Wav sounds not working

Level 19
Apr 25, 2006
I tested to change a unit's sound set and replaced the sounds with custom wav files. The sounds worked fine in the sound editor but inside game when I used the unit only a few sounds of those were played. What is wrong? Something wrong with the wav files or???
Level 11
Aug 25, 2006
Ok Wav is a dieing breed. Vexorian's optimizer will not function properly with .wav files. I heavily suggest you convert your .wav files to .mp3

If a particular sound still doesn't work correctly please describe your problem again.

Also the first time you try and play a sound, Wc3 will load the sound. It will play the sound the second time. So try playing the sound a few times.
Level 27
Sep 24, 2006
You actually made .wav work in WE? how the hell you did that? i thought .wav wasn't compatible with WE and it only supported .Mp3!?

But two reasons why you shouldnt use wav is

1. Appareantly it works for someone like you and doesn't someone like me so its not rly trusted..
2. .Wav files are way to big mostly of the time they take huge space while .Mp3 does not
3. .Wav files don't have any higher quality then .Mp3 and if you say they have then i say 'wtf are you an alien, do you have high-tech ears or something?'.

Level 19
Aug 24, 2007
I dont know actually may be total video converter or windows movie maker can help
I didnt do/try this before (didnt need to change sounds). Well its great creepy to have them size increased