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Warcraft Theories

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Level 6
Jul 7, 2017
Let me share you a collection of datamined materials and fan theories that lie ahead on the lore of Warcraft, you might as well as either be left thinking about it or just become a servant of ignorance. Feed yourself with the true darkness that is shredding your skin of fear of truths and the unknown.

(a) There is no more Ner'zhul or Arthas, only Yogg'Saron is the master of the lich king. Soon Bolvar might fall into madness, or perhaps, someone will takeover and dethrone Bolvar.

(b) There are five old gods that form a star and one is inside it. See the maelstrom, it mirrors N'yalotha that is not beneath waters but...

(c) In the back half of Azeroth lies unknown and mad lands of horror and darkest mists.

(d) It is either Jaina or Sylvanas had made the way of the old god of sea, other of them becomes a prisoner. Medivh betrays twice.

(e) Wrathion is much worse than his father. He rallies the Twilight.

(f) Illidan becomes the jailor of Sargeras, Argus and ends the Burning Crusade (probably).

(g) The Army of the Light also infuses Illidan with light and soon returns with Anduin to fight the last battle. (Against the void lords.)

(h) There is a forgotten kingdom of drowned men with tentacles and tumors. Might either be pirates.

(i) There is an island of tropic filled with eternal battle between the hozen, the plant-men, and yet primitive wild men of west.

(j) Kalimdor is not the supercontinent of the planet.

(k) Nozdormu is the key when Azeroth dies in the hands of Legion.

(l) When the titans had jailed Sargeras, someone takes leadership of the Legion. That might either be continuation of the Crusade or for only destruction.

(m) A dreadlord has amassed a huge army of demons to seek revenge about his defeat in the hands of Sargeras. This dreadlord believes he is the true master of demons. Those lieutenants of Sargeras aligned themselves with this dreadlord.

(n) Kel'thuzad journeys to N'yalotha, becomes adorned and prepared to control the Scourge one day, under service of Yogg'Saron. Despises Bolvar for aiding the Alliance.

(o) Draenor is under threat of an old nameless evil that corrupts the earth and the nature.

(p) Nozdormu is the last dragon aspect, protect him, he is the key.

(q) The old god that sleeps in N'yalotha rules all over the shadows and obscure, is much worse than the others.

(r) Elune sleeps in the stars. The naaru is the void that lies to us against the Legion.

(s) The last titan might be Sargeras, that's why he was jailed in Argus, to be purified by the Pantheon, alongside Illidan and those demons who are worth redeemable. For the final battle will rise once more.

(t) The last titan might be Azeroth instead or Elune.

(u) Horsemen and pigmen reigns brutality across Kalimdor, awakening an earthed horror that makes a great rupture on the continent.

(v) The last king and the last chieftain permanently ends the divisions.

(w) The undead draeneis gives fear to the prophet.

(x) The king of trolls falls, and one unites all the troll empires to either against Azeroth or the Legion.

(y) The Legion returns, this time, will succeed. The only safe place is to venture the shades of lands of unknown.

What do you think?
Level 6
Jul 7, 2017
Hey... This is cool stuff!
Make a campaign out of it already! :D
I would, but still on decision if it is about the Legion succeeding to conquer Azeroth for the fourth invasion or an old god centered campaign.

And I hope some campaign makers will base their game plot from here as well and we will play theirs intensely as well.
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