior)
-added one new shield item to the armor shop

-fine-tuned the pve bosses (also improved the scaling when playing with 4 or 5 players)
-fixed a teleportation bug in "pve only" mode
-decreased damage of Rushing Jade Wind from 8% to 6% of max life
-fixed a bug which caused some aoe spells to not hit all targets correctly

- Added Black Temple instance with 6 bosses: several game modes (mixed pve and arena, pve only and pve only hardcore)
- new items that exclusively drop in pve
- new menu to choose game mode
- improved Valanyr item (armor when casting healing spell)


-Protection Paladin has been moved from Healers to Hybrid and has been changed: Holy Light manacost increased by ~60%, Shield of the Righteous scales with 20% of spelldamage, Avenger's Shield gets full spelldamage, auto attacks scale with 100% of spelldamage. His new role is being a DPS with several defensive tools (heal, divine shield, hand of protection).
-Destruction Warlock: replaced Conflagrate with Rain of Fire.
-Felguard (Pet) damage has been increased to be on par with Hunter pets. Cleave cooldown increased to 30 secs and damage increased by 50% (all 3 cooldowns now are 30 secs, so managing the Felguard should be easier now).
-new Command "-dmg" will display the damage you dealt and the damage your pet dealt
-the Multiboard now shows how much percent of your dps comes from your pet (shown in brackets after the dps number)

-fixed a bug with Grounding Totem dispel duration being too short


-Curse of Hubris spelldamage bonus nerfed by 10% and duration decreased from 18 to 14 secs (in lategame caster lineups could burst too hard)

-fixed an icon bug for Marksman Hunter
-fixed a bug with Marksman Hunter's aspects


-new Model for Horde Frost DK
-new Model for Horde Affliction Warlock
-new Model for Horde Demonology Warlock
-new Model for Alliance Mistweaver Monk
-some more, i dont remember
-several new spell effects

-Alterac Valley end boss hp and damage increased by ~20%.

-Holy Priest: made PWS much more manaefficient, so that you can play mana efficient, but only if the other team doesnt switch targets. This on the other hand should increase the potential of Prayer of Mending, which profits from target switching. So the overall coherence of Holy Priest should be better. Greater Heal has been made less mana efficient, so you get punished for using it. Lower SWD cooldown from 6 to 3 secs so you have the opportunity to play more agressive, at the cost of taking more damage yourself. Void Shift healing increased from 30% to 50%, so it has more potential as an emergency move.
-Restoration Druid: increased Wild Growth cooldown from 35 to 55. This spell is powerful as AOE healing AND against burst, since it heals quickly at first. This was too powerful. Druid was already mana efficient, had cc, and with this you could heal through burst too easily. There should be a downside to Restoration Druid: quick unexpected burst.
-Restoration Shaman: The design of Grounding Totem was flawed. You could just place it and it usually absorbed its damage and removed one CC quickly, before the enemy team could react to it. But it should be more about finding and removing the totem. It should be more powerful if not removed and less powerful if removed. thats why it now dispels all CCs as long as it is alive and it lasts 10 secs longer and absorbs more damage. To compensate for that buff, it has its cooldown increased from 20 to 30 secs, to punish bad placement.
-Mistweaver Monk: The strength of this healer should be his ability to go offensive, because he has a strong HoT allowing him to cast offensive spells. So Ring of Peace has its silence duration increased by 1 sec and Crackling Jade Lightning cooldown got decreased from 10 to 6 secs. Surging Mist has been made less mana efficient.

-Assassination Rogue's rotation did not feel right. Shiv got its cooldown lowered from 10 to 2 secs, so you can do Shiv > Mutilate > 3CP Eviscerate. Also Shiv now lasts 6 secs on all levels. Smokebomb did not have enough impact and got buffed: reduces damage taken by 75% instead of 20% and lasts 2 secs longer, so you really should move out of the smoke instead of waiting for it to be over. Expose Armor has been merged with Cold Blood, but cooldown increased from 30 to 120 secs. (should make possible some new builds with the new critical strike bonus damage item).
-Subtlety Rogue: Backstab is not that easy to use, to reward using it more, its energy cost has been reduced from 60 to 20.
-Combat Rogue: Fan of Knives was too cheap for its big impact. Energy cost from 10 to 45.
-Blood DK: Necrotic Strike is a key spell of this class. It should be powerful, duration increased from 3 to 4 secs. Unholy Blight should be a burst cooldown, but should be able to dodge it: Duration from 8 to 10, range from 300 t0 300, cooldown from 30 to 90 secs, damage from 70 to 120 per level. Mark of Blood cooldown from 120 to 35 secs, duration halfed.
-Unholy DK: Increased range of aoe slow from Scourge Strike from 300 to 500 and it slows 5% more (he has no other slow or stun, other than the ghoul's stun).
-Frost DK: Hungering Cold lasts 5 secs on all levels now. Cooldown 45 secs on all levels.
-Beastmastery Hunter: Should have more burst during Beastial Wrath: bonus damage increased from 5 / 20 / 35 to 15 / 30 / 45.
-Marksman Hunter: Implemented Lone Wolf (no longer has a Pet,but instead gets Frozen Ammo / Rapid Fire). Replaced Concussive Shot with Freezing Trap (this trap you have to put on the ground and first approaching enemy gets frozen). Chimera Shot no longer disarms. Mana restored when Chimera shotting a target affected by Vipersting increased greatly.
-Fury Warrior: Bloodthirst critical strike chance double, ragecost increased by 5. Slam no longer increases Bloodthirst damage, but now procs Flurry, increasing your attack speed (stacking up to 60%).
-Retribution Paladin: Replaced Hand of Freedom with Light's Hammer.
-Warlock Demonology: Removed Curse of Exhaustion, added Metamorphosis.
-Warlock Destruction: Curse of Weakness cooldown and duration halfed, can now be cast on all targets (not only physical).

-fixed a bug with mace stun item not working for some classes
-fixed a bug with the game not ending after playing alterac valley
-fixed a bug with Devouring Plague not healing correctly.

-added Alterac Valley (-av or -avlong for an extended version)
-the Battleground Modes have been changed: You can now either play only a single Battleground and no Arena (-av, -ab or -ws). OR you can play all 3 Battlegrounds in combination (-bg), in the order WS, AB and finally AV. Here first team to win 2 Battlegrounds wins the game. When you you use -bg, Arathi and Warsong games are shorter than the single ones (Arathi: twice as short, Warsong: 2 Flags instead of 3 need to be captured).
-added new Arena: Tiger's Peak

Battleground Balancing:
-when you die in a Battleground, you revive after 20 secs. but each time you die this is increased by 10 secs
-after reviving, you dont take damage for 8 seconds to prevent graveyard camping
-in AV, initially you now spawn on the Battlefield instead of in your base
-you get more starting Gold in Arathi and Warsong now (5000 instead of 2000). This only applies to the first Battleground played, succeeding ones use the standard formula.

-Several small tweaks have been made to several classes, i wont list them here.

-fixed a Height bug with Death Grip
-fixed the direction of Paralysis bonus CC (was in front of instead of behind the target)

5.1f Changelog:

-The Mana Bar System sadly had some flaws i could not overcome and I decided to turn it off by default. Player 1 can turn it on by typing -manabars.
-The new Gold income System proved less fun than the old one and has been reverted. This also fixes a bug with -ar.

-nerfed the +Physical damage item from 30 t0 25 per level (was too dominant)
-Dragonwrath item slow proc now lasts 1 second longer and now also procs for Crackling Jade Lightning
-Roar of Sacrafice: cooldown reduced to 120 secs and duration increased to 15
-Roar of Recovery: cooldown reduced to 120 secs

-changed the model of Ring of Peace to eliminate a visual bug
-several pet spell hotkey descriptions fixed

5.1e Changelog:

Mana Bars:
-further improved Mana Bars and also added them to non Mana classes
-made the Mana Bars smaller, so that the Health Bar is still the dominant Bar
-Mana Bar changes color depending on your resource type (Mana = blue, Energy = yellow, Rage = red, Runic Power = light blue), also works when shapeshifting changes resource type

-fixed Gold for -tm4 and -notm

-Plague Strike damage increased
-Howling Blast Damage doubled, Runic Power cost doubled

-Rushing Jade Wind duration increased to 8 secs, but movement speed and damage lowered
-added Rushing Jade Wind to Expel Harm, cooldown of Expel Harm increased to 60 seconds

-fixed Haunt healing amount for Affliction Warlock

5.1d Changelog:
-fixed some more Mana Bar issues

5.1c Changelog:
-fixed some Mana Bar issues

5.1b Changelog:
-Added Mana Bars

5.1 Changelog:

The general idea was to improve weak spells and balance some classes, so that class diversity is increased, as well as adding some aura items.

Gold Changes:
In the first round after repick you dont get gold. In the following 2 rounds you get more gold than before. This is to make sure the gold is used to counter the enemy team, instead of blindly buying items, not knowing what kind of heroes the enemy team got.

Healing Dampening:
Healing gets damped after 5 minutes by 50%, and by 95% after 10 minutes.

Stealth detection decreased from 400 to 275.

Added new Aura Items, that give a buff to your whole team.

Class Changes:

-bonus armor reduced in Moonkin form from 5 to 3
-Wrath stun duration reduced from 1 to 0.5 secs

-Lesser Healing Wave casttime increased by 0.35 seconds

-Spear Hand Strike silences 5 (up from 3) seconds if you face the target, added a floating text to indicate this
-Paralysis incapacitates 6.5 (up from 5) seconds if you hit from behind, added a floating text to indicate this
-Detox: In addition to the dispel effect, you summon a Rushing Jade Wind at the target position, dealing massive aoe damage. cooldown increased drastically

-Waterelemental: Waterbolt damage increased greatly, cooldown increased greatly

-Backstab damage increased greatly, cooldown increased
-Fan of Knives damage increased greatly, cooldown increased
-Expose Armor armor reduction increased by 2

-Execute 30 secs cd on all levels
-Swapped the stances in which Hamstring and Disarm are active for Protection Warrior
-Bladestorm damage increasd by 20%

-all Pets have most of their ability cooldowns increased, but the impact of the spells is greater as well, also their base damage has been increased slightly (the idea was to have few meaningful choices, instead of spamming spells all the time)
-Spirit Bond healing increased greatly, duration halfed

-Shadow Word: Death damage increased (only Holy Priest)
-Vampiric Touch healing increased greatly, cooldown increased

-fixed a bug with Death Grip
-fixed a bug with Multishot for Horde Beastmastery Hunter
-fixed a bug with Ring of Peace visuals
-Prayer of Mending and Earth Shield dont proc their healing if the target is at full health (no more charges wasted)

WoW Arena Allstars 5.0b Hotfix
-fixed the healing amount of Death Coil
-fixed the healing amount of Siphon Life
-fixed Beastmastery Hunter's Frost Trap being way to big when combined with The Beast Within
-nerfed Druid's Buff "Ysera's Gift": Heals 10 HP per Level every 5 secs now, instead of a % of max hp

WoW Arena Allstars 5.0

General Changes:

- A new Forum has been created so Players can contact other Players, play matches and build a community. Tournaments will also be organized: http://wowarena.forumotion.pro/
-The Monk class has been added: One Healer (uses Mana) and two melee dps (use Energy). Monks have a Special Resource called "Chi". Chi can be generated by some spells and maximum Chi is 4. Chi can be used for some powerful spells.
- "-tm3" is the default mode now, meaning you repick your class after 3 arena fights. You can enter "-tm5" to repick after 5 rounds or "-notm" to never repick your hero.
- "-ar" can be used to choose random heroes for everyone
- "-ws" and "-ab" can be used to play battlegrounds instead of arena every 4 rounds (you can also enable both)
-Stat System completely reworked. Casters have Int as primary attribute, all others have strength. Strength gives 40 HP and 1 auto attack damage, Int gives 40 Mana and Agility gives 1 Armor. Starting stats and stat gain per level has been changed for each class. Stats per level are as follows (without Specialization Bonuses): Warrior and DK 4 str. Retribution 4 str and 1 int. Enhancement and Hunter 3 str, 1 agi and 1 int. Rogue and Feral Cat 3 str and 1 agi. Feral Bear 3 str and 2 int. All Casters 3 str and 3 int. Starting Armor for all classes is 3 Armor. (The phyiscal damage bonus for plate, mail, leather and cloth armor still exists.)
-the Classes have been organized not by race but by Role (Healers, Melees, Casters, Hunters and Hybrids) for easier navigation and their icons show their spec now.
-Each Spec now has a Specialization, giving a small passive bonus. Check ingame description for details.
-All passive Buffs have been rebalanced and some have been changed to be a more meaningful choice. Look ingame for details.
-Many new Hero models and spell effects.
-the Code has been improved and loading times should be faster.
-fixed the so called "attack stop" Bug, where you could generate Rage/Runic Power really fast by press stop quickly, to interrupt the auto attack but still getting the rage/runic power.
-Each spell now shows the Hotkey in its description.
-Hotkeys have been changed from Q W E T – D R F to Q W E R – D F G to represent the location of the spells in the command window.
-Many spells had a level up bonuses that did not make much sense, for example Hamstring on Arms Warrior lasted 5 / 7 / 9 secs. Those Spells have been changed to 7 / 7 / 7 because utility is not something you need more in late than in early game.
-Hunter Pets and Felguard now level up at the same rate as other abilities level up (every 3 levels)
-a Tooltip to show each classes difficulty has been added to the hero selection.
-Disarm mechanic changed: Instead of only disabling the auto attack, you now also disable spellcasting. Can no longer be cast on Casters and Healers.
-reworked Stealth System: All classes have a 400 yard invisibility detection, so they can attack invisible enemies that are close to them. If an invisible unit takes more than 20% of its max HP as damage while stealthed, it becomes visible permanently.
-new Castbar look.
-Castbars now show the length of a cast more exact (before each cast was 0.5 secs longer than its castbar was showing).
-Castbars added for channeling Spells (Arcane Missiles, Tranquility, Mindflay etc...).
-replaced some Icons with real WoW icons

Arena Changes:
-Blades Edge Arena has been improved and the teleportation over the bridge has been replaced by a walkable bridge

Class Changes:

Death Knight:
-added Necrotic Strike to Frost and Blood DK (removed Empowered Rune Weapon and Pestilence)

-Gloves have been changed: In addition to reducing incoming damage, whenever you take damage the damage source gets rooted for 4 seconds. So multiple targets can be rooted several times if they continue to damage you.
-replaced Berserk on Feral Bear and Feral Cat with Stampeding Roar: Increases movement speed of all allies for a few secs and removes slow effects.
-Feral Cat: Stealth speed increased from 70% to 90%

-replaced Protection Paladin's Hand of Sacrifice with Shield of the Righteous, an offensive spell that also reduces damage taken for a few secs. This should help to improve Protection Paladin's Role as an offensive Healer.
-Judgement Bonus damage while under Seal of Command reduced from 75 to 30 per Level

-Intervene range increased and now charges the target properly
-Sweeping Strikes replaced with Bloodbath
-Devastate Rage cost and cooldown lowered and the Bonus damage now scales with level.
-Bladestorm AOE range increased slightly
-Mortal Strike debuff duration 5 secs on all levels now
-Pummel now silences longer if you interrupt spellcasting and shorter if you dont interrupt a spell. Rage cost reduced.

-Stormstrike Bonus now works for both Shock Spells and scales with ability level
-Earth Shock now only silences if you actually interrupt a spell (no longer 2 secs after)

-Sap duration has been increased from 4 to 5 secs
-Stealth speed increased from 80% to 90%
-Stealth duration increased from 15 to 18 secs
-Kick now silences longer if you interrupt spellcasting and shorter if you dont interrupt a spell.
-added Fan of Knives to Combat Rogue.
-replaced Cold Blood with Smoke Bomb for Assassination Rogue
-Deadly Poison replaced with Instant Poison: Deals instant Nature damage when you cast Finishing moves, scales with your level * 20
-Mutilate damage buffed significantly from 65 to 95 per level
-Evasion on Gloves has been changed to 100%

-Explosive Shot and Aimed Shot have a slightly lower cooldown.
-Scorpid Pet Poison damage now increases with level
-Pets have been reworked a little bit, now that they level up. also their micromanagement should be slightly less time consuming
-replaced Concussive Shot with Frost Trap on Beastmastery Hunter
-Frost Trap now lasts 8 secs on all Levels

-Leap of Faith now includes the Talent "Void Shift", swapping health with the target and healing the lower of the two if below a certain amount (30%)
-Vampiric Embrace now has a longer cooldown and slightly less duration.
-fixed a bug with +spelldamage on "Penance" Spell

-Icelance cooldown lowered so you can cast it more than once during a Frost Nova
-Icebarrier now scales with spelldamage. Duration has been lowered drastically, but absorbed amount has been increased. This way you need to more carefully decide when to use it, since the buff lasts only a short duration (12 secs).

-Succubus damage spell now scales with level
-added a FX to warlock curses so you can see if the target is cursed
-Siphon Life scales only with 1x of spelldamage now
-fixed Death Coil, was healing for twice the amount

Item Changes:
-All Items have been redesigned completely and seperated per Role: Physical, Magical, Armor and Gloves.
-Many Items now have 5 upgrade levels to save inventory space.
-Item Upgrades can be bought even if your inventory is full (like in DotA)
-Items sell for 80% of their initial value
-All Items cost either 500 or 1000 Gold. You start with 1500 Gold and get another 1000 after each round.
-Monk Gloves have been added to the Shop
-The "Slow Proc" and "Stun Proc" Items now show a "next" message before the proc, as well as a message when the proc occurs

Special thanks to Jemobulas for suggestions and beta testing.

Thanks to Blizzard Entertainment and their World of Warcraft game, which inspired me to make this map.

Also a big thanks to all those people who created amazing art assets. Without you this would have not been possible.

  • General Frank (many!)
  • 67chrome (many!)
  • CloudWolf (many!)
  • The D3ath
  • DonDustin
  • XS-Archangel
  • Xezko
  • shamanyouranus (many!)
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  • Champara Bros (many!)
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WoW Arena Allstars 6.9k (Map)

Level 3
Jun 25, 2006
a few years ago we had a garena room only for WAA. they closed it when popularity went down. i would suggest using one of the Europe RPG Rooms for now, until popularity rises again. what do you think?

Ye sure man!

Lets take for example rpg room 3 but u must tell people about it make some announcement so people know that will be gathering there!Not many people is needed cuz its enough 6 i mean 3v3 for a game!
Last edited:
Level 4
Apr 7, 2009
no place to play this atm? ent bots are dead as always because they spam their games like madman. is there any sort like garena where the community can go? all i know of is gameranger which i would suggest. elsewise this maps future is dark
Level 1
Sep 13, 2014
garena group full

I've been trying to join the wow garena group ID 654717 but it tells me its full
Level 1
Dec 4, 2014
Can anyone tell me something about the future of WAA since Garena went down for the LAN games ? Will there be a replacement for Garena or any other sort of platform ?
Level 1
Dec 4, 2014
well why not try to constantly host some games on Tunngle ? Ive been playing there for a while now its actually pretty populated and some peeps are willing to join some of my own hosts of WAA. So why not try to use that opportunity ?
Level 1
Dec 4, 2014
My account ID on Tunngle is BornForKorn. Just add me or text me whatever simply type in the network search warcraft join the WCIII TFT room and we are good to go :) im excited to play some matches with you Catze :)
Level 1
May 28, 2011
Greetings fellow gents & gamers! Jemobulas here with fresh news on Your favourite WoW Arena Allstars map! We've got a new Garena Group (ID: 1088239) just for WoW Arena & every single person there is active! Catze also Just Updated the map! As some of You might now - the map was abandoned at version 5.0b due to lack of people to test the map with. For the last couple of days we found a lot of active people & if things continue like this - awesome!
And last but not least - the matter with the WAA Forum: http://wowarena.forumotion.pro/
It has been inactive for some months now - but NO more! My last university exam is on the 14th of february & after that I'll start working on the forum once more!
And even more cool news - I became a streamer around 2 months ago: http://www.twitch.tv/Jemobulas I recently found myself a graphic designer as well. I'm also learning programming & video editing. In other words - things can get very interesting in a very short amount of time!
We Just Need You to Join Us!
Level 1
May 28, 2011
Version 5.1f was just released! For the next couple of days this will be the latest stable version. We've got HUGE new features coming up very soon!
Also I just made a complete rework on the forum. It's way more user-friendly now. The registration process is way better now. You can all read more detailed info on the awesome upcoming new features there: http://wowarena.forumotion.pro/!
Level 4
Jun 2, 2006
Version 6.0 is released! i made a big patch including a new battleground: Alterac Valley. i also improved the arathi basin battleground. so i hope you guys will try out the new bgs and hopefuly have some fun!
Level 4
Apr 7, 2009
I loved this game up until 4.3
5.0 killed the game for me, I am interested in an arena where I use my abilities in conjunction with my team.
All I do now is rightclick to victory.
Level 2
Mar 7, 2014
I loved this game up until 4.3
5.0 killed the game for me, I am interested in an arena where I use my abilities in conjunction with my team.
All I do now is rightclick to victory.

Yes, you are right a hundred percent! Catze simplified the map so hard, that it is not fun to play as the old players or new ... right click for the win!
Level 4
Jun 2, 2006
the items got simplified, but the heroes stayed the same (except for some changes to pets for some classes).

the latest version has PVE again. 6 new bosses from Black Temple (several game modes for this: mixed arena and pve, pve and pve hardcore).
Level 6
Mar 31, 2009
¡¡¡This map is awesome, I like too mush!!!
Question: Has you considered to make a new version of the WoW City Raid? :)
Level 6
Mar 31, 2009
Yeah @Catze, nice update, btw Alterac Valley is one of my favorite mode :)
New Question: has you ever think to make an WoW ORPG with those classes, maybe a zone like Stranglethorn Valley, a contested territory with 2 or more base camp for every faction, quests, etc.
Would be like a more complex Alterac Valley, Just think about it... ;)
Level 1
Mar 3, 2012
Catze , wanted to tell you that the map is excellent very many congratulations, the only thing I did not like was that the items ARE very trimmed in version 4.2b and had many more to quite entertaining to see that buying and made him more difficulty, I would like to return many items :(
Level 4
Jun 2, 2006
Catze , wanted to tell you that the map is excellent very many congratulations, the only thing I did not like was that the items ARE very trimmed in version 4.2b and had many more to quite entertaining to see that buying and made him more difficulty, I would like to return many items :(

yes, i get alot of feedback concerning items and many people would love to have the old items back. i can see the point and i do agree now that the old item system was more fun. it just allowed for more ways to build recipes and create interesting item builds.

the problem is that not only the items were changed, but also the stat system: so reverting to the old items would also mean to have to revert the stat system and then balance everything. this would be alot of work i had to do, and currently im lacking motivation to do such a big change.
Level 1
Jan 26, 2015
The best game I know on Warcraft III by far! :D Love every single aspect ^.^
(Tbh I like the item system. It's simple and easy for new people. Never liked recipe systems anyway xD)

One sad thing is that there are so few people playing it :(
Can't find the right people to play this game with because everyone always leaves after a loss :/
Level 1
May 29, 2015
The best game I know on Warcraft III by far! :D Love every single aspect ^.^
(Tbh I like the item system. It's simple and easy for new people. Never liked recipe systems anyway xD)

One sad thing is that there are so few people playing it :(
Can't find the right people to play this game with because everyone always leaves after a loss :/

I am very interested to play many games on this map (version 4.2b). I also have a teammate and there is no way we will be leaving after loses. We also learn how to play properly on this map.

If someone is interested in playing 2v2 with us, write a PM to me, or give me your contact, here, or on PM.
Level 4
Apr 7, 2009
considering that many countries cant use garena anymore it would be better if you would move over to bnet/tunngle or smth.
only hurting the community with it.
Level 4
Apr 7, 2009
does this even have a playerbase at this point?
Never seeing it hosted on battle net, ever.