Warcratf Screenshot Reader

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This is a program that decodes save codes from Warcraft III screenshots. This is usefull for RPG-style maps that allow to save the character. Instead of writing down the save code, just take a screenshot and use this program to copy the save code to the clipboard.

See the http://warcraftreader.wiki.sourceforge.net/ for more informations.

The program has been updated. It is now released under the GPL.

Warcraft Screenshot Reader 1.01 (Binary)

Level 2
Nov 17, 2007
Yes, you have to add a little piece of code to your map. The way it works, it should be extremely easy to integrate it with existing saving code. It works automatically, but not the way you are describing. You simply right-click the screenshot file and choose 'Decode Warcraft III Code'. Then you just type '-load' commandin the map and paste the code.

I know that needing to modify the map can be a problem, but the modification is really small and the benefits are worth it.

You can read more informations here: http://np80.com/blogs/aaubry/WarcraftScreenshotReader/WarcraftScreenshotReader.html
Level 1
Dec 20, 2008
I was just thinking about a tool that does this job. Great idea and project, but changing code output style to work makes it unusuable with latest maps. Some of big rpg makers (like TBC) should take the first step then ppl will follow i think.
Have you tried to contact with them?