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Warcraft 3 In Ubuntu 9.04

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Level 9
May 22, 2009
Someone told me I could run Warcraft 3 in Ubuntu so I am trying!

11:14 Searching for CD Case for CD Key

11:16 Installing RoC (Reign of Chaos)

11:19 Getting my thumb drive for TFT CD Key

11:20 Couldnt read CD because I was using a Copy Disk now getting real one and testing

11:21 Cant read the CD but installed with no issues... I'm going to install TFT now maybe it will work

11:23 Oh great. I got the same error when installing WoW it says not enough hard drive space to open installer even though I have 16 GB free...

2:40 Ok, after a long time it works fine now 0.o I will have to mount it then I will test and put my results up! Looking forward for some more Twilights Eve ORPG I think Im done modding for awhile xD just gonna play around.
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