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World War 2 v5.0

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This is my WW2 map, it's meant to be a relatively quick, simple, and lagless game for the casual player without the computer or the effort to play games like Axis and Allies. It's relatively realistic, although any country can win, whether it be Austria or The United States, although winning as Austria takes a bit more skill! For the sake of generalization, the leader heroes are the only country unique units. But there are different types of units such as "light tank"; and "rocket infantry".

WW2, World War Two, Faction

World War 2 v5.0 (Map)

Level 2
Feb 5, 2005
kool map, btw thankyou for adding the isle of wight (sunwell) to your map, however it's been taken down :( and this map seems not to have it on. Anyway thank you for trying.