Warhammer 40k TD Guide

Level 2
Jul 7, 2005
Warhammer 40K Tower Defence
Guide version 0.1
Written by Silver_Emperor
Because he was feeling bored and haughty.

Greetings All!!!

I am Silver_Emperor and to a few I am also known as Perfect Psionic Soldier.

This topic here is to both waste my time and effort in order to show the world my general tactics, tips and misc. whatnots.

Since I am now in the Hall of Fame, I hope that this guide gets some light in the reading world, helps out people and is generally a way to yell/scream/curse at those annoying players that should do anything but play Warhammer 40K TD.

Included are:
-General Tips on the game itself
-Tips for what units to utilize in both Grey and Non-Grey
-Basic Race breakdown and my thoughts on them
-Wasting your time via this half-arse FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

***General Tips***

Okay, first of all is the basics.

1) Maze - Mazing is sooo important that I can’t stress it enough. It will slow down units to blow them to pieces and give precious time to alter your units, build new units, or scream bloody murder as ralle89 walks through your maze like the freaking tank it is. This is also known as the ‘Grotz Syndrome’ (I am making up these names btw) as with the average player, grotz will have a decent chance to actually do more damage then your current maze.

2) Maze Smartly - So you can maze, but can you maze well? I can honestly say that most people do not. The most efficient maze, other then a few creative ones, will keep the spawned creep moving through a maze and under fire for their entire duration. A well built maze can and will stop all creep from hitting the centre, including level 32's infamous ralle89. It has been done (I have done it myself and seen others do it) so try to think ahead when choosing your race and units.

3) Cooperation - The term that means to work together! In almost any mode other then Impossible, I can work with Repentful_Agony in such a fashion that I can open all slots by round 6 and keep them open, destroy all opposition and win. In normal mode I don’t lose a single life. Unless I am screwing around were upon we lose horribly and I say 'Oops' again.

4) Support Grey - OK, as a well versed 'Grey' I can say with open honesty that except for 'Air' Levels and slowing down 'Boss' Levels, that’s slow down and not kill, everyone else is completely useless.

If a grey can't hold his/her own, you call em noob, scream and cry like a little girl.

If they win, you:
A) Don’t know you won, since you have never gotten that far. (40% of the people are these. I kid you not)
B) Scream BS since your entire def was worthless for the last few levels
C) Make them leave since your mean and or they are really horrid and you only won because you did Grey's job
D) Cry for gold since, if grey is good, is pwning you in kills and gold by the later levels.
The moral? Give Grey extra gold, as he will usually need it far more then you will.

5) Don't be a cocky SOB. - I have seen some massive idiots who think they are 1337 play this game. I usually play this game with Repentful_Agony so I just do as well without them and wait. Then I tell them that we won at level 33, and ask Repentful to boot the SOB. He thinks he has won and then gets booted, makes me feel better so I never feel bad for doing it. I also leave games with these kind of idiots.

6) If you encounter a n00b, or are a n00b - Ask for help or offer advice. Seriously, its not that hard and it will keep your game going more smoothly. Personally, I love n00bs since they leak tons and I just eat them up. If you dont ask for help, I will offer none. And if you do ask and they scream that you suck, ignore them since a good grey should be able to cover the middle def well enough. That and 'Cherry Pickers' (I will describe it later) will more often then not, stop those leaks as well.

Cherry Picker: Annoying bums that build on the little strips of land that is outside of their mazing grass areas. They eat up leaks that grey would otherwise get and gain lots of power, only to be crushed at levels 32 + 33 as those creep simply waltz in, through and out of their mazes with little to no resistance.
Even Repentful_Agony and Myself, can be considered ‘Cherry Pickers’ and I usually don’t care unless I am grey and need the cash. A good way to solve this problem is spread the wealth around and give extra to grey since he would have gotten the kills in the first place. This is of course assuming that grey is competent and knows what TD stand for. If said grey doesn’t, pick away since you will most likely get owned later on.

7) Try, Try, Try. - Keep an open mind and dog at the game (Keep trying). You do much better with a clear mind and experience. N00bs will become adepts and adepts will become veterans and veterans becomes 1337 pros that simply pwn.

8) Strategy over raw 1337 Power - Ok, this is to address all those idiots who horde gold, yell at their teammates that they all are useless, build a Ultimate Tower, pwn with it for like 2-5 rounds and then leak like made during level 29-33. Consider your strategy and your mazeing before you build an Ultimate Tower. I Personally rarely build one or build it for the sake of having a really big tower to make my maze more pretty.

For example, C'Tan: Costs 2500gold and 1wood. With this money you could build C'Tan, or Increase the strength of your maze (3 Extra Monoliths and a deceiver) or get another race and have kick arse support.

Also, do not sell all your other towers to build an Ultimate Towers, its less then useless, waste of gold and you actually become weaker with it.

You will more then likely to leak in the later levels, when it counts like mad, since cows and bosses take out 5 lives, ralle89 will simply kill you upon contact with centre.

So who needs it more, you as a frontline player? Or good ol grey, who sits back and you have to depend on to stop said dangers?

***Front Line Versus Back Line***
General Tactical Advince:

-Sprinkle your lines with support type units, costs poison, slow, bloodlust, etc. to make all creeps vunerable to extra damage and lower the chances of leaks.

-Keep your mazes tight, but without blocking to maximize the efficiency of your maze, keep strong units in an area when they can constantly hit creep and that if you do leak, they are hurt and can be dealt with rather easily.

-Bottleneck certain parts of your area if possible and keep splash units nearby to hurt everything in said bottleneck as the splash will hit a high number of units and makes your life easier. (Note my personal maze also has a bottleneck! Vague details in Misc. Section.)

-Air is your enemy, know when they come and try to be ready for them. Their fast and dangerious, and are able to, almost easily, cripple your confidence in your teammates when they reach centre.

-Bosses are tough but worth a lot of gold. Either let them pass to grey or crush them, doesn’t matter too much but note that the final boss, level 32, is a one hit kill if it ever reaches center.

-Mechanical Units are fast, immune to a bunch of things and can be a hassle of your unprepaired, level 8’s stone chukkas can usually determine the overall abilities of the players as this is the first major leak zone that a lot of players will encounter. As of version 3.45.

Front Lines – All colors but Grey
-Race: Any
-Tactic: Maze in the ‘Lawn Type’ mazing, where you connect a line of units to the wall, leaving one space for them to pass through, and doing the same on the second line, but with the opening at the opposite end of the first one, repeat as necessary. Always remember to have room for creep to pass through and that creep take up 1 square of space.

Backline – Grey
-Race: Any but recommended are Necron, Tau, Eldar as base, Chaos for support.
Tactice: Maze it so that all creep units are generally forced into a single maze, despite their numbers and where they entire you area from. Highly effective and when done right, incredibly yet ridiculously effective.

Base: To start out with and use to stop early leaks and use to more or less keep your team alive during the later half.

Support: to assist your Base race and more or less hassle creep more effectively, ie bloodlust your monolith for extra attack speed on top of extra damage.

***The Races Themselves***

Now that we have that straightened out, this is the section to guide those conscripts of warhammer 40k td into slightly better conscripts playing said td.

I have played approximately 50/50 in both frontline and backline defense positions. Either works for me and I usually end up with a good score, few leaks and am competent enough to do all this in any mode but impossible, whereupon I am stuck as grey since we would get n00bed by creep.

For the front lines, all races are decent! Every one of these races is solid enough to kill units and crush almost all enemy units. Once again except bosses, air and mecha units as they can all at one point in your playing history, waltz out of your maze and send your hello’s go grey.

For infamous back line, your must be much more picky at what you choose. I find that a more versatile race has higher success ratios then simple power races such as orc and dark elder. Good races to choose are Necron, Tau and Chaos. Other races are decent but these are my highly recommended ones in order of my favorite to so so.

This is my quick rundown on the races. Since there will be new version, I will not do specifics and give general tips and highlights and drawbacks for each race. I will generally edit and change with with new versions and or I decided to do a deeper description, aka I am bored.

Chaos – (All 4 of them) Decent all around race, they do pure chaos damage but don’t posses the raw power of other races but that is balance by indirect support, bloodlust, etc. – They don’t have enough real power to stop later races and their elites are fairly pricey. They are also king of leaks since most players cant utilize their powers efficiently.

Eldar – Cheap to maze with, has specialized units and is a fairly solid race. – Specialized units can costs an arm and a leg at times and requires a balance of said units to keep them strong enough to continuously kill opponents, most units have little to no splash.

Dark Eldar – Is close to the Eldar, but generally have less upgrade units and higher splash creatures that do have decent damage. – They tend to become a lot less effective at later levels and though they look cool, have only a few really good buildings.

Imperial Guard – Good competent race that is easy to maze with, decently strong units that give out auras/support and can be used until later levels. Strong early on – fairly pricey for them overall and has a higher tendency to leak in later levels. Their stronger towers though competent, aren’t as good as say the monolith.

Necron – High power and good prices for most units, has good support and aura towers. This race if one of the few that can build fewer towers to stay leak free then other races. Has ‘The’ Deceiver – Necrons have weaker starting units, a problem that can easily plague this race, but is compensated by much stronger then average towers later on. Overall, it is a strong competitor as #1 solo race and least likely to leak, even in the later levels.

Orc – Easily the most powerful mazing race ever. They can maze circle around all the other races combined, with their 3gold grotz! Grotz are effortlessly replaced by stronger units and every tooltip is written in orc by orcish Boyz. – Weaker units when compared to others but are cheaper and have a good balance between power and costs. Will almost defenitly start to leak (even if it’s a single unit) around 2/3 of the way through however as I noticed when used by other players.

Spacemarines – Decent race with average costing units. – this is a fairly weak race when compared to all the others. They do not have the power of the necron or the mazing capabilities of the orcs. Leaving this race a bit lagging. Coming in second place as most likely to leak since most people cannot use them properly.

Tau – Excellent range, decent power and quickest build time, they are a powerful beginner race. All their units have either power or are very useful. Kroots are the cheapest webbing unit in the game and the hammerhead with railgun will offer you great damage to support your lines – Few cons for this race, price is the most prominent as you will be scraminbling for money and building slowly during the game as a hammerhead tank with railgun costs around 800gold. This race is user friendly, aka n00b race, as this race has the highest useful building ratio enabling n00bs to last longer since almost all buildings are worth their costs.

Tyranid – Good mazing race, decent gold for damage ratio and has some very nicely balanced units. – this race has a higher learning curve when compared to the tau since if you build crappy units, your going to feel it. This race also has a fairly low useful building ratio as I tend to jump from hormongaunt to venanators to zyanthrope. I skip everything else in-between as this combination has a very good success rate to keeping leaks in check.

***Other Miscellaneous Things***

-My Maze: To those who ever played with me, I have devised a very interesting and unique maze that is based on logic and literally uses almost all available space to see, stop and stomp (The 3 S’s in Warhammer 40K TD) creep. I have crafted this maze as a natural evolution to the highly popular block 3 sides tactic into a smooth spiral of death that might let air through, depending on my mood and how the game has progressed.
This maze is called ‘The Supreme Heavenly Uber Hyper Inverted Double Helix, Penta-Squared Hexa-Octagonal Round Triangular Box Spiraling Maze, Expansion type Alpha and Omega.� Or it can be summed up as the Uber-Spiral Form.

-Impossible was conquered in under 15 tries (a safe guess) with Repentful_Agony, 2 or less tries for Adept and Gosu, and countless tries on normal. We have beaten impossible twice using version 3.50 so our Hall of Fame status is anything but a fluke.

-The game name we play under is ‘War 40K TD’ or ‘War 40K TD!’ on USEast. If you see the game name, feel free to drop and you can maybe watch us win, depending on my mood to be grey or not and or to goof around with lame strats, grotz victory! We usually play a few rounds and our last game is a guaranteed win as we more then not, play in normal difficulty.

-Warhammer 40K Version 3.41 was when we started, and it took us until version 3.50 to beat on all difficulties, including the many times we screamed bloody murder at ralle89 and final air. Our third try at impossible brought us to level 20ish we were crushed liked grapes and soured into bad wine.

-Repentful_Agony and Silver Emperor are citizens of Canada and reside within the city limits of Calgary, Alberta. We have wasted many hours of our pathetic lives playing warcraft 3 and are good at most TDs (the ones worth playing anyways) and Hero Line Wars (generally 80%-20% win loss ratio, most losses are due to disconnects, game splits and horrid versions.)

-Warhammer 40K TD Easily comes across as one of the best TD games ever. It gives all players, Including Grey, fairly important roles and areas to build in, making most games enjoyable no matter what colour you play and the races are diverse enough to be totally unique despite the numbers of races and even the separate chaos aspects are fairly different when compared to each other.

End for Now
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History: July 9, 2005 – Took me 2-2.5 hours to write up this poor excuse of a guide and will add strategies at a later date.
Level 2
Jul 7, 2005
Cheers, this so happens to be theexact thing I was looking for as I am a beginner. A few questions though, how do you get an extra race or 'support race', what is a good mazing pattern, how do you bank money? And could you add some definitions on for:
SOB (I think I know what it means, if it's rude then leave it)
Level 2
Jun 15, 2005
every 500 kills or if you chose to spend 1500 gold to buy one you recieve a piece of lumber, instead of spending it on a super unit, you should type in "-race" and the race choice menu pops up just like in the begining of the game.

A good mazing patern for any color except gray is what I call the lawnmower effect disscused in Silver's guide, but for grey that style will not work, grey's defence must be a spiral defence for the reason that units for grey come from 4 sides.

To bank money you can type in "-autowithdraw" and "-autodeposit", but for the lazy typers out there, you can type in "-ab" and it will do both of the autos for you with less typing requiered.

Grey- the last and final defender in this map, he is located directly in the center of the map and all units strive to get into the circle that he is trying to defend

Noob- a new player to the map who has not played alot or doesnt know how to play the map properly.

SOB- kinda self expalintory but for those who dont know it stands for "son of a (female dog)"

1337- (Leet) a very good player or tower, a slang word for very good

I hope this answers your questions