WarHammerCraft v1.07

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I present you
WarHammerCraft - Ultimate War

WarHammerCraft is a unique mix between Dawn of War 1 & 2 & Warcraft 3 (all strategy games). It is based on the Warhammer 40k Lore.
This Map has been in development for Years now and is finaly finished. (I have not worked every Day on it but it has uncountable hours of work done much more then every other Map i did before).
If you want to understand the game and haven't been played any Dawn of War Game before, i advice you to read this big Walls of Text to get an explanation of how the game works ;)

1.0 Story
1.1 Gameplay & Explanations
1.2 Races
1.3 Systems
1.4 Game Modes
1.5 Usefull Tactics & Hints
1.6 Data
1.7 Endword

1.0 Story
There are 10 different Races 3 of the Imperium and 7 Xenos batteling out huge fights across the Galaxys.
You pick one of those Races and need clean the Galaxy othe the other Xenos with your Allies or alone.

1.1 Gameplay & Explanations

The Gameplay is based on developing Strategies and overhelming the Enemie Team or Player (based on how much Players per team). You start of with a Mainbase which contains:

-HQ - This is your Mainbuilding it is vital for the Game, if it is
destroyed you are defeated and all your Units and other Buildings will be destroyed too.

-Secondary Building - Each Race has their own secondary Building which is different in playstyle from another. Space Marines for example can Deep Strike Units with their secondary Building, while other Races Buidlings provides advanced Units, Heros or upgrades and sometimes special Abilitys. This Building is invulnerable and can't be destroyed, except for Tyranids which can build more of this Building anywhere.

-Upgrade Building - Each Race uses one of this kind. You can research lots of useful upgrades here. Some of them are needed to advance in Tech or improves Units, Buildings, Spells or even add New Spells to Units. This Building also is invulerable and will only be destroyed if you Base falls.

-2x Base Turrets - This Turrets have more Health then normal ones and will provide excellent Defense against Rushes and will Protect your Base good for the first like Techs of the Game.

-Plasma Generator - This Generator is invulnerable too. It produces the
secondary Resource "Energy" which is vital for most Units and upgrades to be build.

This completes your main Base and now we can start with the Resources,
there are 2 Resources which are vital for producing Units.

-Flag Points (Requisition points) - All Races have an small income which comes with their Mainbase at the beginning. Some Races can upgrade their HQ then this Income will increase too, but your Mainincome Source are "Strategic Points" which are places overall on the Map. At each Map there are a few Strategic Points around the Statlocation and other deeper in the Map. If you canpture a Strategic Point it will be yours then and increases your Requisition income.
Now each Race can build "Listening Posts" on them to provide:

-1. - it increases the Requisition income.
-2. - it will protect the Point from beeing Recaptured by Enemies.

The Listening Posts can be upgraded multiple Times to get Firepower and increased Health and Requisition income.Each Unit except for (Necrons, and Vehicles) havae a standard spell which is called

"Capture Point". Use this spell to capture the selected Strategic Point for
you. But beware, this spell has a cating time of 16 Seconds. The units who casts it can't attack while capturing the Point and is defenseless. If he dies while
capturing the Point will be lost and you need to do it all over again.

-Energy - Energy is produced by the Plasma Generator in the Base (Monolith of Necrons too). You start with a very small income of +1 Energy per Second, but you can uograde the Generator a lot of times each time increasing the Income per Second but the costs of it too. You need to find a good balance of Resources to spend for it and the amount you gain.

-Other Resources - There are two other Resources in the Game.

1. Soul Points - Are used by Dark Eldar. If a organic Unit dies on the
Battlefield it will produce a "Soul" (except Necron Units). Also they can build "Slave
Chambers" which prodcues Sould every few Seconds. "Tortured Salves and Thaloses" of the Dark Eldar can harvest this souls which then gives you "Mana" to the HQ building of the Dark Eldar. This Building can cast "Soulpowers" anywhere on the map which requires Soulpoints.

2. Faith - Is used by Sisters of Battle. Some Units of the Sisters will
produce "Faith" every Second if they are alive and on the Battlefield. The Faith Resource is also based on Mana. Some Units and Heros of the Sisters uses Faith for their Spells which are very powerfull.
The Faith Income will be summated together each Second. It is represented as the Mana income of all this Units. If one of this Units which uses Faith uses on of their Spells, the Amount of "Faith" (Mana) which is required for this Spell from all other Units which uses Faith will be consumed as well.

-Population Cap (Food Limit) - All Races can have a maximum of Unit Limit of 300 which can lead to huge Battles. Each Unit uses Pop cap, smaller ones only few while bigger ones and Super Units uses a lot of Pp Cap. Some Races increases their Pop Cap limit by upgrading the HQ, some by building additional Buildings like Warp Gates, Brood Nests and other. Necrons for example increases theirs by building Obelisks (Listening Posts) as they have no Requisition Resource.

1.2 Races

10 different Races all starting with a Mainbase but are very different in Playstyle,
Units, Upgrades, Buildings, Spells and Special Stuff. Here you have an detailed Overview of all the Races in detail:

Space Marines
Space Marines are the Emperors finest. They have strong Units and lots of Variety. The Heros of the Space Marines are all meele Based with powerfull skills.
Special Ability: Deep Strike available at the Orbital Relay. You can Deepstrike Units of
yours, loaded into the Orbital Relay on Enemy positions (except Heros and Vehicles).

Unit List:
-Scouts = Standard ranged Unit, can infiltrate, is the only Space Marine Unit
which can build "Listening Posts" and Turrets. Can be upgrade with different weapons.
-Tactical Marine = Strong Space Marines, strong and upgradable with different Weapons.
-Assault Marine = Jump Troops. Can Jump over huge distanced with their Jump Packs, is meele only.
-Grey Knight = Powerfull meele Unit with strong Skills, and big Health.
-Terminator/Assault Terminator = Terminators are the Elite of the Space
Marines. Big Armor, Health and very powerfull Weapons.
-Skull Probe = Scout Unit, has no attacks but can infiltrate an can detect infiltrated Units
-Rhino = Average Troop Transporter with no attacks.
-Drednought/Hellfire Drednought = Meele and Ranged Dreadnought are very strong fighters. The are targeted as Vehicles which have high armor and attack power, can even be deepstriked via Orbital Relay.
-Whirlwind = Artillery of the Space Marines, High Range and splash Damage.
-Predator = Very strong Tank Unit with multiple Weapons mounted on them.
-Land Raider = The ultimate Unit of Space Marines, has high attackpower by multiple Weapons, a lot of Health and can transport Units.

-Force Commander = Very strong meele fighter wit battle skills.
-Librarian = Psychic Hero with supporting skills and also meele.
-Chaplain = Great group skills, and good meele damage.

Chaos (Space Marines)
Chaos are the evil Brothers of the Space Marines. The Unit desing has some similaritys, but they uses powers of Chaos and Daemons. They have lots of powerfull skills and strong Daemons to fight for them.

Unit List:
-Cultist = Very weak meele Unit, but vital to build "Listening Posts" and
Turrets for Chaos, can be upgraded with different Weapons and can dected infiltrated Units.
-Chaos Space Marine = Strong as their Brothers, can be upgraded with different Weapons and gets very powerull by reaching higher Techs.
-Raptor = Jump Troops. Can Jump over huge distanced with their Jump Packs, is a meele fighter but can be upgraded with Flamers for ranged attacks.
-Khorne Berzerkers = Powerfull meele Unit which can demoralize enemy units.
-Horrors = Horrors are Deamons summoned directly fromm the Warp, effective against Vehicles and can deep strike over large distances.
-Posessed Marine = Posessed by deamon powers, they are very deadly foes in meele combat and can upgrade to deamon Fire to get even deadlier.
-Obliterator = Ulitmate ranged Elite, are combined with their armor and
flesh, they have a huge variety of weapons which are a real pain for enemies as they attack with all of them at once.
-Chaos Rhino = Average Troop Transporter with no attacks.
-Defiler = Very strong meele Walker, which has high armor and ranged Weapons too, also has a Artillery mounted on it.
-Chaos Predator = Very strong Tank Unit with multiple Weapons mounted on them.
-Bloodthirster = Ultimate Daemon from the Warp, looses health if not in fight. Has huge meele Damage and Health and can fly over enemies heads.

-Chaos Lord = Realy strong Hero which attack ranged and with powerfull battle skills.
-Chaos Sorcerrer = Ranged hero with a lot of group spells, creates huge damage on groups.
-Daemon Prince = Ultimate Deamon Hero which is morphed from the Chaos Lord. Has high Health and damage.

Eldar have the fastest movementspeed in the game, they also have advanced technology with lots of fragile Units. The can build Warp Portals which allows them to Travel between Places, they also can make some of their buildings invisible.
Special Ability: Warp Portals, allows the Eldar to Travel between different Warp Portals at
will. Eldar need to research for most of their Units a "Aspect Stone" first before they can
be used. Eldar needs Warp Portals for Pop Cap increase.

Unit List:
-Guardian = Standard ranged Unit, good for capturing points, this is the only Unit which can build "Listening Posts", Turrets and Warp Portals.
-Dark Reaper =Good ranged attacker. Has high attackspeed and average damage.
-Banshee = Very good meele unit, which can do "War shout" which demoralized enemies.
-Fire Dragon = Powerfull against Vehicles and Buildings, not as good for infantry.
-Warp Spider = Warp Spiders are an elite Unit whit good ranged attacks and they can teleport.
-Ranger = Sniper unit of the Eldar, has high Range but slow attackspeed.
-Falcon Grav Tank = Transport vehicle with weapons mounted on it, can be upgrade with a starcannon.
-Vyper = Fast attack Vehicle with good vehicle Damage.
-Wraithlord = Strong meele Walker which can be upgraded with a starcannon, has 2 flamers on it.
-Fire Prism = Very strong Tank with good infantry damage. Its Maincannon is effective against big groups with splash damage.
-Shuriken Cannon/Britghtlance Platform = Platforms are good supporting units with excellent damage against infantry and Vehicles. They also count as infantry.
-Avatar of Khaine = Ultimate Avatar Unit which is very effective in meele.
Projects an aura which increases damage of all nearby Units.

-Farseer = Powerfull psychic Hero, good in meele with psychic spells.
-Harlequin = Low health, but excellent in meele with good group spells.
-Seer Council = Meele Hero, which has good Spells against single Units.

Orks are berserk like creatures build for only war. They have lots of meele Units and are very strong in Numbers. Most of them are cheap to build but have ot that high standing Power. Each building of the Orks have turrets mounted on top of them providing big Fireower against income attackers, they also regenerate themselves. Orks need to build Waaghbanners! to increase their Pop Cap, which are also provide additional firepower and act as turrets if upgrade.
Each Unit of the Orks can cast Waaagh! which increases their damage output segnificantly.

Unit List:
-Slugga Boy = Standard Meele Unit used to build "Listening Posts" and Waaagh! Banners. Later in tech they gets cheaper and can be mass produced easily.
-Shoota Boy = Standard ranged Attacker, can be upgraded with heavyer shootas.
-Stormboy = Jump Pack unit which can jump over huge distances. Good in meele and with high speed.
-Tankbusta = Good against Vehicles and Buildings, can infiltrate.
-Flash Gitz = Very effective against infantry with ranged attacks.
-Nob = Big bosslike Ork, effective in meele. Can be upgrade with power claws which gives them insane meele damage.
-Mad Dok = Has hero armor, not so good with damage, but powerfull skills, can plant bombs.
-Wartrukk = Fast transporter Unit, can attack ranged.
-Killa Kan = Slow meele Walker whit very good damage and health, can be upgraded with rokkit launcher.
-Looted Tank = Has multiple machineguns mounted on it + an Artillery attack with high Range.
-Squiggoth = Ultimate Ork beast. Is very huge, with lots of Health and Turrets mounted on it. Can transport Units, has insane meele Damage.

-Big Mek = Very good meele Hero with excellent skills against Vehicles.
-Warboss = Ork leader, high Health and big damage with supporting skill.
-Mega armored Nob = Low health but high damage and armor skills for himself.

Imperial Guard
Imperial Guard Units are weak at single but strong in Numbers, they are also cheap to build. They have some of the biggest firepower by Artilleries and Vehicles. They can bunker themselves in some Buildings to shoot out of them.
They need to research "Depots" first to build most of their Units.

Unit List:
-Guardsmen = Weak but cheap, can be upgrade with better Weapons. Onlly Unit of the Imperial Guard which can build "Listening Posts" and Turrets.
-Heavy Weapon Team = very slow, and if entrenched they can't movem but very high damage and range. Can also be upgraded against vehicles and all targets.
-Kasrkin = Elite ranged Unit with high speed and good damage. Can be upgraded with different Weapons.
-Ogryn = Very good meele Unit effective against most targets.
-Priests = Has hero armor, provides skill which improves nearby units.
-Commisar = Has hero armor, can excecute Guardsmen to let all other Units neabry fight harder.
-Psyker = Has hero armor, very effective against groups of enemies.
-Vindicare Assassin = Elite Sniper, ver long range but very slow too.
-Chimaera = Tranporting Vehicle which has ranged attack too.
-Sentinel = Fast walker Vehicle which can capture Points and is good against Vehicles.
-Hellhound = Very good against groups of enemies by burning them with splash damage.
-Leman Russ = Heavy Tank, with high health damage and multiple Weapons mounted on it.
-Baneblade = Ulimate Tank unit, has 9 Weapon mounted on it which all fires at once for ultimate destruction.

-Imperial General = Leader of the Imperial Guard, effective in meele but low health. Can train (construct) up to 3 Psykers, Commisars and Priests at his position to get support instantly and gets stronger with his group.

Tau have by far the advanced Technology known. They have very high range on their Units and lots of heavy firepower. They also have some strong meele Units with the Kroot as their allies.
Special Ability: You need to choose between 2 Paths. Path of Mont'ka lets you get more ranged Firepower Units. Path of Kauyon lets you get advanced meele Units.

Unit List:
-XV15 Stealth Suit = very small damage, but is infiltrated the whole time. Can also jump over high distances. Is the only Tau unit that can build "Listening Posts.
-Vespid stingwing strain = Effective against Buildings and Vehicles at the
beginning, can Jump over high Distances and disable Buildings for a short time.
-Firewarrior = Average Tau Unit, with high range and good firepower, if
upgraded gets even more range.
-Pathfinder = Average damage, can mark targets so they take more damage, has bigger sightrange good as scouts.
-Broadside Battlesuit = Low firepower and very slow, but if entrenched they get real heavy firepower and long range, acts as Baseturrets too.
-Crisis Battlesuit = Very heavy Infantry unit with multiple Weapons. Can be upgraded to specialize itself, can also Jump over huge Distances.
-Devilfish Troop Carrier = Transporter vehicle with very small damage, but is infiltrated the whole time.
-Skyray missile Gunship = Artillery Vehicle which can fire big bursts of
Rockets with huge splashdamage.
-Drone Harbringer = Can spawn multiple Drones to attack the enemies. Realy good for support.
-Hammerhead Gunship = Very heavy Tank, its maincannon deal huge amount of damage over a large distance, and it also has 2 plasma rifles mounted on it.
-Kroot Carnivore = Effective meele Unit which can cannibalize on "Gibs" of
fallen Units.
-Kroot Hound = Very strong meele Damage and very dangerous foe.
-Krootox = Huge Health, a weapon mounted on itself and high meele damage.
-Greater Knarloc = Ultimate meele Unit with high Damage and Healh.

-Tau Commander = The Tau commander is a very good ranged Hero which can be
upgraded with multiple Weapons so he gets even better, he also has good ranged spells.
-Kroot Shaper = A meele Hero with low health, but improves nearby Kroot Units drasticly.
-Ethereal = Psychic Unit whit low damage but has very brutal spells against multiple units.

Necrons are a silent deadly slow foe. They have very strong Units but very slow movementspeed. All of the Units uses chaos Damage which is effective against all targets. The Necron Lord can upgrade itself with lots of Artifacts providing very effective skills.
Special Ability: They only use Energy as Resource and have 2 Plasma Generators at the
beginning. Necrons also may ressurect themselves if fallen in Battle instantly. The Necron
Lord can ressurect lots of fallen Necrons with an Artifact (if equipped).

Unit List:
-Builder Scarab = has no damage, is the ONLY! Necron unit which can capture points. Only Scarabs can construct "Listening Posts" and Turrets too.
-Necon Warrior = Standard Necron infantry, strong with ranged damage but very slow, it costs nothing only Pop Cap but the buildtime is bigger therefore.
-Wraith = Heavy meele Unit with fast speed and high damage.
-Flayed one = Very slow meele unit with good damage. Can deepstrike over huge distances.
-Immortals = Effective against Vehicles and Buildings.
-Pariahs = Elite meele Unit with high Health and damage, can't be resurrected though.
-Tomb Spyder = Very strong meele Vehicle which can spawn small attacck scarabs from fallen Bodies to support.
-Destroyer/Heavy Destroyer = Very good against Infantry and Vehicles, counts as Vehicle with high Health and good speed.
-Resurrected Monolith = Ultimate Unit. Has a huge Beam attack with splash damage and 4 Gauss turrets on itself. Can teleport over huge distances but is very slow. Also can produce units while in combat.Heros:
-Necron Lord = The main hero of the Necrons, effective in meele, can be
equipped with different Artefacts for spells. Also can metamporh into Essence of the Deceiver or Nightbringer each with their own skills.
-Lord Destroyed = Strong meele Hero, can possess enemey Vehicles.

Dark Eldar
Dark Eldar uses speed and deadly violence to achive victory. They have cheap units with heavy firepower. They also have advanced technology providing some good upgrades for all their units.
Special Ability: Soulpowers, can be used from the HQ. They can harvest souls from fallen
units on the Battlefield or from Torture Chambers, which are then used to cast the
Soulpowers. Dark Eldar buildings will build itself once they are placed!

Unit List:
-Tortured Slave = has no damage, can harvest souls to fill up the Soulpower Spells. Is the only Dark Eldar Unit which can build "Listening Posts", Turrest and Slave Chambers.
-Mandrake = Good meele Unit which can infiltrate, good for scouting.
-Warrior = average ranged Unit with good damage.
-Scourge = Jump pack unit which can jump over high distanced, can also be upgraded with dark lanced to be effective against vehicles.
-Hellion = Fast attacking meele Units.
-Wych = Very good meele Unit whit good damage.
-Warp beast = Elite meele attackers with high damage and health.
-Incubus = Incubi have hero armor and improving the Archons spells. They are good in meele.
-Reavery Jetbike = Fast attacking Vehicle, cheap to produce with good
-Raider = Tranporter of the Dark Eldar, can jump over huge Ditances.
-Talos = Very heavy siege vehicle with high meele damage. Can also harvest souls.
-Ravager = Very strong Tank unit, has multiple weapons mounted on it and can be upgraded to get effective against infantry.
-Dais of Destruction = The Dais is a Ultimate killer Vehicle. Has multiple
Weapons on itself and some strong Unit-killer spell. Also projects and aura which enhances nearby units.

-Archon = The main hero of the Dark Eldar, good meele damage and life leeching skills. Can also build up to 5 Incubi on his position. If they attack together they are very heavy. Each Incubus also improves the Archons spells.
-Haemoncolus = Powerfull ranged Hero, with group and single target spells.

Sisters of Battle
The Sisters are an very faithfull imperial Race. They uses
mainly holy fire to burn their victims. Their units are not so expensive and provide good
Special Ability: Faith. Faith is generated by some Units of the Sisters. It is used for some
heavy Spells which needs Faith to cast from all Units who uses Faith.

Unit List:
-Missionary = high health and good damage, has spells that uses Faith too. He is the only Unit which constructs "Listening Posts" and Turrents.
-Battle Sister = standart Infantry unit, cann be upgraded with different
-Seraphim = Jump pack unit which can jump over high distanced, has dual bolt Pistols and gernerates Faith, effective against infantry.
-Celestians = Effective when upgraded with different weapons against Vehicles and Buildings. Generates Faith too.
-Sister Repentia = Heavy meele Unit with good Damage.
-Death Cult Asassin = Very strong asassin unit. Can kill single targets easily with heavy damage, an also infiltrate.
-Rhino transport = Transporter unit, has a ranges attack with small damage.
-Immolator = Effecitve against groups of enemies with burning flames, an be upgraded to be effective against vehicles.
-Exorcist = Artillery unit with high range, fires multiple missiles at enemy
-Penitent Engine = Heavy walker unit with vehicle armor, has dual flamers and a high meele attack.
-Living Saint = Ultimate Faith Unit, has high Damage and health, also good spells and can be revived if fallen.

-Canoness = Main Hero of the Sisters, very good damage and health, has good group Faith skills.
-Confessor= Meele Hero with high damage, has Faith spells that are effective against large groups and single targets, also improves nearby Units.

The Hive fleet is the ultimate Planet consuming enemy. With it comes the Tyranids a insect like Race which devours all organig things. Tyranids have very cheap units all organic like. They can overrun Enemies by sheer numbers.
Special Ability: They only use Requisition Points as resource and do not need Plasma
Generators. Tyranids also can build "Brood Nests" which can be used ti mass produce small units.

Unit List:
-Genestealer = good meele damage and health, can infiltrate and has very good speed. Is the only Tyranid Unit which can build "Listening Posts", Turrets and Brood Nests.
-Hormagaunt = weak meele unit with fast speed and low damage, effective in numbers.
-Termagant = weak ranged unit with fast speed and low damage, can poison enemies, effective in numbers.
-Ravener = Average meele Unit with good damage, can burrow to hide from fire, can also be upgraded with ranged weapons.
-Warrior = Versatile meele unit with good damage and health, can be upgraded to either get stronger in meele or with ranged weapons. Has an Synapse which improves nearby units.
-Zoanthrope = Powerfull psychic unit with slow attackspped. Has high damage and big range, also has synapses which improves nearby units.
-Ripper = very small unit with low damage but big health. an be used for
-Spor Mine = Suicidal unit which ecplodes in big toxic clouds and damage all enemies nearby.
- Biovore = Artillery unit whit high range and splash damage. Has good damage against all targets, also provides a Synapse which improves nearby units.
-Carnifex = Ver heavy Walker unit whit high damage, health and armor. Can be upgraded to get stronger in meele or with ranged weapons as the Warrior.
-Trygon = Ultimate meele Monster of the Tyranids. Is very large with high
damage, provieds a synapse which leeches health from enemies, can also burrow to hide from attacks.

-Broodlord = Very strong meele hero, with different Synapes for nearby
-Liktor = strong meele attacks but low health, can make itself invisible and is good against single targets with his spells.
-Hive Tyrant = The biggest Hero of all. Has high damage and very high Health, also provides Synapses and group spells.

1.3 Systems

Systems used in the Map:

Unit effects
There are a lot of effects on Units. Eah Unit represents their own Model with desing (all standard Warcraft 3 models, to fit their counterparts the best). But for example if a standard Tactical Marine gets upgraded with a Plasma Gun or flamer, you will now see the effect on his Weapon making him easy to spot. Buildings and Vehicles gets effects too. If a building gets upgraded you will see it by an effect on it always knowing which tech it ucrrently is. There are a lot of effects on nearly every unit and racespecific ones.

Multiple Weapons
The multile Weapons system isn't that complex. Much units uses multiple and different ranged weapons with different attack and ranges. For example the Predator Tank. He uses his main cannon which is shown as the damage value of the unit. But he also uses 2 bolters. The additional weapons are based on "Phoenixfire" and will always target the nearest unit. If there are multiple units it shoots on them. If only one is there all 3 weapons shoot on the specific unit. That means while the predator moves the additional weapons will fire while he moves and seek targets automatically. The most noticable unit for this should be the "Baneblade" which uses 8 additional weapons all firing with different effect, cooldowns and ranges.

Strategic Point/Victory Point system
All Strategic Points are neutral at the beginning. If it is captured by you it will change its color and belongs to you now. You can now build listening posts on it. If the Listening Post dies, the Strategic point will be "naked again" leaving it vulnerable to be captured by an enemy, you will loose all you increased income then too. Victory Points on the other hand can't be protected with Listening Posts. You will see a flag and an orb in it if it is captured.
The Victory Point System work as this:
If you have captured 1 Victory Point the enemy counter will be -1 from his 1000 Victory
Points. If he has captured one too it will be -0 on both sides. If you have 2 Victory Points
it will be -2 on his one,but if you have captured 2 and he has 1 it will be -1 on his side.
There are a total of 3 Vicotry Points on each Map.

Cover System
Some Parts on each map provides cover of class:
-Light = +4 Armor
-Heavy = +10 Armor
noticable by a circling effect on the location. If a unit of you gets in cover there will be
an effect over its head and it will receive the armor bonus. But beware any unit can use
cover so it is equal on both sides.

1.4 Game Modes

This map features different Game Modes, options and maps are explained here:

Game Modes:

-Annihilation = In this game mode the Rules are simple. Elimate all Players of the Enemy team by destroying each HQ. This sounds simple but can be hard. Each Base has some defenses and can protect itself additionaly by buildable Turrets. If a Team works together a Players base can be a big Fortress. You just need to concentrate fire on the HQ, but it can be repaired by units too. Huge battles are preassinged here.

-Victory Point Control = Each Teams chances are equal. You only need to capture Victory Points on the map and hold them. You need to own more of them to get the enemy Pointcounter down and win the game. There are a total of 3 Points on each map. The fights should concentrate on them. You don't need to kill any enemies base to win. If a team is close to defeat it can come back with some strategies and if it is able to recapture die points the game can change sides against the winners if they arent able to recatprue the points again.[/COLOR]


Creeps are planned to be a part of this Game by myself and i think the fit wonderfully into the game. Player 1 always has the chance to set Creeps to off at the beginning of the map, but then it is not as much fun :). Some explanation about creeps here:
At the beginning Player 1 need to choose between Creeps on and off. If it is on every Map will contain creeps around "Strategic Points", Cover Regions, Victory Points and neutral Areas. As futher you get into the map the creeps get heavier. The heaviest creeps are always around Victory Points. Creeps are good for leveling up Heros, prevent rushes and for just having fun fights before the real fight.
If set to off no map will have any creep and the paths to the enemies are clear as the sky.


There are 4 different Maps to choose from at the beginning. All have their own style,
strategies , creep camps, travel distances, cover regions, ambushes etc.

-1. Kasyr Lutien = A map based in a destroyed City. Each team starts across a river and need to fight over bridges trough the city on the otherside across the other river to reach the enemies. The Victory Points here are realy far away from another so it is excellent for defening specific ones. The map has a lot of cover in different areas. Also there are a lot of creep groups to meet.

-2. Mortalis = A realy small map based in a circle like position. All Players meets up in the middle. Each player has 3 Strategic Points around the base and there are no other ones anywhere so there is no big resource farming here. The middle of the map is a deathtrap for the beginning, there are huge amounts of strong creeps there. All 3 Victory Points are very close to eachother on the middle of the map so this could be a though fight...

-3. Penal Colony = The nearly biggest map. Each Player start off on a Plateau which provides also cover bonus. There are a lot of Streets and ways to move between. The map is based in a city with gardens and stuff.
The Victory Points are very far from eachother. There are a lot of small and strong creepgroups around a lot of Locations. The teams play in a diagonal like position to
eachother. The distances between players from same team are far and dangerous in between.

-4. Doom Chamber = A map based in a Overflooded waterarea. This map is not equal on all sides it is as ranodm as it gets. All paths and Startlocations are different from eachother. Each player needs to find the very few Strategic points scattered across the map first. Teamwork is big here, there are a lot of single creeps in the water as well as small creep camps. All 3 Victory Points arein the middle and well protected by huge Creep camps an dangerous foes. The Victory Points have a small distance between though.

1.5 Usefull Tactics & Hints

Here are some Tactics and Hints you should know:
-When capturing a "Strategic Point" far away you should capture it with mutliple
units because the capturing unit can't be attack while capturing and some concentrated fire can bring it down realy fast, heros works wonders here they take much more damage ao they are very good for capturing points.

-You should first build 1-2 Units to capture and if able to instantly some hero at the
beginning. Heros are realy strong and can deal with creeps easily at the beginning while
small groups of standard units get overhwelmed easily. Heros also gain exp for creeps.

-Tortured Salves should be places very close near upgraded Torture chambers, they will then eventually harvest sould automatically. You always can rightlick on them manually if they are to slow for you.

-Try to use cover bonuses while fighting against opponents, they can decide sometimes the turn of the fight. They are always easily visible by a circling effect on the area.

-Try not to engange Creep Camps with small Unit groups, this could end in a disaster.

-On maps like Kasyr Lutien share the Strategic Points between eachother. Each Player should have 2 Strategic Points near their Base and on across the bridge, it is enough for everybody.

Do not steal the other Points for yourself, you could piss off your teammates and eventually loose the game.

-Type in -music off/on tu turn on/off music while the game is running. Music is set to on
from the start.

-Try to master one race and get good with it, you can always try all Races but you should stick with one main one. Also try to find some good Race mixes with your Team.

1.6 Data

Here are the Mapdata at one Look
Size: 244x244
Cityscape: Multiple
Units on Map: ~858
Doodats: ~8800
Rects: 58
Triggers: 206
Variables: 76
Musics: 6

1.9 Endword

Thanks for reading this walls of text, but this was necesarry to get a deeper look for the map and an understandment of how things work. The rest you should try by yourself.
Unfortunately i wasn't able to create a Multiplayer game so i can only assume that all things work correctly even so i tryed my best in singleplayer to set things right. There is NO! AI in this maps. If you are able to make one send me a private message then i give you an unprotected version.
Of course you should test it for me with multiple Players and alle the Races and Mechanics and Stuff and then report me bugs or anything you find. Also Balance imrpovements are welcomed here to improve the map, even the slightest ones,if you have any ideas share them with me here. Thanks for reading again and Have fun.

Credits go to: Relic for creating the excellent Dawn of War 1 and 2.
Games Workshop for providing all the Warhammer Modells and Ideas and the Lore.
Blizzard for my all time favorite Warcraft 3 and the Editor.
Models ideas, Ideas, Data, values taken from Dawn of war 1.
Victory Point System, Heros, Mainbases taken from Dawn of War 2.
Creeps , Warcraft models, desing taken from Warcraft 3.

Big Credits go to "Paladon" for his Jump System. I wasn't able to do a good one by myself so i use his one in the map.


Bugs fixed:
-Fixed bug that caused the Income of Player 1 red to get 0 if any other Player leaves the game.
-Eldar Webwaygate respawns instantyl after death bug fixed.

Minor Changes:
-Missing Strategic point on top Poition of Player 2 on Kaysr Lutien added.
-Second Strategic Point on each Players Starting Position on Penal Colony added.
-Added a Starting Resource dialog. Now you can set your starting Resources to normal (recommended) or Insane ( 999999 for an Insane Start with all things available)

Balance Changes:
Imperial Guard
-Guardsmen Plasma Gun damage decreased to 20 from 29.
-Leman Russ Limit set to 2.
-Heavy Weapons Team limit set to 10.
-Basilisk damage increased to136.
-Kasrkin normal attack speed increased to 0.20.

Space Marines
-Predator Limit set to 2.
-Deepstrike Tooltip now is clearer to understand.
-Drednought upgrade fixed to show only 1 Twin linked variant
-Whirlwind damage increased to 112, land attack order added.
-Deepstrike cooldown increased to 20 seconds.
-Commander Veteran upgrade Boosts decreased.
-Terminator Limit set to 10.
-Drednought Food Costs increased to 4.

-Chaos Predator Limit set to 2.
-Obliterator Limit set to 8.
-Bloodthirster now gains 10 Hp with each strike while in combat.
-Defiler Food costs increased to 4.

-Illum Zar Limit set to 2.
-Healing Waystation upgrade now only applies to Webway Portals no other buildings.
-Wraithlords Food costs increased to 4.
-Vyper, Fire Prism fly spell removed. ( was a glitch)
-Webway etwork spell cooldown increased to 35 seconds.

-Looted Tank Limit set to 2.
-More Sluggas upgrade cost increased to 1200 (blue)
-Looted Tank damage increased to 117 (main cannon), Land attack order added.

-Hammerhead Gunship Limit set to 2.
-Broadside Battlesuit Limit set to 8.
-Drone Limit set to 35.
-Skyray Missile Gunship damage increased to 76.
-Krootox Limit set to 4.

-Heavy fortified Obelisk attack speed increased to 0.80
-Tomb Spider Food cost increased to 4.
-Attack Scarabs attackspeed decreased to 1.1.
-Tomb Spider Limit set to 8.
-Attack Scarab Limit set to 35.

Dark Eldar
-Ravager Limit set to 2.
-Added Tooltip infos on Soul Spells and HQ.

Sisters of Battle
-Penitent Engine Limit set to 2.
-Exorcist Limit set to 4.

-Ripper Swarm Food Limit increased to 3, Damage increased to 4.
-Ravener Cost decreased to 200.
-Warrior cost decreased to 230.
-Zoanthrope cost decreased to 310
-Biovore cost decreased to 380.
-Carnifex cost decreased to 600.
-Carnifex upgrades for Weapons costs decreased.
-Trygon cost decreasedto 1900.
-Spore Mine cost decreasedto 100.
-Broodlord cost decreased to 250.
-Hive Tyrant cost decreased to 390.
-Carnifex Limit set to 6.
-Biovore damage increased to 137.
-Ravener food bug fixed if upgraded with devourer.
-Capillary World upgrade cost decreased to 3000.

!!Here is some Gameplay demonstration on different Maps with some different Races in Singleplayer without AI!!


Warhammer, 40k, Gamesworkshop, Warcraft, Dawn of War, Warhammer 40k, Space Marine, WarHammerCraft

WarHammerCraft v1.07 (Map)

Vengeancekael - [Contact] Date: 2012/Jun/22 23:03:54 Comment: [Approved] Resource Moderation - Rules
Level 2
May 28, 2012
If you play in multiplayer races option (except the host) is not working, but map very good.
Level 9
Mar 25, 2005
I'm realy sorry for this :(, the problem is i can't host. I need someone to help me with this then, someone who can host and i would join as second player.
To the orange point problem: If you have Annihilation game mode selected all the points will be removed because they are not needed then.!
Level 9
Mar 25, 2005
Hey, dat-c3 , no after a lot of testing and systems i tryed the only solution for making this was adding all units in unit group, then if the orbital relay effect dies, not moving them instead of this removing them from the game and creating 1 new type of each at its position. You didn't notice it in game. But thats why heros can't drop, if they get removed the level of them would be 0 or you had to select all skill again and thats not good.

Btw: I cant fix the stupid bug, so i make a new system without having to wait for other players i will upload the maps soon!

Edit: Map is fixed and uploaded, have fun! and dont forget to write down bugs, balance changes in here to improve the map!

Edit 2: Finaly after lots of bugs, i removed nearly every trigger of the selection system and made new ones. Lots of system didnt work as planned in multiplayer. With Traners help by testing with me we tested a lot and finaly all is functional thanks for his help :). I also fixed some other bugs i found. This new version should be stable. Hope you enjoy and sory for the complications :).

Edit 3:
on 03.06-2012 00.09

I have tested a lot with Traner and his friend , thanks to them big time :). I fixed many bugs and added new things. Here is a complete list this is a big update to the map:
Gamebreaking bugs:
-Strategic points now get back to neutral if the Listening point on it dies or you cancel the building process. This prevents a bug from beeing unbuilable if captured.
-Enemy strategic points now can be captured with the captue spell! This was a bug too.
-Space marine commander veteran upgrade picture fixed onupgrade level 2
-Added jump to living saint and hellion, fixed jump spell by reating new spell, fixed stormboys with this. The jump spell and stikkbombz spell was the same and overlaped themselves.
-Added Unit summon spell for Restored Monolith, now you can spawn each Necron unit from ne Restored Monolith.
-Fixed Necron Energy income from monolith, and Multiboard text.
-Necron additional Buildings now are invlunerable. (summoning core, forbidden archive)
-Fixed Necron and normal Plasman Generators in higher tech to generate the right amount of energy of +2 per upgrade
-Added death effect for restored monolith on death.
-Resource income is now 0 if you are defeated.
-Essence of the Deceiver/Nightbri nger mana cost reduced, so it can be used instantly if researched.
-Attack Scarabs and Drone Harbringer Drones damage reduced.
-All HQ's Armor increased to 35 from 15.
-Creeps now get stronger by 10% for each Player instead of 15%.
-Fixed Victory conditions for Annihilation once again.
-Added Vehicle death explosion effects.
-Fixed Hellions to work correctly.
-Fixed Warriors bug that they cant take damage.
-Upgraded Falcon transport slots fixed to 8 from 2.
-Reaver Jetbike jump added.
-Hormagaunt cost reduced to 90 form 100, Termagants to 95 from 105.
-Genestealer with Bone claws spells fixed to be displayed correctly.
-Zoanthrope attackspeed slightly increased.
-Carnifex armor increased to 8 from 5.
-Enemy Strategic Point capturing fixed to work correctly on "naked" Strategic Points.
-The start Brood Nest is now invulnerable.
-Tyranid Resource income max now is +20 instead of +16.
-Fixed Strategic Point decreased income on death.
And much more fixed
Last edited:
Level 5
Apr 10, 2010
It Would Be Great if you could select the team you want to join
so it wouldnt be a hassle for free for all lovers
Level 7
Nov 5, 2009
Uhm, I've got a question: when did the Lictors and Meganobz get elevated from shock troops to commanders? I don't think you did this for gameplay purposes, since Nids have TWO more commander units that you did not use (and Orks have one), and some other armies also only have two types of commanders.
And no Daemons?
Level 1
Mar 24, 2012
Great map, and great choice of the models!(Hum there's no model?)

But there is one thing that I find strange, this map is inspired by DAwn of war I and II right? So where are the squads? The sergeant of the squad? You made the map like that or you forgot to do it?:vw_wtf:

Without that the map is great and very funny when you're full!:goblin_good_job:
Level 2
May 28, 2012
I found Fatal Error. When I kill Dark Eldar hero by K'tan (Nightbringer) I got Fatal Error.