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Which Function is Faster?

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Level 7
Aug 13, 2007
Which is faster?

My script:
  • Unit Get Nearest
    • Options: Action
    • Return Type: Unit
    • Parameters
      • Unit = No Unit <Unit>
      • Group = (Empty unit group) <Unit Group>
    • Grammar Text: Unit Get Nearest(Unit, Group)
    • Hint Text: Makes the units seek out enemy units and attack them.
    • Custom Script Code
    • Local Variables
    • Actions
      • General - Custom Script: unit lv_u;...
unit lv_u;
unit lv_u2;
point lv_pt = UnitGetPosition(lp_unit);
point lv_pt2;
fixed lv_distance;
fixed lv_distance2 = 10000.0;
while (!UnitGroupLoopDone()) {
    lv_u  = UnitGroupLoopCurrent();
    lv_pt2 = UnitGetPosition(lv_u);
    lv_distance = DistanceBetweenPoints(lv_pt, lv_pt2);
    if (lv_distance < lv_distance2) {
        lv_distance2 = lv_distance;
        lv_u2 = lv_u;
return lv_u2;

UnitGroupClosestToPoint(Unit Group, Point);

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
UnitGroupClosestToPoint(Unit Group, Point);
This should be faster as it is a native function thus all its mechanisims are probably highly optimized (more so that any galaxy script can be).

Remember that galaxy opperates via a virtual machine which interpretes instructions at runtime. Although this is a lot faster than how JASS opperated in WC3 which was a purly interpreted language, it still is slower than nativly run code (which UnitGroupClosestToPoint should use). It might also use more advanced algorthims with a better than O(n) complexity.
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