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[JASS] works or not?...

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I wonder if this works or not?...

function haha takes nothing returns boolean
    set udg_index = udg_index + 1
    set udg_UNIT[udg_index] = GetFilterUnit()
    if udg_index >= 10 then 
        call KillUnit(udg_UNIT[GetRandomInt(1, 10)])
        set udg_index = 0    
    return false

function asdf takes nothing returns nothing
    local rect r = bj_mapInitialPlayableArea
    local real x = GetRectCenterX(r)
    local real y = GetRectCenterY(r)
    call GroupEnumUnitsInRange(bj_lastCreatedGroup, x, y, 999999, Filter(function haha)) 
Not open for further replies.