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Winged Meta Knight

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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Meta Knight takes to the skies with his sword, Galaxia. Gliding on air with his bat-like wings, Meta Knight, leader of the Meta-knights, can take down any foe.

Please do not edit or redistribute without proper permission. Texture by Zerox.

Credit to Lord_T for attempting to merge both of his forms.

awesome, kirby, dream, land, meta, knight, sowrd, spear, lance, cape, purple, galaxia, wing, yellow, mask, round, uber, varsaigen, zerox, Lord_T

Winged Meta Knight (Model)

22:22, 24th Oct 2008 General Frank: Some as the other one.




22:22, 24th Oct 2008
General Frank:

Some as the other one.
Level 22
Oct 27, 2004
Yeah.... Mesh is awesome, Texture is ok.

What's going to stop this from being approved is the animations.

They're either too short, Too long, loop when they're not supposed to, are twitchy, or any combination of the above.

I suggest a total animation remake... They rly do kill the quality of this model.
Level 23
Jan 25, 2008
Yeah, I added linear to each bone. General Frank just told me of sime things I need to fix on my other one. Probably with this one too. :/

Madcat, what? Do you mean merge them? I tried to get them merged, but all attempts failed. D: Lord_T said he'd help smooth out the anims for me. When he does that, I'll give him credit for that too. Thanks Lord_T! =)