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Turning Dalaran Doodads into Teamcolored Buildings

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Level 18
Oct 25, 2006
Hello there :)

I was browsing through doodads, looking for buildings I would need for a "noble" or "elf" race when I stumbled upon those:


I figured out some parts could be plugged onto each other to do some fancy buildings:

(I'm sure there are many other variations to build and play with!)

As the title suggest, the minimum stuff I'm needing is to plug these doodads with each other and modify their purple tint by teamcolor tint.

Their lines should be parallel (not like in my screenshots) and building should be oriented as displayed in the screenshot. You can play around with scale to your convenience as long as you keep the scale between buildings relatively similar to the screenshot.

Top-notch details if you want to be the MVP:
These buildings are going to be alive all the time and present on the map by default.
They'll eventually upgrade into higher tier so an upgrade animation would be cool.
You can't build or destroy them so no need for these animations.
They can train units and research tech so a work animation would be wonderful as well.

Here is the chart of how pieces work with each other:


Here's the doodad list:
Magus Highrise + Magus Conservatory
Enclave House B + Magus Turret
Building B + Enclave Turret
Building C + Violet Main Structure
Enclave Main Structure + Dalaran Violet Citadel

You can also choose to remove some parts of the doodads if you feel like they are too much overlapping with each other (or just ugly).

Anyone willing to help me would be of much much help.

Thanks in advance and let me know if you'd like more information.

GL and HF in your projects!

Feels like I prefer this assembling for the smaller buildings:
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