Well i still got the problem so plx help me!

Level 2
Sep 12, 2011
Well i already posted something about the game crashing at beginning and you guys said something about MPQ editor well and also about stealing some textures or something and i wonder why you guys ask me if i want anything from the map?I just want to play nothing else but i cant play almost every map for warcraft 3 because it gives an error about a missing trigger sometimes but the worst of all that shows almost in all maps i download is:This application has encountered a critical error:Theres not enought memory to process this command.Program:c:\programs\warcraft iii\worldedit.exe:Object:WERandomGroupSet(.?AUWERandomGroupSet) Press Ok to terminate the application. Well i know ive already posted something about crash but i really wanted you could tell me about this error and if its even different about what i posted before and if you dont know the answer to who i should talk, and thanks if you know the answer and you can tell me:goblin_sleep:And sorry if im bothering you and once more thanks if you understand and help.


Level 73
Oct 6, 2004
It is not a bug related to Hive. So wrong forum.
Anyway, this means that the map was protected.

When you double click a wc3 map you are not opening it with wc3, but the map editor.

So put the map in your wc3/maps folder and open wc3, then custom game and find the map there. Double clicking won't help you here..