What to type in Custom Script to cast Storm Bolt?


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Level 26
Mar 19, 2008
Go to unit actions and find:
Unit - Issue Order Targetting A Unit.
Select which unit should be the target, and which the caster. From filter of actions, select Human - Mountain King - Storm Bolt.
  • Unit - Order caster to Human - Mountain King: Storm Bolt target
For custom script see:
native IssueTargetOrderById         takes unit whichUnit, integer order, widget targetWidget returns boolean
// Or
native IssueTargetOrder             takes unit whichUnit, string order, widget targetWidget returns boolean
In GUI it would look like this:
  • Custom script: call IssueTargetOrderById (udg_casterm, 852095, udg_target)
Number 852095 is the Id of thunderbolt spell. Or, for second one:
  • Custom script: call IssueTargetOrder (udg_caster, "thunderbolt", udg_target