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What's your current project?

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Level 4
Jul 5, 2015
So I'd thought I'd post a thread mainly asking people what they're working on generally game-directed, however they can share whatever they are working on at the moment. You don't have to share your projects, if they're supposed to be secret until initial release, etc. So essentially, like so:

I'm currently working on two Warcraft 3 maps, one is an ORPG, and another is a Tower Defense that is fairly unique in gameplay.

The ORPG: This RPG I believe is going to be named "Death's Embrace," or "Lost Souls." Essentially a bit of the backstory to it is that a powerful king in what is now the "Sunken Isles" used his massive knowledge of magic after the isles started to sink (he had became a revenant inhabiting his old palace) to create a portal to appear to "Lost Souls." Basically, he and a series of these "Lost Souls" got teleported into a world, as he would soon find out was currently being consumed by the Burning Legion. It's a 4-8 player RPG, with up to 16 playable characters, 4 for each classification. You will play as one of these "Lost Souls," (which are custom storied Mobs from War 3) and save this world from the encroaching destruction. (It's in worse shape than Outland/Draenor). Depending on how it goes I might make it the start of an RPG campaign series.

The TD: This Tower Defense is quite unique because it allows players to play as either the Attacker or Defender. It is a 2-4 player game. 2 Attackers, 2 Defenders (still kinda deciding if that's what I want to do) It will have about 4 different paths to play on (they're kinda large atm, so I might have to downsize the map size, and shrink them.), including 2 Classic on-the-side style paths, and 2 maze/maul style paths. It'll be fairly interesting, because it's playstyle. I also might add different game modifiers to it that vary gameplay (ALOT).

Anyway, feel free to share. Go nuts, or not. and most of all: Have Fun, and Good Luck with your projects.

A unique crossover project of mine, combining the gameplay, lore and elements of Warcraft II and Red Alert: The Aftermath. The brief summary is, Ner'zhul opens a portal to Earth via the Spell of Conjuration and starts a new conquest there. During that time, a war (Red Alert 1) between two sides -- Allies and Soviets, was ensuing on Earth. The Soviets was originally winning the war, but Ner'zhul and his orcs interrupted and attacked the Soviets, indirectly buying time for the Allies to retaliate.

It features new units for all four factions, and tons of new features.
Level 21
Nov 4, 2013
My current project is the Minotaur's Labyrinth. Some of you got the chance of playing it in the past, others may have heard about it. In either cases, it is out again for those who want to test it but first, here's a summarised description:

The Minotaur's Labyrinth offers a thrilling, frightening and challenging gameplay for the most intrepid people to play it. Dare to venture through a series of monotonous walls in the role of a hapless villager in the creepy atmosphere of the obscure maze and try to get the hell out of there before you are unlucky enough to meet the Minotaur! He is a Greek mythological beast which will try to hunt you down and make you one of the many ornamental corpses in his labyrinth. Throughout the maze you'll find lots of weapons to help you fend off or even slay the Minotaur plus a twist of mysterious items including bloody notes, keys and diaries, all to keep the tension high! Don't worry if you die, you'll have a second chance to make it. You will become a ghost and will be forced to hunt a dark soul called "Glandar's ghost". If you manage to catch it before other ghosts do so, you will revive. To win the game, you shall either slay the Minotaur or find an item called "Despair" and give it to a wanderer called "Cultist" to flee from the maze.
The map features a smart AI for both villagers and the Minotaur, which means that you can play it in single player and multiplayer for up to 11 players (10 villagers and 1 Minotaur). There are still a lot of features I did not mention because they have to be a surprise! Have terror!
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