Wing Attachments Pack Rip

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Uploading a pack of wing attachment rips that have been on my harddisk for a long time. I don't remember where I downloaded them or who ripped them but I believe it was from Goblin Academy.

I have renamed all the textures from Textures/yourtexturename.blp to yourtexturename.blp for easier importing.

Wing 10 (Model)

Wing 11 (Model)

Wing 12 (Model)

Wing 13 (Model)

Wing 14 (Model)

Wing 15 (Model)

Wing 2 (Model)

Wing 3 (Model)

Wing 4 (Model)

Wing 5 (Model)

Wing 6 (Model)

Wing 7 (Model)

Wing 8 (Model)

Wing 9 (Model)

Level 4
Apr 3, 2016
Here is the list of my own personal description per wings, hope it helps
please forgive my English*

Wing 2 Blue Red Fiery Wings
Wing 3 White and Black with skull
Wing 4 Void raven wings
Wing 5 the green one with 4 parts
Wing 6 Heavy holy wings, good for paladins
Wing 7 Blue Wings, good for moon priestesses (unmounted of course)
Wing 8 Upper folds of butterfly wings that is mostly blue but changes in color
Wing 9 Another heavy golden wings with a total of 6 flaps
Wing 10 Shiny and Sparkly golden wings
Wing 11 Fiery Red-gold 4 flapped wings
Wing 12 Black gold red wings with 6 flaps, upper to green wings in the picture
Wing 13 Storm bird wings the one at the farthest upper middle part of the picture
Wing 14 4 flap wings made up of light right side (your right) of Wing 13
Wing 15 Angelic Wings, upper most right of the picture

P.S. I love the your work <3