War3.mpg and War3x.mpg missing...

Level 8
Jun 26, 2019
When the new patch 1.3 on old WC3 came out, my saved custom units in War3 Model Editor 1.7 shown all black and couldn't load war3.mpg or war3x.mpg in Unit Browser either. Looks like war3.mpg and war3x.mpg in War3 Model Editor 1.7's folder gone missing too. I am trying to figure out where I got war3.mpg and war3x.mpg came from. Should I get war3.mpg and war3x.mpg from old WC3 CD? Download it without online to be able to get war3.mpg and war3x.mpg out of it in Warcraft III's folder and copy them out and paste them in War3 Model Editor's folder? Please help. Thanks.


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Level 25
Feb 18, 2014
The old MPQ format has been replaced with CASC ever since patch 1.30 came out. You will now need a CascViewer in order to extract the Wc3 models or textures. Or, you can search on the internet for the old mpq folders to download them then copy them into your War3 Model Editor folder.