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The answered call of the Wild

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Level 12
Mar 26, 2005
I made this character few years ago, hope you enjoy it


hmm, i guess 40-50



Bio: his lifestory is sad. It all began when his father was a great warrior against one dark lord. He lived in one secret estate deep inside forest. Noone found the way in. But one day enemy scouts found the way. They made ambush and killed his father, then they attacked his home, there were just few soldiers that time, all of them were killed, his mother and sister were taken to slavery. Faeron, himself survived, he was not at home that moment, when he comes back he found only ruins of his home and his dying father, for him there was no hope, his father told him to go to the nearest city and find his close friends to help him. But he didnt, he wanted to fight these orcs and bring his family back, naivity of young boy, he was 10-13 that time, He took his father sword and run into wilderness. But never find orcs or way back. He was never seen from that day. 30-40 years later rumors says there are few witnesses who were coming across woods who saw some kind of bear mixed with human, few of them were attacked by him, these who survived said he was screaming some human words.

Describtion:whole life in forests with wild animals, he didnt see any human anymore except few travellers, but he killed them all. He grow up to very strong man, very fast, very tall, he belong to world of animals more than to world of men. His body gain shapes of animals, most especially bear. He has many brown hair on whole body, great claws, great stamina and instinct. When he was boy his hair was brown, and eyes also brown, but he almos forgot who he was before he became this creature.

hmm, class, he can be some kind of druid, or warrior, he know all plants and all creatures in wilderness, so also ranger.
Speciality-his weapon is his father sword, but at most time he fight with his hands or with large trunks of trees. When he attack he sometimes fall in some kind of "spell" or smthng like that, familiar with berserk of orcs, he move faster, kick more strongly, but he dont recognise who is friend and who is enemy for few minutes.

For him, there is not such word as a personality, his world are instincts. But for whole time he try to make his revenge. When he can kill ork or human he choose orc. He hate them. He kill human only when he need food or they attack him first.

Misc-however there is still hope that he will one day be human being again.

Talents-he has talent to survive in nature more that any of "normal" humanoids. Also he has great eyesight and ears.

None, he only respect Mother Earth
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