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World of Valguard (NEW IDEA I'M WORKING ON)

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Level 3
May 26, 2010

What is it about?
It's about a world that is called Valguard, which is a land covered in war, filled with hatred, and suffering from a rising threat of destruction. As a human who goes through a journey from the grasslands of Galendor, to the dead lands of Tiranel, only YOU can shape it's destiny, because in Valguard, you are NOT the hope of Valguard...
...You are it's future...

What will it have in it?
It will have a bunch of features, such as :
(1) HUGE world to explore.

(2) Ability to marry NPCs of any race, and have children with them.

(3) No Perma-Death this time... just the loss of all gold and resources you were carrying, that's all.

(4) Bank system to store your gold and resources, so that if you die, you don't lose EVERYTHING.

(5) The bloom effects in the video are highly recommended for good computers, but isn't REQUIRED! If you want it, just go to http://war3wow.webs.com/War3ENB.rar website, and download the file that pops up. You must have WinRAR, or at least something that opens ".rar" files. After that, unpack EXACTLY what's in the rar file into the location of your "Warcraft III" or "Frozen Throne" executable file, or the file that's used to run the game :). They HAVE to be in the same folder as those, or it will not work, and could possibly damage your game. Also, be sure to back up your Warcraft 3 folder BEFORE starting, in case you mess up, or wind up getting bored of the HD graphics.

(6) Physical Stat Changes. If you are a strong person, your character will get slightly, but noticeably, taller, up to a certain point. You can't become Goliath from the Bible, but you can be just as strong. Also, if your agility gets higher, you'll be able to run with even the heaviest of armors on, and intelligence will make you begin to glow with an aura that represents your Karma.

(7) Karma. If you do good deeds, the heavens will shine upon your presence, revealing a holy light over your head, and if you do evil deeds, the underworld will prove your existence by making fire burn beneath your feet.

(8.1) Karma affects all around you. If you're an evil guy, then the bandits will treat you as one of them, as well as anything Neutral Hostile, but every town will have a bounty on your head, so your presence will not be tolerated by the guards, unless you have a cloak on, to hide your appearance. If a villager sees an evil person, he/she will run in fear, and call the guards, so be alert when removing that cloak in the middle of town square.

(8.2) If you're a good guy, the opposite will occur, and even greater threats will be made towards you. All Neutral Hostile, including bandits, will attack on sight, as usual, but some bandits will just pop out of the bushes and trees to ambush you at times. However, if you enjoy hearing people cheer your name, and even have some follow you around, then this is the choice for you.

(9) Epic music choices. What you hear in the video above is, indeed, the Intro Music you'll hear in-game. Note, the video quality does NOT affect how the game will look in the future. As soon as I find a better recorder, I'll be able to make better videos. If anyone can find any 100% free ones, then I'm all ears ;).

(10) Ability to talk to villagers. Although a little limited, it can be quite useful if you want to get married to someone. Let's say, if you type "-talk" to someone, then it will start a conversation at times, and even give you choices to make, like, for example, you see a guy named "Steve" and you would like to talk to him. It would be like this :
" -talk (Enter)"
"Steve : Ah, 'ello, there, mayte! 'Tis a fine summer mornin', eh?"
" -1 : Indeed, good sir. How fine this day is, indeed."
" -2 : Bah! What be this monstrosity before I? Get lost, before I call the guards on thee, ye lousy knave!"
Then, you would type either "-1" or "-2" to make your choice. If you want to see it again, type "-?" to bring up the text again. Also, if you type "-k", then you will make the choice automatically, depending on your Karma. I often found it annoying in most RPGs to have many choices, and when one of them looked nice, my character winds up doing something that is exactly opposite of what I had planned on it being like, such as talking rudely, and being sarcastic. That is why I've decided to add this "Karma" choice :).

If you have ANY questions, or perhaps an idea to go along with this plan, please let me know :). I'll be overjoyed to see this post reach over 100 comments, as I've never been able to do that before, so if you would like to see this project come to life, then may I please ask that you post your ideas, so that I may have a game fitting for everyone's bellies? I understand that many people are busy, so I'd not like to get in anyone's way, but all I ask is that, if you're NOT busy at the moment, you can post whatever comes to mind, and I'll be happy to accept that. Also, I LOVE compliments. Compliments are like money to me... very valuable. If you have something nice to say, then I would love to hear it ;). If you have something mean to say, though, might I ask that you try to make it sound as nice as possible, or reside from saying anything, please? I do accept pros and cons, so long as the cons are logical, and NOT like :
"Pro" It's a game.
"Con" It's a crappy game.
Thank you if you chose to read this, and one more thing...


One more thing... please let me know how I did on the text in this post, please :). I'd like to know if my "Proper English" is coming back to me ;). If you've seen my last posts, they had a bunch of "CAPITAL SENTENCES", so I'm working on using those less. Thank you all, and I hope y'all enjoy the show :).
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