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Warcraft: Factions Reborn

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Level 12
Jan 16, 2008
Warcraft: Factions Reborn
By Chase Congdon A.K.A PunWisp
Well I felt i needed to rename my map, and i did so. With a name that fitted the kind of map I've been working on for quite a while on. Yes i know i Lacked some pictures. I'm currently working on some in Photoshop (editing screen shots!)
With this i came up with some better ideas.

It has been a while sense I've updated this hasn't it? Well its time to fill you guys in what i have! (Also note I'll be adding pictures to this post once i finish getting the perfect fight scenes and banner up!

Well I guess it's time to set up my story eh? here is what I got!


This story roughly takes place a bit after Frozen Throne. Soon after the events of Arthas, portals(not dark portals) started emerging all across Azeroth. The reason for these portals are unnone but the last members of the Kirin Tor had visions of Orcish armies that resembles the Horde from the second war. Not only that the powerful magi also had visions of Demons passing through portals all across Azeroth. With these strange portals emerging with armies passing through, what else could there be?

What the most Terrifying creature that entered one portal greatly scared these powerful magi... The name of this powerful being who seems to be in charge of what now is known as the Burning Legion. The magi start to worn the Alliance and have them mobilize for battle. Many familiars faces have also emerged from these portals. One being Deathwing, Another being who seems to resemble Orgim Doomhammer...

The Magi of the Kirin Tor had came up with a reason. Some kind of time rifts have opened, having many old factions and enemies appear once again in Azeroth... Lets just hope the Lich King doesnt get involved...
General Purpose of this map
The main purpose of this map of mine is meant to pit against these once powerful armies against our current ones, with some improvements. Also battling on many different terrain maps.

Questions and Answers

What Factions/races will we see on this map?
Old horde from WC2
Burning Legion from thousands of years ago
A Blood Elf faction
Possibly a Lich King Faction

Any Sub Factions?
Yes, Some we will see will be:
Space Orcs
And others!

Thats a few I've added, ask if you have more questions!


Well I'll be changing how much damage each faction can dig out, fix up some units, make most units be some type of threat.

Also all heroes you build will now be Specific heroes from the series some examples are

Old Horde: Ogrim Doomhammer,Deathwing,Ner'zhul, Cho'gall, Kargath(korgath)
Hellscream, and many others, i will just have to add some and add some to taverns

Other examples are

Alliance: Uther the Lightbringer, Turalyon, Lothar, Arthas, Khadgar
Same as above, only 4 will be choosed to be heroes of the faction.

I'm also adding more upgrades, for now maybe just 3 more. I'll also be adding more spells(possibly i have little knowledge with spells...) One big thing im working on is having upgrades for many units that will change all of them into a more powerful unit, Like in warcraft 2

Ogres becoming ogre magi, archers into rangers, trolls into troll beserkers etc. I will add a bunch, almost to every unit.

Also for balance stats will be changed for units, some might be weaker or quite powerful. Of course every faction will get a host of new units and changes.

When will this be finished? I don't know I'm still working out ideas and putting them in motion. Plus I'm doing this by myself and still need many Models or skins for the units i need( Ive tried making requests it seems No one will bother helping me out).

Any good Modelers out there i would just love to join my project! Of course sense I'm using a crap load of models prob most created by General Frank in the past, I'll just say for crediting

"All extra models credit should be given to those who created them.." Something similar, it would take me forever or find all the names, i would be able to credit the main ones.

This is a project i wont stop on.... This map will be very fun!!! And I'm working to get it popular and one day have it shown in its forum here on Hive Stone:grin:

Sense I feel like I've typed too much I'm going to go play WoW.... I will later add more info on what units I've added, some units are pending.

Ideas on what unit to add, heroes etc would be great!!! Please some feedback!!! I need ideas to help with this... I also need good Modelers! They will be specifically credited for models or skins they create and will have there name shown on my map!!!

I will have 3 different maps for this first version. For the first one I'll stick to a small map while working on my 428x428... Which will be a 12 player game.

I will also add a Alliance system like Europe, broken Alliances and such.

Feedback please!!!

"Note: Please just delete my other... dont merge them X_X many things have changed sense last time"


Old Horde
Model Wise:75%
Balance Wise:10%
Buildings/Units completed:89%
Upgrade wise: 23%


Grunt: Basic warrior, poorly armored but meant for in large numbers.

Grunt Raider: Fast Orc mount, good for scouting

Ogre Warrior: Basic power unit, strong but slow and stupid, little to no spells.
~Upgrades to Ogre Magi~

Ogre Magi: Powerful Magi, once a stupid ogre, now with two heads and very intelligent. Has few spells including bloodlust.

Red Dragon: Powerful red dragon enslaved by the dragonmaw clan.


Great Hall: Basic town hall for the orcs.

Lumber Mill: Contains building upgrades, ranged upgrades and troll upgrades.

Ogre Mound: Allows the production of Ogres, also carries the Ogre Magi Upgrade.

Troll Watch Tower: Basic tower of the orcish horde.


Teron Gorefiend: Powerful Deathknight, capable of rasing dead and doing more powerful spells.

Ner'zhul: Powerful shaman, able to cast bloodlust, dark portal and other powerful spells.

Ogrim Doomhammer: Powerful Melee unit, has thunder clap and other powerful spells.

DeathWing: One of the most powerful dragons of Azeroth, has many powerful spells.

All of these are new units I've added tot he new faction. Also notice I havent added a lot of buildings, This horde will use some of the same buildings as the newer one, such as warmill.

I'll be adding Blood Elves tomorrow
(still working on decent screen shots)
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Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
I didn't read everything, but that name is damn catchy!

I'll wait until you get some screens up.

Edit: Waiiiit. Is this that Space Orc guy? You had a previous post about this...

Space Orcs are a no no. Unless it's some sort of bonus material that does not affect the story. They do NOT belong in wc3.
Level 12
Jan 16, 2008
lol.. I decided to make it a sub faction which is a bonus... Fun factions... I'll be adding lot more sub factions.... Which have nothing to do wit the story, there just extra factions to play with.

Yes, I've been having trouble coming up with a decent beginning image... lol like what to show.

Any ideas?
Level 12
Jan 16, 2008
Bump, added some of the old hordes units I'm having on it.
Also just to note, 95% of the models i use are from this fantastic site!
Level 12
Jan 16, 2008
lol yea, I'm trying to add numerous new units to each race, the only race I'll have trouble with is the night elves
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