Version 2.85 Now Available!

Level 18
Nov 1, 2006
May 07, 2009

This is the largest update in over half a year and hopefully the first of many. Enjoy it! And as always, report any bugs you find to the Bug Report Thread.

Version 2.85 Change Log

  • Full Update List:
    1. Reduced overall map space by .14 MB for faster download times.
    2. Nether Walker model replaced with similar skin.
    3. Potion of Restoration icon changed.
    4. Optimized several spells and script coding.
    5. AtD Points and Themes have been expanded to Normal mode in addition to DM mode.
    6. Changed commands: show/hide AtD points: "-points"; show/hide hints: "-hints"; fix camera: "-cam"; clear all "-clear".
    7. Casting time for Halt Time reduced, rare critical bug fixed, effects reworked, duration of stun changed to 15 units/10 heroes, cooldown reduced by 30 seconds.
    8. Archichaos duration reduced by 5 seconds.
    9. Alchemy - Create Potion of Invisibility now costs 50 mana.
    10. Alchemy - Create Potion of Haste mana cost reduced to 65.
    11. Alchemy - Create Potion of Speed mana cost reduced to 50.
    12. Beast Trap now prioritizes the Death Knight before trapping other units.
    13. Bow Defense model changed from Glaive Thrower to Ballista.
    14. Penalty for guessing wrong color during Porter's Question has been reduced from 25 to 10 gold.
    15. Host check removed. Player 1 (Red) is now Host.
    16. Slight terrain modification in the Wetlands.
    17. Death Knight Replacement System implemented. If the Death Knight leaves/drops at the beginning of the game a random Player will be
    chosen to become the Death Knight. If he drops at any other point in the game a randomly chosen dead Player who is still observing will be chosen
    to become the Death Knight so play can continue.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the Against the Darkness video trailer below!

Download - Against the Darkness 2.85 (2.79 MB)