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Warcraft III - External Interface

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Dec 26, 2009
Hello, if you have read my new post in the introduction-thread, you'll know kinda who i am and why i'm here.

Long story short, i am not even sure this is the right place to ask, but here goes nothing:

I am making a banlist for Custom Games in Warcraft III. The idea is to have different banlists for each game, so it has to be possible to change the banlist from the program. The program is not designed to do anything fancy, or even auto-kicking the banned players - only informing the host/user that given player is already banned or give the option to ban given player. This search/dialog would be very nice to have in an external interface/overlay inside the game (like VCK).

I have no idea how to implement this overlay into Warcraft III. I need a hint to where and for what, i need to look.

The banlist is made in Visual Basic Express (and don't worry, i am not expecting direct support or help, but merely looking for a hint, since all the developers seem to post programs here :))

Not open for further replies.