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What is jass? And what does it do?

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Level 11
Oct 20, 2007
i suggested for beginner or those who already professional in GUI, better don't use jass.
for beginner who 1st time do the editor, you still dunno what can the editor can done. Jass is too big and too complicated for you.
for the people who already professional in GUI, you don't need GUI anymore.
Most of the people say Jass can use "local" to done MUI skill.
But GUI 100% surely can make it so.
but the way u did it was very different.(example: like using custom value)
you can learn about jass, and took some useful code and using a "New gen" or custom script to combine with GUI.
Those who that know about what editor is, if you like to learn about jass, it should be ok.

As i think, combination is the better way..
(Example: i m using jass code to remove memory leak...)

Maybe i m not very fair to Jass, coz i m GUI supportor ~:xxd: jkjk..
Level 19
Aug 24, 2007
JASS is the text code version of triggers which provides more options than basic triggers
to see JASS version of your trigger
Edit -> Convert to custom text
Level 21
Aug 9, 2006
JASS - Scripting Language of the World Editor, it is a raw version of GUI, for being able to explain what JASS is you need to know what GUI is, GUI is a "interfaced" version of JASS, pre-declined functions called BJs are used there, they are connected to the interface of the trigger editor, so you can easily select functions like cinematic mode on and such through a interface. JASS is just GUI without that interface and with many more functions, and with the ability to localize variables, GUI only uses global variables which have major disadvantages, locals are always created if the trigger fires but globals stay all the time, so if you run a GUI trigger 2 times at the same time the globals will overwrite each other and will cause bugs, but if you run a JASS script with locals for each time the script is fired the locals will be ONLY created for the fired script instance, so they cant overwrite each other if runned at the same time. Very useful for MUI (=multiinstaceability).

Disadvantage of JASS is that it is harder to learn for some people as GUI, because it is case-sensitive, math-based (much more as GUI), and you need to write the code by yourself.
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