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W40K Large order LIST

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Level 4
Jun 23, 2014
Hey there, I need multiple Heresy models.

Top priority top to bottom:
Melee Space Marine (Minimum weapon needed is Combat knife)
Force Commander (preferably with chainsword/power sword and a pistol of some kind)
Tech Priest
Hellfire Dreadnaught
Titan with guns (Whichever is the easiest to make)
Horus Lupercal
Assault Marine
Tech Marine
Emperor of Mankind

What I currently have: Assault Terminators, Space Marines (range), Dreadnaught, Thunderhawk, Librarian, Imperial Guard.

More info: I'm making The Battle for Terra map and I require the above models.
If you can provide any of the above models I will be immensely greatful and I will of course put your name in as the supplier of any of the models.
Not open for further replies.