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Welcome to the Conflict for Sereg D`or forum

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Level 9
Oct 23, 2006
Partial Description of Sereg D`or and major elements.

Sereg D`or was made as a project to create a Spawn Based map that was more fast paced and centralized then the LOTR maps were. I drew inspiration for Sereg D`or from various fantasy sources and games in hopes of creating the best possible unique experience.
1) No castle building to increase and upgrade your spawns; unless you are nature, pigmen, or pirates. Your spawns will increase in power overtime.Comment: This was done in order to put less micro into the overall map.

2) Wether you can ally or not depends on which race you are. Some races are super powers and are unable to ally. While others are in a set alliance that can be modified by special player triggered events.

3) A historical timeline runs through the entirety of Sereg D`or in order to repersent various events in history. Some events can be player influenced.

4) 12 unique races all with their own unique strengths and abilities. Each and every race has the ability to win the game.

5) Certain locations are capturable within the game, the first person to capture one of these locations ussually gains a extra hero. These locations grant a extra spawn to the player thus increasing how many units they gain at a time.

6) Certain units within the game are affected by the time of day, and change forms or other things happen to them.

7) Bonus events occur if you pull off something that is normally impossible for your nation, such as Empire holding onto every spawn for 40 minutes.

8) New units like the Siegemaster are a cross between a hero and a demi, creating a hero that doesn't display on the sidebar but levels, and gains stats like a hero. You are able to hire units off a siegemaster, such as Goblins, goblin suicide squad and Catapults. More units like this soon to come.

9) The game is frequently updated once every 2 days and every 7 days a massive update. Go to clan LOTN on useast if you want to test beta versions of this.

10) Towns and bandit forts accross the map allow you to gain additional resources to build towers and buy neutral units like the siegemaster.

11) Custom scripts for all location spawns so the lag is greatly reduced.

12) Entirely Redesigned Ally system from the norm of its genre, innovative dialog boxes over boring things like -ally red.

13) Redone gate system to utilize capturable gatehouses instead of -open. Making gates able to be linked into your micro strategies.

14) Capable AI which is able to attack and defends its allies.

15) Epic Event Generator. The Epic Event Generator is slated for release in 1.04 , it comprises of 40 Epic Events, only one will occur each game and it will happen midway into the game. Examples of the Epic Event Generator: No Quarter. All alliances are terminated and because of increasing xenoracism allying is diabled. "The Vampire Court" The Empire has been taken over by a number of nobles who have been turned vampiric and the former ruler of the empire and its leaders are disposed of by a rapid turn of events that result in the vampire court taking power and becoming the sole rulers of the Empire. Their undead will converts all of the empires citizens and soldiers into the undead they once fought against, no longer are they weak humans but stronger undead legions!

Setting: The Continent of Sereg D`or is gearing up for what seems to be a giant clash of the ruling powers of the time. The Emperor Sigmar has been declared a god by his people infuriating those around him. Tensions are rising and it seems all signs are pointing to what will be a "Conflict for Sereg D`or" the lives of thousands will be lost and in the end only the strong will survive.

The Story of Conflict for Sereg D`or is told by various events throughout the game, these events are sometimes linear. But in most cases they are affected by players, random, or player choice events. I will now list all of these events and their effects.

Year 01-The Founding of the Sigmarite Empire is met with great fanfare, and celebration. The Ruler of the empire,Sigmar is declared a god by his people.Not suprisingly, this offends many of the other nations in the Sereg D`or*This event is used to set the stage and state why the countries are at war.*

Year 06- The race known as satyr's are corrupted by the Demon Blakoth. They launch continent wide attacks on every nation as a statement of their loyalty unto Blakoth. During this time a lieutenant named Darkleaf is made captain of a fort at the city state border.*This event creates 12 Basic Satyr warriors at every main base on the map, in order to demonstrate this.*

Year 012-The Pandaren territory has been laid claimed to by the High Elf king, he demands that they submit to him, and become his vassals or face the consequences of their treason.*choice event*
Servitude- Become a vassal of the High Elf king. Pandaren hero will be executed.*If this choice is taken the Pandaren Empire, loses its main hero and gains a pandaren governor hero, as well as allying the high elves. He gains the goverment form Servitude*
Republic- Form a pandaren Republic to strengthen your people and defeat the High Elf King.*If this choice is taken the Pandaren Empire forms a Republic, granting them a global Republic Aura. Republic Aura increases their attack and move speed.*

Year 018-The Demon God Blakoth is summoned into this world and all of Sereg D`or shakes in fear. He also opens a small portal through which more greater demons may enter*This Event grants Satyrs(Orange), doom guard spawns and a new hero Blakoth. Blakoth is able to summon more demons himself, and upon reaching level 20, Satyr will gain another base and another hero.*

Year 020-The people of the sigmarite empire have been drafted to serve their God King. This unlike a normal draft is only of the willing who were previously unable to join by the old regime.*This Event grants the Empire(Teal) a large host of militia*

Year 022-The druids bolster their numbers greatly to defend against those who have recently sent forays to take over their lands. Also A elite band of Ninja's from the far east have joined the denizens of nature in their quest to free this land from the tyranny of corruption.*This event spawns a large number of druids, ents, and ninjas for Nature(Dark Green), as well as giving him the hero Ninja Master.*

Year 024- The High Elf Sect known as the Cult of Khaine Revolts and forms a Theocracy led by their Cult Master. They Build a Shrine to their God Khaine as well as a symbol of their freedom. Also the high elves and dark elves both elect high priests*This Event causes the high elves and dark elves to unally, gives them both a demi hero, Builds a shrine to Khaine for dark elves which grants them a global vamp aura, and lastly changes the dark elf goverment form, from vassalage to Theocracy.*

Year 025-The Otterman empire has been attacked by the murgul's!*This Event Causes Otter(Green) to be attacked by a group of murgul's.*

Year 028-The Fel Orcs Revolt against the humans who have lived with them for the past 28 years. Their was a forming distrust and unease. Then the Demon Nahu'gllak attmempts to sway the orcs.*This Event Causes Barbarians(Blue) to have to choose between becoming fel orcs or staying human/orc*
Fel orc- Causes all of the orcs owned by blue to turn into fel orcs, this also kills off all human units and heroes. Blue gains a new hero named Azhag the Slaughterer in their place.
Brotherhood- This choice causes Blue to gain a new demi hero and keep his current arrangement of forces and heroes.

Year 030-The God King Sigmar finds the holy spear of tiber. The Spear is considered to be the most holy of all the human relics.*This Event only occurs if the teal hero Sigmar, is still alive. If he is alive, teal gains the item Spear of Tiber.*

Year 032-The Vampire Hunter Known as Edward E Chaney II has been hired by the Empire to destroy the increasing number of vampires in the area.*This Event Gives Teal a new hero.*

Year 036-The God King Sigmar has died of old age and his son. Sigmar The Second has come into power. There is great mourning for the passing of Sigmar.*This Event only occurs if the Empire Capital Kul'namoth is still alive. This Event kills Sigmar and gives teal Sigmar II.*

Year 042-The High Elf Monarchy had a population boom increasing the number of units they field.*This Event Causes High elves(Yellow) to gain a increase in the number of units they spawn every turn, this event can only occur if yellow hasn't lost his main spawn*

Year 046-The City states Establish a grand army to defy those who would oppose them.*This Event causes every city states(Pink,brown,gray,light blue.) to gain 12 of their best unit.*

Year 050-The Dark elves launch a crusade against all those who refuse to convert and join under their banner.*This Event Spawns a large number of dark elf units for purple. This Event can only occur if purple has not lost his main base.*

Year 052-The citizens of the Empire revolt because of the incompetence of their new ruler Sigmar II. they yearn for political change.*This Event can only occur if year 36 has occured, and Sigmar II is alive. This Event causes groups of footmen to attack all of teals starting spawns.*

Year 056-The otters have recruited the services of the elite otter assassin known only as darkness.*This Event Creates a new hero for Otter(Green).*

Year 060-The Empire and High Elves send expedition to the island of KhelenDurn in order to find artifacts of power.*This Event is just telling of a occurence that happened in the history of Sereg D`or. This leads to another event later on. This one does nothing*

Year 064-The pandaren's from the communitys of the sereg isles have sailed to the mainland to help their brethern in the war.*This Event Gives Pandaren(Red) a large number of pandaren units at his main base. This event can only occur if his main base is alive.*

Year 074-The Barbarians are joined by a horde of orcs from the eastern wastes the homeland of the orcs granting them a great horde of orcs.*This Event Causes Barbarians(Blue) to gain a large number of normal=*Non fel even if he choose to go demon*= Orcs. THis can only occur if his main base is still alive.*

Year 076-The high elf prince has decided to come to the aid of his father. In doing so he founds orderus leonis.*This Event Can only occur if Yellow's mage hero is still alive by Year 076. If he is yellow gains Mithris Caledor The High Elven prince.*

Year 080-The Empire Expedition from Khelendurn has sent a scout back telling of a grim war between tuskar natives a massive horde of undead controlled by a evil lich, and of a small outpost of High Elves. The Scout also brings with him a artifact of great power for the Empire. *This Event creates a item in the middle of teal's base regardless of if teal is alive or not.*

This Ends the Normal Event Section

This Will now be the Bonus Event Section.

Traitor Dwarves-The Dwarves have decided they have no need for the likes of humans, pigs, and ogre.Having decided to take over the world and remake it in their own image. The Dwarven Dictator known as Hilin Ironfist has risen to power as well to lead his country to greatness.*This Event Creates a vast amount of strong dwarf units for dwarves*brown* and gives them a new hero Hilin Ironfist. THis also unallies them from their former allies pink gray and lightblue.* In order to trigger this event as brown at anytime just type -traitor

The Rise of Mithris Caledor-The High Elf king has fallen but his People do not fear because the son of the great mage king, Mithris Caledor the brave has come and with his coming comes the founding of Orderus Leonis which is made to defend the elves in their dire time of need.*MAkes year 76 event occur earlier then normal*

The Defense of Nature-The druids have stood strong, their borders lay untouched and their forests serene, the chirping of birds and howl of wolves unto the full moon, surrounds the forests of nature. The great peace invoked by the spirits and dwellers of the wood has given risen to a stronger bond with the spirits for the druids, increasing the amount of damage they can sustain.*This gives a upgrade in health to all of Nature(Dark Green)'s units.It is obtained by losing no starting spawns as Nature.*

The Survival of Crete-The Island of Crete's pristene shores are not covered with the blood of its people, the minotaurs have done the impossible crete still stands and it's Chieftan, Hotek Skullcrusher has saved his people from imminent destruction.*This Event occurs if Pandaren(Red) Does not lose his minotaur base, it grants him 20 additional minotaur. The very best unit red has in his reptoire.

The Legendary Super Minotaur-The minotaur chieftan mourning the destruction of the homeland of his people feels a sudden great power grow from within his body ! HE HAS BECOME THE LEGENDARY SUPER MINOTAUR!*Gives +30 strength, +20 agility, And +20 intelligence to the minotaur chieftan Hotek Skullcrusher, also turns his color yellow and gives him a larger size.*

The Blessing of Sigmar-Surely the blessing of Sigmar is upon the empire for it's defenses lay unscathed and its people unharmed, this is a glorious time for the empire, it's populace is safe and its people happy.During this golden age of the Empire the Hammer known as "Lion's Roar" was forged by Frederick Lion and given unto Sigmar II.*Does what it says, also the revolt event never occurs if this event happens.*

So Ends the Bonus Event Section.

I Will now proceed to make the race section. This section will list every race in the game, their attributes and their various abilities.

The Pandaren Nation(Red)-The Pandaren nation is one of the easier teams to play in sereg, because of how versatile their army is, they have a mixture of range,casters,and a lot of heavy melee units. Their main disadvantage would be how far apart most of their bases are. But, they do have one of the only sea bases in the game.
Goverment form: Variable.(Starts as Anarchy)

The Barbarians(Blue)-The Barbarians are a medium in difficulty race, because of the way their army plays, in order to be good barbarian you must strike red down or ally him, or forever leave your flank open to attack.Your units are almost entirely melee, although you do have a good number of caster units.

The Empire(Teal)- The Empire are the hardest Race to play in the game, because they are in the direct center of the map, granting them a enormous disadvantage. THe only way to win as the empire is to forge a alliance with someone, or take out nature or satyr right away. Even then its extremely difficult to win as Empire. If you want a challange then Empire is for you. The Empire has the highest number of heroes, and the highest number of events. It also has the best melee unit in the game, known as The Empire titan.

Dark Elves(Purple) -The Dark Elves are a easy race to play because of the numerous amount of special abilities they have, and their easily defensible posistion. They have Two very powerful heroes from the start and their hydras and werewolves are two of the best special units in the game.

The High Elves(Yellow)-The High Elves are almost entirely caster and ranged based, they only have 1 melee unit and this makes them a medium difficulty race to play. The high elves have the best mages in the game and their mage hero has one of the best spells in the game obviously. Proper use of spells can mean the difference between utter defeat and victory.

The Satyrs(Orange)- The Satyrs are a super power, meaning they don't get allies but spawn a abundance of units and have several powerful units. IN the case of the satryr they have big meaty units like the corrupted war ent and the doomguard. The satyr are a medium difficulty race because they happen to be on their own.

The Otters(Green)-The otters are easy race because of their extremely easy to defend base, and its out of the way posistion. The otters have several very strong units, such as otter asasssin's which are permanently cloaked, or the Great Sea Turtle. The otters also have the aktarian minor base which spawns some of the best units in the game.

Pigmen(Pink)-The Pigmen are a medium difficulty race because they are stuck between two enemies, and thus have to defend more then the other city states. They have Ictusk mammoths are there best units, which have cleaving dmg giving them a great advantage over most units in their tier.

Ogres(Gray)-The ogres are the meatshield of the city states, they also have bandit hirelings from their ogre fort. The Ogres have a good mix of units, with 1 caster, 1 ranged, and 3 melee units. They also have the best hero killer in the game, in the form of the Ogre Lord.The ogres are easy race to play because they are between Pink and Light Blue.

Pirates(Lightblue)- The pirates are the second race in the game to have amphibious units and are heavily dependant on their Pirate units, which form the majority of their army, and are the best units they have. The Pirates are a easy race to play because of their spot between Gray and Brown.

Dwarves(Brown)-The Dwarves are the strongest of the city states, having a major focus on ranged firepower, and high rate of fire. The Dwarves are a medium difficulty race because they have to fight off both Nature and Empire. The Option of turning traitor upgrades dwarves from a medium difficulty race to a hard race. Because at that point they must try and kill off every player in the game. Even if they to do make it past nature, empire, and all the other city states. There still 7 more enemies they must defeat on their path to global domination.

Nature(Dark green)-The Denizens of nature, are a mix of druids, bears, wolves, and later on ninjas. The nature's sheer diversity in units, from fast to slow, to big and slow to lithe and fast is their true advantage. The Diversity in their troops grants them the ability to strike down most any force that comes at them. They are a medium difficulty race because they are on their own and this could be rougher on new players, same as Satyr would be.

This Ends the Description of the Races of Sereg D`or, their purpose, and their level of difficulty.

Next up is the Last Major Feature Epic Events. Only One Epic Event occurs per game, and they are the most game changing, and influencing events in the game, ussually involving total race changes. Disabling or creating of new gameplay features. And the Epic Event which occurs is chosen entirely by random, allowing each game to be diffrent. Not all Epic Events are Complete, in the end there will be 40. They happen between year 50 and 56.

Epic Event Number 01-No Quarter:No Quarter is Invoked; all nations unally and allying is disabled! No Quarter is the result of brash political movements throughout the world inciting racial hatred among all races and turning them against each other.*This Event Makes all alliances including city states null and void, turning the game FFA. Allying is entirely disabled for the rest of the game.

Epic Event Number 02-The Vampire Court:A small sect of nobles within the Empire have become Vampires and have a taken disliking to the current Regime, deciding that they instead will rule the empire, they quickly assassinate all remaining human leaders and convert the empire in their image.*Converts every unit and spawn for Empire(teal) into undead, and all of his minor heroes into vampire lords.Kills all major heroes, and gives teal, Vlad the Impaler, a super vampire hero.

Epic Event Number 03- The Great Calm: A great calm comes over the land of Sereg D`or as all remains as it was, although it felt as if something gigantic in porportion was about to happen.*Nothing occurs, its pretty much saying No Epic event this game*

So Ends my description of Epic Events*that are currently in* and if you guys want further information, about heroes etc just post and ask me okay.
I attached the image file for the new minimap preview if you want to see it.


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Oct 23, 2006
Raging indeed we do have a lot of sub-forums but we also felt we needed them, *Me and Frank that is, Frank makes all the icons models and load screens for sereg. Sub-race for a Epic event lets you have NAGA but they aren't in every game, the map doesn't have much water anyway.
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Oct 23, 2006
Conflict for Sereg D`or

My post in this thread is somewhat belated: my apology.

Yeah Conflict for Sereg D`or is an amazing map all right. The concepts and game play are both original and entertaining. I have not had a chance to complete an entire scenario, but my examination of the map's components and content's proved it to be innovative, having great potential to be listed among Warcraft III's most desirable maps. Your team members are likewise loaded with talent: are BD and GF even aware of this forum's existence?

I'm looking forward to the further development of the map itself and your forum(s) too. Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help. (I notice that you custom icon is not displayed on the forum index: I'll fix that right now.

Good luck and have fun!
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