War of Hatreds v1.1

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Select from 2 different races in the course of engaging the Third War of Azeroth.

Note: You must install the latest Warcraft 3 patch (version 1.24b or newer) to play this map.

War of Hatreds is an alteration version or a mod for the real-time strategy game Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, based on its map the "Everfrost". The objective of the game is similar to its origins, by destroying your enemy's Town Hall before they destroy yours. but to conclude, it is slightly different from its comparisons as it contains such as custom races, characters, cosmetics, and in-game boundaries. The development of the game is still ongoing.

The Game splits two teams of 3 players each. the augmenting Alliance, and the battle-toned Horde. Players on the Alliance team are stationed on the west side of the map, while the Horde's team is on the east corner. the map has provided equal resources across the terrain such as gold mines, lumber, neutral hostiles, and space for each factions, all starters consists of 5 workers, and 1 Town Hall to start gathering resources and prepare numerous forces to fight on and win the game.

About the Game: "I started working on this map because I was inspired by playing warcraft 3 when I was a kid and also to gamers during those hitting years the game was released, since there are only few of us left by either playing or modding maps, I plan to alternate the game and hopes to see some redemption and might bring back the good old days" :p.

Credits: "Aka'Magosh to everyone who helped and provided me with stunning and yet acknowledgeable progresses throughout this map. I am also glad to see more to future contributors."

List of names according to or given by real, alias, and forum names:

Maker,defskull,-Kobas-,Vengeancekael,Kuhneghetz,Mumbis,dioris,JetFangInferno,Bribe,maxor gan,Ken-E,Magtheridon96,Warlord Ajer'laroir

"And special thanks for Blizzard resources and its map "Everfrost" to be the base figure of the game."

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War of Hatreds v1.1 (Map)

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Level 30
Jul 31, 2010

Alternated the map "Everfrost" and its melee additives.
Human and Orc races are playable only for this version [reworking Undead and Night Elf]
•Reworked many hot keys for abilities
•Slightly reworked terrain
•Added blind spots to all trees across the map
•Balanced and reworked all neutral hostile camps
•Quest log renamed to its map version and each reworked quest guide shows in-game information and extras
•Removed pop-out icon for worker units due to hot key bugs
•Reveals all unit levels except for worker and summoned units
•Worker units can now automatically attack nearby enemy units depending on their range classifications
•Repairing mechanical buildings and units now only cost their half equivalents of their original cost
Reworked 47 items usable only for this version
•Altar of Kings, and Storms can now give health/mana regeneration aura to nearby friendly units

Gameplay Constants

•Decreased Food Limit from 100 to 80
•Maximum Movement speed reworked by 522 and minimum speed by 100
•Movement speed bonuses does not stack anymore [ex. only 1 Boots of Speed will work]
•Hero Maximum Level increased by 5


•Removed Bloodmage and Spellbreaker
•Altered, Reworked, and Balanced all Human Units, Heroes, Spells, Upgrades and Buildings (for not mentioned statistics)


•Removed Shadow Hunter and Spirit Walker
•Altered, Reworked, and Balanced all Orc Units, Heroes, Spells, Upgrades and Buildings (for not mentioned statistics)

Level 15
Apr 5, 2009
Full Review Emerges

Not really the alteration I was expecting. Its like a simplified version of TFT with tweaks and stuffs from RoC, the removal of units and heroes like the Spellbreaker and Blood Mage is needless, I suggest you change not scrapped them out of the game, experiment a bit. While the added buffs and descriptions made an easy eye candy for everyone still, the story for each unit is very well crafted, good work on that. But overall I think this is rather too simple don't you think. There are also some description errors, like the Cloud ability, it stated 'Dragonhawk' while the said units are Skyhawks. In addition to that, there are some tech-tree error allowing players to make double Mountain King (Check screenshot).

And lastly, I think making a simple AI on the AI editor is very possible.


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Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
Changelog Update

• Removed Random Hero on Advanced Options
• Added Sound & Light Environment

Mountain King

• Fixed the limitation for Mountain King training
• Fixed Hotkey


• Base Armor reduced from 7 to 5


• Fixed Cloud ability


• Fixed Default String showing up in the build tab


About this version: "Apologies for Human race users who instantly spotted amounts of errors going on, this version is fixed with all of those problems, still not planning in adding AIs and object reworks is still ongoing, suggest if you must"
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The presentation is pretty nice :)

One tip:
Instead of using cliffs, you could raise the terrain and use plateaus :p

Also, I'd recommend copying all the imported/object editor/trigger data to a new map with initial water height set to 1.
From there, you'd just have to raise the terrain to create land ^.^

That way, your ponds would look much better :D