What is your favorite childhood memory?

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Jul 31, 2010
I got this question from a group event I had attended from some time now and its quite funny and nostalgic if one of statements were been similar to another individual or a group. So for this thread, what is your favorite childhood memory? The things you did like eating glue or cookie dough, the first devices or consoles you have ever tried like Family Computer or Game Boy, and places that you have been, etc.

Just post in the comments below! :thumbs_up:
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May 4, 2011
My favorite childhood memory is when your go out you home, start to call thy playmates, prepares guns, set up bases, and start a war like soldiers in the battlefield.

Guns we used are toy guns , that improved to pellet guns(which sure hurt a lot) ahahhaha just sharing :)
Saga:sonic and some other games that i don't remmber,nitendo: super mario 1 and 2 and some other games that i don't remmber,ps1:syphon filter 3,persona 2,panzer front,tomb rider the last revelation,spider man 1 and 2,batman and robin,x-meb mutant academy 2,c-16,street fight alpha 3,digimon rumbela arena 1,resident evil 3 and 4,asteroidts,warcraft 2,red alert commander and conqured and some games that i don't remmber
P.S. the games don't needs to be part of your childhood you can play it now days with emulators if you remmber the names of the games to download tge iso. File technicly nowdays exsist a special emulator that can play nitendo cube games,ps3 and nitendo wii but you need to play wii games and ps3 8gb ram i think but for nin. Cube its enough to have 4 gb ram but for old consoles emulator minimum 254 ram xd i safely sure.
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