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War Clans by 13oot-Me

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Level 8
Apr 23, 2010
War Clans
Created by 13oot-Me

Quick Information
War clans is similar to "Forest Life" but has many differences that keep it separate. This map is still in development but I have released a beta version for testing (attatched below). I have not been able to test this with more than 2 people as I have difficulty downloading the latest patch (running on 1.24). There is no win scenario yet but is the next thing on my list.

To eliminate the other clan before they eliminate you and make sure your "Hunger" does not reach 0!

Build to survive! If you don't build you will most likely die, unless you know what your doing and understand how to play but even then it is still very difficult. You want to make sure your "hunger" does not reach 0 otherwise you will die! If however you get enough resources to build a tent you will be able to revive with 30 hunger.

This map's features include...
  • Item recipes
  • Resource mining (attack to gain 1 resource)
  • Items as resources (gold, wood, stone and iron)
  • Buying and selling items for other items (Since items are used as resources, you use the "gold" item to buy items from shops)
  • All items have custom models
  • Unique hero upgrade via "Sacred Stone"
  • 4 total hero upgrades for each starting hero
  • 2 custom abilities: Lightning Strike by Paladon, Pathfinder by 13oot-Me
  • Upgrade melee, ranged and armor with recipe item

Lightning Strike: A lightning bolt comes down from the sky and does an amount of damage in a 200 radius to all units within that radius.

Pathfinder: Allows the caster to locate a (if Pathfinder is level 1) Deer, (if Pathfinder is level 2) the caster is able to locate a Wolf and (if Pathfinder is level 3) the caster is also able to locate a Bear somewhere on the map.

Thanks to the people who make the models, icons and spells that I used for this project...
  • Sellenisko
  • FreiBier
  • Guardian
  • Pyramidhe@d
  • TLI-Inferno
  • NFWar
  • Steel0RaZoR
  • Ergius
  • General Frank
  • Mr.Goblin
  • KelThuzad
  • kola
  • -BerZeKeR-
  • Paladon

The map's credits is more in-depth. All resources gathered from Hiveworkshop.com.

Change Log
• Fixed all known bugs and glitches
• Added 2 custom abilities
• Added weapon upgrade system
• Added a mana potion and mana potion recipe
• Edited Deer spawn to be "Amount of Players x 3"
• Edited Wolf spawn to be "Amount of Players"

If you are interested in this project and would like to help out, post and say what you can do. I could use 1-2 GUI coders and someone who knows how to place an image for the preview screen. Everyone who does something will get credit for their work.

Attached below are some screenshot from the map. Feel free to test my map and post suggestions/ideas and if I use it I will give you credit. If you test my map please be sure to post feedback, it will be much appreciated!


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