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World of Warcraft Arena Map?

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Sep 5, 2017
Hi! :D

I'm looking for a certain map that is proving to be surprisingly difficult to find. I played it when I was younger (5 years ago or so.) It had the WoW classes and the specializations for each one you could choose.

It had items of course and every 5 minutes (or w/e it was) you would fight in an arena layout that I think changed. The heroes and specs all had abilities reminiscent of WoW's actual classes and they were really well done. I can recall the warrior's "Charge" ability 'shooting' a small stun projectile at the target before zooming towards them.

However, the especially unique thing about this map was you could 'creep' while waiting to fight in the arena for gold to buy more gear. I distinctly remember it all being very high quality and well executed with little to no spelling mistakes and quality models.

In my searching, I have discovered that it's not:

WoW Arena Allstars (2.00b, 5.00b, 6.9k)
WoW Arenamaster (0.8)
WoW WotLK: Arena (2.3)
WoW Tournament 38.0
WoW: The Battleground +AI (1.2)

I've looked up so many variations of "WoW" and "World of Warcraft" Arena that it's no longer providing new leads. So, I'm starting to wonder if the map is actually named something else that's not 'warcrafty' in the title.
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