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An new skin for armels Warmage Model.
It can be downloaded here: http://www.wc3sear.ch/index.php?p=Models&ID=1349&sid=7c690db70193b26ce540d5e27a338bcb

EDIT (Ralle): new link http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/models-530/warmage-47419/

Credits goes to armel and Juice_F

WarmageV3 (Texture)

THE_END: Great skin for a awesome model. Good stuff
Level 11
Aug 4, 2004
Pretty good, but there's way too much purple there. Try adding some other designs, maybe in gold or light blue. As said before too much shading on the face. But it looks like you tried to make that high collar into skin, which doesn't look too good. :? 3.5/5
Level 3
Aug 31, 2004
Looks nice but I cant c much difference between thiz1 and the original skin of armel's model
I cant c you h4v3 g00d 3y3z.. ani1 thinkin lik3 meh??

anyway, nice skin juice :D why do people say like: "the skin is better left alone blah blah 3.5/5" i mean, you overrate paint skins and say "cool" and downrate good skins and say "bluh bluh 3.5/5"... wierd..... this deserves at least 4/5