Version 1.0a Released!

Level 9
Apr 28, 2006
The first bug fixes and revisions to ROTG are now live!
You can download the new version off the downloads page on ROTG's official Website.
Please ensure all the games you now host are running version 1.0a.

Version 1.0a fixes
Duel mode cinematic can no longer be executed twice.
Freeze has had all its debug messages re-inserted to aid in discovering its bug.
Vampires slain by Argonax when in smoke form with reincarnation active should now die and revive.
Reincarnation now grants correct hp on revive.
Players no longer need the key to open the final door preventing players being stuck.
Obsidian blade is now less effective and more expensive.
Druids potions have a much higher cooldown in duel mode.
Fixed a bug where player 1 gets auto defeated when private duelling player 4 when stood at the entrance of his base.
fixed a bug where an Elementalist can knock people right of the arena using Ice Blast in one cast.
Fixed a bug with player 5's revival time.
~Creator of ROTG