Warcraft: Darkness Rising(12)

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Oct 23, 2006
Warcraft: Darkness Rising Is set in the time period of warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness, through the expansion, and ending in thrall's story.

The Gameplay in Warcraft: Darkness Rising plays out with each player taking control of Empire(s), and Defending against the orcs, or Battling to destroy the Humans.

The way in which this is done is as follows, Each base has a set amount of income and food that is worth, using this income you build units from the base, many locations/bases are capturable in the game and lend to the income of the player who controls them, you are unable to make barracks, as all units come from bases, the units available depend upon the owner of the base. In order to gain more powerful and better units, you will have to kill units, every tier number of kills you get, unlocks a new unit or a ability on a exsisting unit.

New heroes, and units will become available overtime as well. Also by taking over locations, you may gain a new hero or unit for your faction, or for one of your allies. In the event that the orcs are defeated, the battle will move to Outland, where Heroes such as Grom Hellscream will become available for the orcs, and Khadgar for the humans.

Locations not attached to Azeroth that will be available are as follows, Tomb of Sageras, Kul'Tiras,Draenor, and Balor.

The Humans of Alterac, will start within the Alliance, but within 10 minutes of the game starting they will grow fearful and join the Orcish Horde, because they view themselves as doomed.

Possible Additions are: Lord Perenolde(Death Knight Form), Human Defeated Races such as Draenei, Frostwolf Clan*more to be added to this list if used*, and Burning Blade Clan *For Horde*.






Elves(Quel Thalas)


Dwarves(Grim Batol,Iron Forge, Khaz Modan)


Blackrock Clan (Blackrock Spire)

Stormweaver Clan (Stormwind,Balor)

Twilight Hammer's Clan (Northshire)

Bleeding Hollow Clan (Ironforge)

Dragonmaw Clan (Grim Batol)

Traitor Alterac (Alterac)

Hero List

Alliance Heroes: Antondias,Lothar,Uther,Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, Alleria, Anastarion Sunstrider, Thoras Trollbane,Lord Genn Greymane,Magni Bronzebeard, and (Khadgar*comes later in game*)

Horde Heroes: Ogrim Doomhammer, (Grom Hellscream*comes later in game*), Lord Aiden Perenolde*And again as deathknight*,Gul'dan, Zul'jin, Cho'gall, Killrog Deadeye,Rend and Maim (sons of Blackhand),Nekros,and Zuluhed the Whacked.

Possible Heroes: Turalyon*Second in command to Lothar*,Danath Trollbane, and Drek'Thar*Chieftan of Frostwolf Clan.

Alternate History Paths

Book of Medivh: If the orcs obtain the book of medivh, they will gain the aid of the Pitlord Mannoroth. On top of gaining Mannoroth the orcs will also unlock a upgrade for all orc clans which gives their units +50 HP.

Imperial Capital of Lordaeron Falls: If The Imperial Capital Falls, The player controling lordaeron will take control of the sympathetic Frost Wolf Orcs, who have decided to turn against their demon blood corrupted brothers.

*More to be added later.*

Ideas and Suggestions are Welcome!

Further info to come later!
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Oct 23, 2006
Well, i'm just making a progress report for the map, so far we have almost completed the extended list of heroes, work is done 10 parallel history events. 50% of the terrain is done. Unit size and gameplay system complete.

Release Date, at the time unknown but relatively soon.

Check back more often for updates, and we'd reall appreciate any and all ideas!
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Oct 23, 2006
Okay Fine, i'll add screenshots because you asked so nicely J, Remember this a WIP so nothing is FINAL. But, yes I think I have enough done terrain wise to at least post some screenies. Hope you and others like them.


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