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The Aspects

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Level 6
Jan 6, 2007
Just a lil story to control my boredism. Did we really think Aleihza was a kind heart?

Most of the Draenei in their city had a horrid look on their face as though something really terrible had happened, only one was calm, he watched the others despair and have little talks. A vindicator came upto him and told him to panic, he protested.

''Fool! were all doomed! and your here not worrying?'' he shouted

''I dont see why we need to worry!'' his calm voice replied

''The Lady has found her darkside! it'd be all over if peace prevailed over us at this moment!'' he sighed and ran off.

''Darkside? but shes a kind heart, why would she do something bad?'' he asked himself and continued to his ways. He overheard one of the conversations.

''This is all Arachna's doing, we warned her not to kill him, and for what? because the paranoid souls asked her too? they are just seeking to revive the Dark One as they planned to do so ages ago before the First Conflict.''

Arachna? but her heart is as kind as legendary as her name why would anyone possess her to do something like this? he questioned himself again. He then saw Aleihza and someone else, both snarling at the Draenei, they all ran in fear, one stood and shivered, he saw the real eyes of the Demon Cat, the eyes that let one shiver endlessly, it was so unreal to him now.

I now know why I was warned. he thought. He began to mount up on his great Elekk, he ordered the great beast to run. Many of the Draenei who was unlucky ended up in an unpleasent mess. He was finally out of Shattrath, away from the inevitable slaughter, but he had a horrid thought that he would be the next victim. He warned those at Telredor to flee as quickly as they can due to the new incoming threat. He then rode into Blade's Edge Mountain to dwell on the dark thoughts that consumed his mind. He lost his sanity and grew annoyed, if he could get through the Dark Portal that would be ok, he thought and nudged his trusty steed to move. He saw many Draenei who was murdered, most of them were disfigured, some where in shreds, the only reason this happened was that Arachna foiled a plan ages ago and to this day, it has angered the Maelstrom Guardian. The only one to blame was Arachna, but if he could become full of anger, a source of evil, he could bring back the Dark One, who would hopefully kill her. He looked over the barren wastes of Hellfire Peninsula and the past relived, he could clearly see a Nerubian whos formed changed to something...unatural, a Pit Lord talking to a Human male who was once humane but not anymore, his state was some sort of Felguard, Korial's taint that spreaded in Arachna caused everyones form to change to something unatural. He then saw an orc, who was interested in the Spirits and the Shaman ways, supporting another of his kin, Gul'Dan, he could see now the shaman orc was Korial, but as the land shattered and the gates Ner'zhul made ripped through Draenor creating Outland, caused Korial's form to become a mixture of Demon and Lich, and from this day on he was the reason for sorrow and misery, the Draenei knew now it was Gul'Dan and Ner'zhul's fault for Korial's undying thirst for power and his taint.

The past dissapeared and he could only see the desolate lands of Hellfire Peninsula. He heard a cry that rang through his ears, his attention was drawn to Draenei vindicators who was being murdered by two different aspects of nature in Outland, they looked at him and his Elekk was started and continued to run. He saw the aspects again hit one from the air as his body crashed into the land. He tried to ignore them but wherever he was, the aspects came and slaughtered more Draenei. The cries torn him as his misery began to feed off him, his form was changing and the Elekk thrown him off, he stared at his hand, it began to grow larger, he took off his helmet and tried to feel for his hair, nothing, he looked at his tail which was now longer than usual. He soon found his demonic powers, he guessed it, he was an Eredar now. The aspects laughed and grinned at him. He was now apart of the Burning Crusade.
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