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Warcraft Battlefront

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Level 14
Feb 1, 2006
I am working on a project called Warcraft Battlefront. If you've ever played Starwars Battlefront, then there is no need to explain the basic idea. But for those of you who haven't played it, each level is basically a full scale battle between two (or, in this case, more than two) sides, and each have their own set of units, heroes, vehicles, abilities, etc. But rather than trying to build a base and creating an army, each side has command posts where units are periodically spawned. There can only be a certain number of units on the battle field at a time, and there is only a limited number of total units each side can spawn, and once that number is depleted, then they lose. So the point of the game is to either defeat all of your enemy's units, or gain control of all the command posts. If one side gains all of the command posts, then the other side will be unable to produce units until they manage to gain control of a command post.
The player can only control one unit at a time, but if that unit dies then you can respawn as a new one at one of your command posts. You can only start out as normal units, but if you earn enough points then you can play as your faction's hero (for example, orcs would have someone like Thrall or Doomhammer).
So that's the basic idea of this game, and I need some inspiration. I might turn it into a hosted project eventually, but not for a couple years at least (partly because, at the end of the summer, I am going to be gone for two years, and i'm not even sure I'll still care about warcraft when I get back). But for now, if any of you have any ideas for units, triggers, or stories I could implement (all stories must be based on warcraft history), then I'm open to suggestions. But I'm not necessarily recruiting anyone... not yet, at least.
Although, if anyone is interested, then I might allow a couple volunteers, but just remember, like I said, I'm gonna' be gone for two years at the end of summer, and I might lose interest before I get back. In that case, I might possibly hand my work over to someone else, but not likely.
So anyway, just thought I'd bring this up. Lemme know if anyone's interested, and if I think you qualify then I might consider hiring you. :D
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