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Winter Hunters [v2.6]

Submitted by Rampant_Chicken
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
My first WcIII map
Winter Hunters [v2.6]

Quick Overview

Read just the following green text for a quick overview to save reading time


Infection is the main (and currenly the only) gamemode of Winter Hunters. Each player starts with a Survivor and will have a short time to find a team mate, find somewhere safe to start building their hold to make their stand against the hordes. Hordes of necrotic monsters.


In a post apocalyptic world set in desolate frozen tundra. You take the role of a Survivor, grab a trusted buddy. seek suitable grounds, build a wall and begin the re-building of civilization. Unfortunatley the worst isn't over. You will be fighting for your life as the Infection is hunting for you. Your trust will need to be carefully placed as your fellow survivors may be a carrier of the infection. Fortunatley for you, symptoms are evident early on. To win, all infection must be eradicated.

As infected it is your job to find where Survivors are building, Stalk them from the shadows. remain unseen. Once taken by disease you will be reborn once more as an all powerful overlord of the necrotic horde. Use the 'Tracker' to hunt them down. Seek and destroy. To win, all players Survivors must be Infected.


- General:-

- As each round ends, either side can win, another round will begin automatically

- Survivor:-

- Take the role of building and defending a hold against Hordes of necrotic monsters
- Earn gold with a unique cultivation of livestock
- Build a offencive force to seek the source of the Infected

- Infected:-

- Take control of 1 of 4 custom heros
- Choose how you stat and arm your hero with unique armour
- Choose what warriors acompany your hero in battle
- Hunt the Survivors down with a unique 'Tracker' unit


This map has little focus on shiney visuals and custom spell effects, so don't expect much from the screenshots I have uploaded from one of my replays.

Hordes of necrotic monsters

Grab a trusted buddy

Seek suitable grounds, build a wall

Worst Isn't over

Infection must be eradicated

Where survivor's are building

Hunt them down


I have yet to upload gameplay of Winter Hunters to Youtube


I occasionally steam over Twitch, not very offen as my system is far from adequate to do so


I host this game occasionally via Garena using Entbot, if you care to play this map multiplayer, my name on Garena is [Winter_Hunters]

Version [v2.6] Notes

- General:-

- Units now become 'Dazed' (40% slow) when attacked while fleeing

- Survivor:-

- Added 'Production Line' upgrade, which causes Farms to auto produce animals, and farmers to kill animals without an order
- Lumbercamps are free again, but you're limited to only have one
- All units damage increased by 30-40% and Life increased by 100%
- Priests mana regen increased by 100%
- Deserted buildings now die (Temporarily)
- Killing a Chicken now heals the killer by 30 health
- Killing a Sheep now heals the killer by 150 health, from 30 health
- Killing a Pig now heals the killer by 500 health, from 100 health
- Starting lumber increased by 160
- Farm lumber cost increased to 185, from 145
- Barricade lumber cost and repair cost increased by 100%
- Barricades now have a 'Deconstruct' ability
- Players are warned when they have deserted buildings
- Players are revealed when they have no Lumber Camp
- Towers can now call in an Axe Thrower to attack from it

- Infected:-

- Changed viewmodels of heros
- Added Illusionists 4th ability - 'Unworldly Presence' which causes units to create an illusion upon death
- Changed Xp required, level fast 1-3 but slow 3-6
- Rewarded only 1 worker for each level gained
- Heros have less initial damage/health
- Removed health bars from units that don't require one
- Lumber cost of units/Alters reduced
- Lumber cost of Trackker increased
- Starting resorces changed to fit new amount required
- Fallen one health increased by 50%
- Bonelords health reduced to 114, from 186
- Skeletal Brute health increased by 33%
- Spirits now have a standard 2 minute life time
- Tracker upgrade now just does a flat speed increase

Winter Hunters is currently in what I call 'Beta Balence Phase' and will remain so untill each game round is balenced to last around the 15 minute mark. Maybe 20 minutes depending how it develops. It would be great to hear feedback on the current balence, or any other aspect of the game for that matter. Vent your rage! Or construct carefully worded paragraphs of constructive critisism, whatever your style is. What is Op? What isn't worth it weight? Finally what do you want to see from Winter Hunters? As a finishing note, may I add I am searching for active helpers.

My Vision

I occasionally stream Winter Hunters games over Twitch to create interest, however my equipment is far from adequate. I will dedicate time to streaming, blogging & discussing more consistantly IF I catch the attention of even the smallest of player bases. I'm talking even 5 or 6 active players. If not, I will still continue production of Winter Hunters and continue patches on Hive Workshop.

Warning:- Wall of irrelevent text

Inspiration for Winter Hunters stems from a life long desire to play a zombie survival game that doesn't become stale in a month. Winter Hunters as it stands today not the zombie survival vision I had when I started the map. For me, zombie survival is about the gathering of resorces, materials and the slow rebuilding of civilization. It is a hard experience to replicate within WcIII without a map dedicated to it and little other features. Forefore I decided to keep it true to WcIII with an RTS theme, rather than control one unit.

Inspiriation also came from the popular Vampirism maps, which give credit where credit is deserved, is a very popular map. However it just wasn't for me personally. I found it messy and I didn't agree with its core mechanics, going the versions I experienced about 6 years ago. However I realise Vampirism may have come a long way since then, I don't know.
Either way, to the future!

My vision of Winter Hunters is a quickfire, round based, team play, high multitasking RTS experience with an element of Hide and Seek. With as little monotonous tasks as possable. All my mechanics are designed to encourage people to work together, and work fast. Not a moment to loose! Idealy I want to appeal to hardcore RTS gamers that are drawn to maps with lots of depth and room to improve. However, I believe if executed correctly, Winter Hunters won't leave casual gamers behind. Due to its team friendly design. One problem that I can see from the word go is as follows, hardcore gamers don't generally like team play, especially in RTS games. This map will not be best suited for 1v1's which will very much turn many hardcore gamers away.

Future Patches

Below is a list of features I will impliment, but in no particular order or patch.

Future patches will contain:-

- A Survivor hero
- A Fallen One hero
- Weather effects, each different with buffs
- Combat/out of combat system (I need help here)
- A 5th hero ability
- A working scoreboard
- New map layout
- Bigger slip ways and war paths
- More defined bases
- Less playable area
- Better tooltips
- More unit upgrades
- Buying armour and weapons for survivor units
- New survivor abilitys
- Deathmatch gamemode
- Survival gamemode
- Better hide & seek mini-game at the start of infection
- A basic AI
- More Infected items
- Infected fast travel via Catacombes
- Fix Spirit Vendors movement
- More variety of survivor units
- Randomly generated map elements, perhaps even the whole map if its possable to keep balence
- Rewards for dealing lots of overall damage (Eg, Infected will gain XP when deals lots of damage overall, so players that sit behind walls and repair forever will effectively become 'feeders' of XP

What future patches won't contain, and why:-

- Feel free to dispute any of these, if I read an arguement strong enough I an willing to change my mind

- Stronger Stationary Towers - [They force very stale defenceive gameplay]
- Cavalry - [What?]
- Biome Change - [Wintry biomes create the atmosphere I'm going for]
- Gold Mines - [Balence would dictate atleast someone utilising a gold mine, therefore not using a gold mine would mean you will die indefinately, (Unless I put a gold mine in each base, totally destroying the point of them being in the game, because if everyone were to have a mine I could just add that additional gold to farming instaid) which also means the infected will know where to look for survivors without using a tracker, infected would have more lumber to spend on units and survivors would die anyway]
- Flyer Units - [I don't feel flyer units have much of a place in base survival games]

Previous Versions
Version [2.1] Notes

Here is a list of previous changes, this would be longer, however I am condencing the older note as I go as their information is pretty irrelevent

- General:-

- Health & Damage values changed - [Many units are imbalenced]
- Weapon & Armour types changed - [Icons coming soon]
- Upgrades removed - [Temporarily]
- Added functioning timer - [Displays game time]
- Added gamemode majority vote
- Added functional round play

- Survivor:-

- First Lumbercamp now builds instantly
- Farms now automatically produce Sheep
- Added 'Dispell'
- You are now given a farmer and two sheep at the start

- Infected:-

- Exp gain algorithm changed - [Gain Exp based on Agility now]
- All infected now regen health on blight
- Attributes no longer cost gold - [You now earn them by leveling]
- All structures now cost Lumber
- New Catacombes
- Fixed item refunds & sell items
- Items now cost gold
- Gold is now gained durin combat
- Start with 3 Monstrositys
- Monstrositys no longer die off blight
- Monstrositys no longer duplicate - [Instaid you gain 1 additional upon level up]
- Monstrositys respawn upon death

Version [v2.2] Notes

- General:-

- Map made a little smaller
- Changed vote system to skip AFK players
- Now only 1/3 of players will be infected
- Added basic mutliboard
- Removed wait time for Survivors to build

- Survivor:-

- Removed 'Improved Farming' upgrade
- Changed all cost/repair/health/armour/production time or all Survivor units, no need to list seperately

- Infected:-

- Start with 4 Workers
- Receive two Workers for the first level gained

Version [v2.3] Notes

- General:-

- Deleted all initialization triggers and started from scratch, due to an odd error
- Fixed Harvest range
- Crudely added music
- Re-introduced trading (Temporarily)

- Survivor:-

- Changed the value of gold
- Changed starting resources
- Now get given 2 Sheep from first farm
- Set the maximum farms to 5
- Added gold taxing on farming animals
- Changed how to increase food cap
- Farms no longer automaticly produce farm animals
- Set food cap to 36
- Carpenters can now build any structure
- Buildings become deserted when out of range of a Survivor
- Added upgrades
- Dispel now deals damage

- Infected:-

- Dead players respawn
- Changed Heros stats
- Added upgrades
- Changed leveling

Version [v2.4] Notes

- General:-

- Added some hints
- A few tweeks to the map
- Added Remaining players count

- Survivor:-

- Added 'Thick Skin' Upgrade
- After first 45 seconds, Survivors 'Sprint' becomes weaker
- Removes Survivors 'Net' ability after first Lumber Camp
- Adds Survivors 'Thick Skin' ability after first Lumber Camp
- Increased worker life and armour (Slightly)
- Lumber Camps now cost wood (Much to my dislike)
- Increased darms cost by 50 wood
- Increased starting wood by 40
- Farming taxes have been fixed, Chickens are no longer the best for gold, Sheep and Pigs are equal
- Killing Sheep now gives 30hp
- Killing Pigs health bonus halved to 100
- Can no longer build in the first 16 seconds
- Now notified first Lumber Camp is built too close to the Infected
- Fixed Chickens gold yeild
- Focused Attacks now gains levels based on Axe Throwers nearby rather than Axe Throwers nearby that are attacking
- Priests will no longer try and heal Warlocks Rituals
- Decreased Dispel costs from 5, to 1 mana
- Increased Dispel Cooldown from 6, to 15
- Decreased mana cost of Explosive Missiles
- Increased casting range of Warlocks Ritual
- Rituals don't detonate as fast when stacked upon eachother

- Infected:-

- Added 'Track' Upgrade
- Bigger Blight Expansion
- Exp rewarded for every unit owned by a Survivor that is killed
- Infected Survivors now die at a more random time
- Spirits slowly die (To save the game from never ending, due to Afk infected)
- Given the Tracker a Sprint ability
- Doubled gold gained from unit combat
- Now gain gold for combat with buildings
- Increased Infected Survivors speed
- Reduced amount of Exp required to level
- No longer gain Exp from enemy deaths
- Retaliate only deals splash damage on counterstrike attacks
- Retaliate no longer glitches and lasts forever
- Increased health gained from Warriors Relentless Assaults upgrade
- Creeper damage reduced
- Creeper life reduced
- Hero Collision Reverted
- Fixed Fallen One respawn glitch
- Fixed upgrades not working
- Fallen Ones don't persist for leaveing players

Version [v2.5] Notes

Once again, a patch to help balence of the map

- General:-

- Few map tweeks as always
- Added a custom in game minimap image
- Damage dealt increased by 33%
- All buildings now have 8 armour (excluding Barricades)
- Added an a special thanks list of players as 'Revered Players'
- Removed all pathing blockers from all the manmade walls (Because I could find no-one who agrees with me on the logic that the walled in areas are very easy to defend, so they need to have down side, Ei, you can never wall in)

- Survivor:-

- All units health increased by 10%
- All untis health regen increased by 100%
- Carpenters now cost x3 as much gold
- Forge costs less Wood
- Blacksmith cost less Gold
- Barricades cost more Wood to repair
- Barricades take longer to repair
- Survivors Sprint ability is much better for the first 45 seconds of the game
- 'Net' ability removed
- Added 'Thick Skin' upgrade
- All army units cost 72 gold from 60 gold
- Lumberjacks and Carpenters can now attack
- Survivors deal much more damage

- Infected:-

- 2 Heros removed (Temporarily)
- Bones' 1st ability is now 'Necrotic Touch' which heals/damages the target, and gives a buff/debuff to any units in 'Rotting Dead's AoE. The friendly buff is applied only to skeletal units and makes them regenerate upon death, whereas the enemy debuff is applied to any enemy unit and stuns the target
- Bones' 2nd ability is now 'Rotting Dead' which places blight on the ground, if 'Necrotic Touch' is cast on a unit on the blight it gives a new buff/debuff
- Bones' 3rd ability is now 'Deaths Reach' which summons a portal for all skeletal units
- Bones' 'Disease Cloud' now deals more damage to nearby units but less damage to targets with the debuff that aren't near
- Disturb is now called 'Illusionist'
- Illusionist 1st ability is now 'Chaos Strike' which deals damage to all nearby enemy units (Temporary)
- Illusionist 2nd ability is now 'Soul Displacement' which immobalises him and renders him invulnerable. It summons a spirit, the effect lasts untill the spirit dies (Temporary)
- Illusionist 3rd ability is now 'Dimentional Rift' which immobalises him and renders his defences weakened. It summons an illusion which can fry though anything, when the illusion dies, the effect ends and the Illusion Master will phase to where the illusion died (Temporary)
- Spirits die slower
- Main structure build time reduced
- Initial resources reduced
- Blight mutations now have no pathing collision
- Blight mutations cost reduced
- Tracker build time reduced
- Totems viewmodel changed
- Totems renamed to 'Alters'
- First tier Alters now cost much less wood
- Creepers now start with 80 and have 140 maximum life
- Heros blighted life regen reduced
- Infected Survivors now have 'Sprint' ability for the first 16 seconds
- Fleshpounds life reduced
- Blight heal regen changed for all units
- Blight now spawns where the hero first enters the map
- Fleshy units now regen perminently
- 'Add Attribute' ability is now not visable when there is nothing to add
- Heros no longer loose unused Attribute points
- Heros now start with 26 stats, down from 50
- Heros starting health is increased to 400 from 100
- Each Vitality gives 26 health from 12
- Heros only get 1 stat each time, down from 2
- Stamina is now called Vitality
- Heros level faster (Very possably too much)
- Heros start with 2 abilitys
- All units health increased 33% (excluding Creeper)
- Skeletal Archers health increased by a further 20%
- Brood Queens damage increased
- Skeletal Beetles damage increased
- Removed 'Create Corpse'
- 'Animate Dead' now just resurrects the target rather than summons a unit
- Bonelords have less mana regen in Boneform
- Animate Dead cooldown reduced and costs less mana
- Infected now start with 2 Workers from 4
- Infected now get given 2 workers for level 1,2 and 3
- Buildings are no longer invulnerable durin nighttime, but regen 0.5% of max life every second
- Heros in range now gain experience for each unit that is killed

Contact Me

Any feedback and comments will be most helpfull I assure you. Your time won't be wasted and your opinion will be valued.

Email myself at:-


If you're interested in assisting development:-

Contact myself via Hive or Email.

Last but not least

Custom Models
Hero Models
by -Grendel
by -Alastor
by -levigeorge1617

Farmer Model
by -Sin'dorei300

Portal Model
by -inico


Special Thanks

winter, hunters, beegfateed, rampant, chicken, hide, seek.

Winter Hunters [v2.6] (Map)

[img][c]Orcnet[c]21:08, 21st Nov 2013700 [img] Winter Hunters (Tested Version 2.6) Rate[c]Score[c]Percent[c]Letter [r][img][img][img][img][img][c]5/5[c]91-100[c]A Rate[c]Score[c]Percent[c]Letter...
  1. [​IMG] Orcnet 21:08, 21st Nov 2013

    Winter Hunters (Tested Version 2.6)

    Rate Score Percent Letter
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 5/5 91-100 A
    Rate Score Percent Letter
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 4/5 81-90% B
    Rate Score Percent Letter
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 3/5 75-80% C
    Rate Score Percent Letter
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 2/5 70-74% D
    Rate Score Percent Letter
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 1/5 50-69% F




    "The game and its multi-objectives gives more time and enjoyable factor for players who deserves survival role and a hunting role, with adjustable options and game through this one gives a fair rating."



    "Terrain looks decent, although much of it is more on trees and cliffs, it gives more attention to gameplay value than details."



    "Overall map can be useful."

    Total Score: (Gameplay[x/5] + Terrain[x/5] + Management[x/5] / Total Score[15] * 50 + 50)

    Rate Score Percent Letter
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 9/15 80% C
  2. eubz


    Map Reviewer

    Mar 29, 2011
    Please improve your description.
  3. Legal_Ease


    Feb 8, 2013
    I like the description. I'm not sure you changed it or not but 1 more thing, you should add the image to it and not just the link. Here, I did it for you:


    Now just C&P this ^^ test into your description using the [​IMG] button.
  4. Rampant_Chicken


    Apr 21, 2012
    Yeah I made this description yesterday or something :), also thanks for that, I will use this to upload more screen shots! Tyty
  5. Orcnet


    Jul 31, 2010
    Map approved, see moderator comment on top.
  6. zombiezach8


    Apr 9, 2012
    hey, remember me:) ZACH! huehue we need to talk on skype too and i still love the map!
  7. MR.Tricky


    Apr 10, 2010
    The experience I received from this map is above average but not the best
    My FPS jumps from 60 to 50 from time to time during the play through.

    A few suggestions though...

    The map is too big if there are only 6-9 players left and on my play through, a lot of players left immediately. Solution is to make the half of the map or something disabled unless there are 12 players or something.

    The farmer... well.... he doesn't kill the trained animals efficiently, at most he keeps walking around, not to mention that the farmer also attempts to kill animals trained by other players which makes it hard when teaming with someone.

    More variety for the survivor's main unit. at late game, he's practically useless mid game. Something that could differentiate players from players like a specialty or skill.

    Construction of barricades where units can pass through.

    Remove the tooltips of researches after they are learned.

    And also if you may, allow us to disable the weather effects as it is most of times annoying.