View in 3D

View in 3D resource pages (accessible by opening the viewer in a new tab) are short, unlike their popup counterparts.





In addition, attempting to alter the perspective while viewing a portrait camera resets the camera to its previous view. It would be nice to be able to navigate from the portrait position.
Level 15
May 2, 2011
it never loaded. I actually tried more than one model, not just this one. let me check.

Edit: seems like it is not consistant to me. some models did load quickly (<4 seconds), but some models never loaded
This model never loaded Sorceress
This model loaded quickly Ssleikn Warmonger

Here is screen shot of loaded model

as I Wrote this message, sorcress model still did not load. that is about 2 minutes or more.

Edit: I guess loading is slower in Hive 2.0 but I dont think I ever encountered this bug except when my connection is lost.

does the model load with you?

Edit: so far I only found two models which has this problem.
Thor the Thunderer and Sorceress

not sure what they have in common. it is not the size: this sorcs model has smaller size than many other models I loaded.
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Level 15
May 2, 2011
what about mobile version?
I could not get any model to fully load on mobile
  1. Some Never load (just black screen)
  2. some half load: model is visible but texture almost just white or fully like semilar to Sorceress model above.
did you get any model to work on your mobile?