Warhammer Handgunners

"Rank on rank they stood, presenting to the enemy the arms of Nuln and the roaring cry of the gun-lines."

This model is intended for use in warhammer maps, but I imagine given the flexability of a handgunner, it can find a place in almost any medieval-renaissance or warcraft themed map.

Uses in-game textures.

Keywords: Arquebusier, Handgunner, Rifleman, Human, Age, Of, Empires, Imperial, Reikland, Musket, Blunderbus, Middenland, Warhammer, Averland, Stirland, Nuln, Wissenland, Hand, Gun, Rifle, Man, Renaissance, Royal, Spanish, Conquistador, Catholic

- Changed helmet from Basset to Barbut
- Added knuckle-bow to Handgun
- Added smoke cloud
- Removed shell
- Revamped Handgunner
- Added spell animation
- Added old version
- Fixed gutz appearing during walk animation
- Updated handgun and breastplate
- Added Estalian Handgunner variant
- Updated Portraits to no longer be WAY far away
- Fixed Estalian's mustache being bound to the Jaw Bone

Estalian Handgunner (Model)

Reikland Handgunner (Model)

Reikland Handgunner (Old) (Model)

General Frank
Great model - Nice use of textures and great edited animations. Good job.
Level 13
Oct 12, 2016
Low filesize, human rifleman, excellent animations with that reload.
Screams "Steady... Aim... Fire!"
There's nothing bad about this, though I'd love to see a version of it with a tricorn or leather cap.
Level 62
Dec 23, 2013
That is news to me, I was under the impression that while the rest of the Empire had access to basic firearms, Nuln produced the highest quality ones due to their association with dwarves.

I suppose the only excuse for the lack of repeater handguns is the sort of lame "Well everyone can use it now" thing - BUT - I also intend to make either pistolier cavalry or repeater cavalry to finish off the Reikland model set.

Ideally I'd like to make some night goblins and chaos, but I'll need a good selection of 3 units before I go ahead on those projects.

I think I might remove the fin on his helmet, while it is warcrafty, it doesn't match with the bascinet of the models I was using for reference much. (Though, they were wearing barbute helmets)
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Level 14
Sep 24, 2009
You should remove that "spyglass" on top of the gun. It looks too futuristic for 16th century. Even those tabletop models don't have them.