Level 12
Jul 7, 2009
A stretch before me
Oh, a lonely road
Past before me
Future dissolved

As I look on
and ponder at
what lies before
my very eyes

I could not help
But to cry aloud
In anguish, in sorrow
Of those I dear

But time does not permit
Those who wallow in
the pleasures and wishes
of mans evil desires

That is why dear friends
Learn from me
In my hope that you
will hold dear to your dearest

This poem is dedicated to my friend who passed away while driving. He was hit by a drunkard on the wheel. He died in the hospital with myself and those he held closest to his heart.

During his life, he thought us to never hate others, even though they hate us. He was a chain smoker, did marijuana, swore excessively and was a freelance artist. He strongly believed that life was about being successful but he always stressed that getting straight A's, becoming rich or famous only served to degrade the potential of what we could live. He took risks, enjoyed life and most of all, kept contact with his friends.

Rest in peace.

"Who the fuck says we have to be a doctor or an engineer or a fucking architect? The world. If we let our minds and our beliefs bend to the social perspectives of the world, then why not we just live to become mindless fucking zombies, except this time, we're feeding on those who couldn't have the privilege to be just like you or me, to go to school, to get into college, to buy bonds or start a bank account, to eat steak or drive a car. Yeah, the world is fucked. But it's people like me, people who hold to our beliefs, that continue to hold the moral and social already deteriorating situation together. You may be a millionaire, but the time I spent wasting around, getting high and expressing my beliefs will outlast your dollar bills and popularity. Believe me, it will."