Wildhammer Buildings/Doodads [Stormwind: RoaK campaign]

Level 14
Jul 27, 2007

Hello, fellow modelers!

I am looking for Wildhammer-themed buildings and/or doodads for my project, Stormwind: Rise of a Kingdom.

They do not have to be animated, but if you DO make them animated (birth, work, death), I'd love you so much, that I'd give you one of the first spots in the credits (and other in-game benefits).

Now, for reference, here's Kirkhaven from Twilight Highlands.

And here are Blizzard sketches of Wildhammer buildings.


Here's Dunwald Holdout


Now, if you choose to go the animated buildings way, here's what I need:

  • Base (1 or 3-stages)
  • Barracks
  • Farm (please note that farms produce FOOD as a resource rather than unit cap - read the project thread)
  • Smith
  • Gryphon Aviary (could be a reskin only)
  • Shaman Shack
  • Altar of the Gryphon (or whatever theme you choose to go for the altar)
  • Entangled/Controlled Mine

Birth animation could be more of the NE type than a complex construction sequence. Shop is not needed, as there won't be shops in-game.

What I really need (as in, the project requires and cannot continue without story-wise) is 3-4 wildhammer buildings with variations.

Also, a good inclusion would be the Gryphon statue from Aerie Peak, but it's not that necessary.

If you are interested, I suggest you start with the doodad buildings, as they are much easier, less time consuming, and more important. It's a campaign, so filesize isn't that much of a problem. In-game textures are OK, but, please, don't use any cheesy cartoony ones with less definition and big contrast (e.g. Doodads0 and Doodads1, or City Doodads texture). Go for a more earthen-tone (e.g. Dawn of Chaos resources).

Many thanks to whoever is willing to spend his or her time on this! Use your imagination, there are no set rules for this one. I just need Wildhammer architecture, as they will be playing a prominent part in the campaign.

Rep is given!

PS: Also, I'll be needing some easier models later on, so if you wish to participate, but do not wish to work on Wildhammer buildings, PM me or wait for a thread to pop-up in the following weeks!
Level 14
Jul 27, 2007
Here's a WIP. Just in case you want to give suggestions.

It's turning out quite nicely, are you using the Lordaeron grass for the roof?

Could you add a chimney (textures can be City Buildings chimney, as I've retextured it) as well, and are there any Birth animations?

Thank you so much!

Can you accept custom textures?

Depends on the building you'll be using, but generally - yes.