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WAR OF THE SPACE ORCS {Strategy Resource Capture}

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Level 2
Aug 5, 2007
Hey guys, I haven't really ever posted on these forums before, however, I did make 2 maps, one was a piece of garbage, but I learned from it and decided to make a themed Space Orc game and soon the most insane hero arena sfx ever :gg:


:grin:!!WAR OF THE SPACE ORCS BETA 0.16!!:grin:

Created by Lolzorz11 of U.S. East ([email protected])

Summary: You have just arrived back at your homeworld of Draenor after 10,000 years lost in space, the problem is that so have the warring space clans, not to mention that the planet is falling apart! Make alliances or break them, capture 1-3 of the relics to power up the Demon Gate and escape Draenor and leave your to their fate on this dying world!

Gameplay: Similar to Rise of China's capture resource system, designed however to be much more competitive over those resources with defending the relics in mind and Super Weapons to turn the tide of battles. This is a very large strategy game which focuses on army composition and skill using them with heroes as merely supports to that end.

-Highly Detailed map environment
-Advanced Trigger spells (Inferno Blink, EMP Strike, NUKES etc...)
-Advanced Allying/War/Neutrality system
-Simple to use Command Center controls (Attack/Move all forces, Retreat, etc...)
-Focus on highly complex strategic gameplay (Rock, Paper, Scissors, but with 35 kinds of rocks)
-Custom Base Selection/Hero Auras

Thanks to U.S. Easterners for Beta testing this map about 20 times, General Frank, Ham Ham, Cavman, and others who's names I can no longer find for using their models at www.hiveworkshop.com!




The map is open source and you can use all the triggers I've made, particularly the ally/neutral/war system which compensates for spelling mistakes and alternates of -war, -enemy, -unally. Be warned you must use WE Unlimited in order to edit this map! Rate this map, try it out, give me feedback, suggestions, things you would like to see in this map!
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